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  1. It was late in the evening two days later when Riddick would finally come out of his unconscious state. He’d been through two hard surgeries in a matter of a two day period of time. The first thing he became aware of was the refreshing, cool steady flow of air all around him. It was the hospital room, cooled to a low temperature with the intent to help bring fevers down, in Riddick’s case it was his first breath of life returning to him. Machines an monitors beeped an hissed all around him, a pair of tubs went to his nose, aiding his breathing. Soon he became fully aware that he was taking his own breaths, a machine was not breathing for him, his lunges were drawing in the cool wonderful air of life. An doing so painlessly. Riddick would later recall how good it felt to awaken and know that he was very much alive. “I remember the feeling of regaining consciousness, it was like coming up from underwater and taking a big breath of cool air. It was all painless now, there was know longer the dull aching pressure in my back and chest as there had been before. I suddenly remembered everything, it all came back to me like the wash of a wave from the great oceans tide. Feeling slightly panic stricken I looked around and took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down and relax. Where was everyone? Where had Dr. Chance Walker gone? Suddenly I remembered, my heart skipped a beat in my chest at the thought that suddenly returned to me. The cruel reality caused me to mentally and physically cringe. Had saving my life coast an honorable outlaw his life in return? I wanted to know where Brian was and if he was alright. The last thing I remembered was warning Doc that Brian was in grave danger. Fear stricken now at these though I began to move around on the bed, with the intent to eventually for myself to get up, no matter what it could cause. So help me God... I thought. If something had happened to Brian Coltrane because of me I would never be able to go on living. Knowing each day that he had given his life to save me, it would eat me alive from my insides out. Never in my life had I felt such a painful pinch of guilt, my eyes burned with tears. Why... why couldn’t he just leave me there to die. What was it inside of a nobody, a worthless trouble maker like me, that would cause him to throw his life on the line... for me. That was it, I just knew I had to get up, I had to find out the truth. Suddenly I winced feeling one of the IV’s in my hand get pulled out by my moving and hell bent nature to get up out of that bed. A monitor began a screaming squeal of beeping, but I did care, I just had to know the truth...†(Cue Chance Walker, MaryAnne or Brian.)
  2. (***I know I shouldn't interupt the story, but I would like to pause here for a brief moment to tell everyone alittle something about this next post and this story. This story started a long time ago, it got cold for a short time and maybe even forgotten about for a time. But here we all are finishing it, alot of work has gone into writing this fic, as does every fic and I would like to thank the dedicated people who have made it possible to finish such and important story. This next post took me three hours to write this evening, I wrote 7 different versions of it to get it the way I thought it should be. This post needed to be as good as I could possibily make it because of its importance to this fic. This story in itself is very important, two people who usually don't stand on the same side of the tracks did, an that ment alot to me. Because of people like these and stories like this, I Riddick will always call Hazzard County my home, no matter where I may roam. Thank you all for putting forth such an amazing amount of time and effort. An thank you to the two muses who stepped outside of the boundaries and defied all the odds. Thanks Signed: Author Denise & Riddick. ****) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Arrrhhhhh!!!" Fargo snarled and turned his head away from the blinding headlights of the car barreling towards him. The bright lights caused him to grimace as he jerked his body in the other direction releasing the front of his hostages shirt and sheilding his eyes. Fargo stood there stunned like a big nasty buck in the headlights, mad, confused and unsure of which direction he should go. Quickly he made a decision, if he was going down, he was going down with a big bang and he was sure as hell taking someone with him. Although he knew the hand holding the gun had lowered a few degrees and although he could not see the black clad figure he pulled the trigger. "BANG!!!" The gun shot echoed through the darkness as Fargo spit a bullet into Brian's right shoulder and quickly dove out of the way of the barreling car. As he hurried to get out of the way Fargo fired again and again until he hit the ground near the ditch. "BANG!!! BANG!!! BANG!!!" The stray bullets sprayed high clipping the open hood of the trunk with a brutle sound... "TING!!! TING!!! TING!!!..." (Cue Anyone....I hope that I didn't disapoint you Brian.))
  3. The bounty hunter held on tightly to his hostage as his partner Anderson came around the passenger side of the car. This hadnt been part of there plans exactly but, if it meant getting to Riddick or his remains, hell who cared. Fargo pressed the gun firly to Brian's chin and continued to hold onto him tightly as he watched the Hazzard County Deputy ease out of his patrol car. "Stay right that deputy! You take one step this way an this plow boys a dead man!" Fargo shouted at Enos. "Do as we say pig and no one will get hurt. We just want what we came here for!" Anderson shouted too, putting in his moneys worth. Fargo glanced at him briefly and returned his attention to the deputy standing at his patrol car, he looked at his hostage for a moment. Not a flicker of emotion showed in his eyes as he glared at Brian and adjusted the hold on his gun. "Listen up deputy! Im only gonna say this once!" Fargo too a deep breath and bellowed loudly. "You bring us a man named Tunder Mason Chase... AKA Riddick! And we will make you a fair trade! You give us Riddick and we will give you this plow boy umharmed and entirely intact!" Fargo's voice was now loud and very demanding. He paused awaiting the deputies reply to his demand of the young law officer, Fargo wouldn't hesitate to stick his hostage with a bullet if the deputy refused. But he would be patient and wait, he knew very well that this hostage was his only way to get Riddick.... there carcass prize. (Cue Anyone. MaryAnne, Brian... ya know anyone.)
  4. Fargo and Anderson looked in the rear view mirror at the same time as the lights on top of the police car came on. It wasn't a site that they had wished to see right about now, but there were worse things they decided, even if they couldn't think of anything right now. As a matter of fact, Fargo pondered considering his choices of action. Such a kinda law Hazzard County had, they would probably obligein helping them find the carcass they were looking for. For a price of course, how about for the price of a local civilian, like the one in the trunk. Suddenly Fargo jammed on the breaks and spun the Camaro around so that it came to a halt, its passenger door facing the front end of the one coming Furry. Quickly Fargo jumped outta the car and ran to the trunk in the blink of an eye, he popped the trunk with one hand and drew a .45 from his outter coat pocket with the other hand. Fargo roughly grabbed Brian by the front of his black shirt and jerked him hard towards the open trunk. He pointed the gun at Brian's head knowing that it would immediatly cause the law to come to a screeching halt. Fargo drew back the hammer on the gun and an shoved the barrel under Brian's chin. (Cue MaryAnne, Brian or Rosco and Enos.)
  5. (I hope Im not stepping on anyone, I seem to be posting this alot. But I had a change of heart towards this RR and I had to make it known.) As Razor relaxed against the floor, prepared to surrender to the painless unconsciousness that was threatening his mind, he began to ponder. Why had he truly helped the others do this, an what now, everything was about to blow up in there face. What difference did it make now weather or not he succeeded or not, his ‘friends’ had betrayed him. When it had come down to caring about a comrade they were no different then the rest. Suddenly the big cats eyes shot open in realization, if Garrett and Chet had truly lost all compassion towards the people within the jail cell..... what would they do to them? He shook his head at the thought, he knew what they would do. “MA...†With a sudden burst of adrenalin Razor raised his head an began licking the gun shot wound to his leg for a moment, hoping that the pain would subside long enough for him to help them. There was no question, he had made up his mind, weather or not they now viewed him as a friend or a foe, he would not allow them to all be killed. “We’ve got to get them outta there... before the others come back.†Shaking in strain he raised up his straitening out his rear feet. Slowly, keeping his bad bent he raised himself up on his strong front leg, wobbling at first he moved forward towards the cell door. He remembered how he had once escaped a cell very similar to this one, an if he was mistaken the construction of it had to be the same. With a faint twang of hope he clamped his powerful jaws down on the bolt holding the hinges together and began pulling up with all his strength. Slowly but surly the bolt began to raise out of the hinge an finally clanged to the floor. Panting an tired Razor looked up about 6 inches above his head, the second of three hinges still set securely tight. “One down....two to go...†(Cue anyone...)
  6. “I’m sorry MA....†Razor whispered opening his eyes again. The big cats eyes watered in pain as they turned to look at the deputy, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was really there. Why had they foolishly done all this, his mind swarmed with reasons, but none of them seemed to be enough, even the idea of simply being there for his friends. “I wish.... I could....explain it....to you somehow...†He paused licking his big tongue around his jaws and took a deep breath clearing his throat. “I don’t know where to start...†Chet turned on his heal quickly and strut back up to the jail cell, faintly over hearing what Razor had said. He drew his gun again an pointed it at the tigers head, his arm shaking nervously. The Duke boy was officially enraged to an intense and insensible degree. “DON’T YOU TELL HER ANYTHING!†Chet spat and drew back the hammer of the gun. “Chet....†Razor gasped and pushed himself up with his one good front leg. Staggering and tripping, barely managing he backed away smearing his blood across the floor, his eyes intent on the black haired Duke boy. Beyond his limit Razor pressed himself in the corner where the wall and the second cell intersected. Weakly he crumbled to the floor his head pressed against the cell and his back against the wall. His warning made clear Chet eased the hammer down and put the gun away, with a stern glare at the tiger he glanced at MaryAnne. Then he walked back to the stairwell to talk to talk to Ethan and see exactly what was going on. “I wish.... you could... just put me down.... MA.†Razor lay in the corner, he shut his eyes withering, the emotions that had grown inside him since he came to Hazzard shining through. The big cat became silent an he breathed slowly, his mind battling back the curtains of unconsciousness that threatened to take over him. His body relaxed against the floor as he grew weaker, ready to allow the hands of unconsciousness to grasp him. (Cue MaryAnne or anyone.)
  7. It was a relief to see Daney finally placed in the jail cell with the others, she would be safe in there and out of harms way. A wave of pain came up the big tigers body an he quivered squinting his eyes and battling against it. He gave a deep pain filled cry, after the wave passed Razor laid his head back down on the concrete floor panting. “MA....we can’t allow Doc Carney to come....†Razor’s side rose and fell as he panted, his voice near a whisper and pinched. “Its....to risky.†Slowly, as if hesitantly he shut his eyes and just lay resting, his breath came in short pants. His blood spread onto the floor, oozing from his nose and spilling from his wounded leg. “I’ll be....alright....I just need....to rest.†He gave a deep sigh an relaxed back on the hard floor. (Cue MaryAnne)
  8. Alarms sounded left and right, beeping and beeping as the gauges on the monitors once again raised to lethal heights. Riddick had broken out in a bad sweat once again, his temperature beyond the dangerous limit and he trembled in what seemed like a futile battle. His heart rate had once again sky rocketed, his blood pressure plunged and his pulse through the roof. He lay unconscious now, his mind had fallen back into the dark pit beyond the peaceful sleep that he had been in only a few short minutes ago. The machine helping him breath began to work faster and faster, feeding him more and more air as he gasped for it. The nurses stood by, there was nothing they could do until Dr. Walker returned and gave them instructions. Each nurse knew that it there patients vitals continued to raise at this pace that he would soon go into arrest and more then likely never come out of it. He was hurt badly, they all knew that his chances of survival was near to nothing, more now then before, now that he had taken this sudden change for the very worst. There was no doubt in any of there minds that he had put up one heck of a battle, but there was little chance with his body mangled as badly as it was. All the odds that could be against Riddick, now were and suddenly it all seemed a futile struggle to live for him. (Cue Chance Walker, hope that was alright Doc.)
  9. The big tiger’s white eyes watched MaryAnne, of all the people in that cell she was probably the only one that he trusted. He didn’t raise his head but lay panting, blood oozed from his nose where they had clubbed him and where the dogs had bit him. As MaryAnne tightened the neck tie around his leg he winced and groaned loudly, winning and raising his head a little. Weakly he licked the back of her hand and laid his head back down on the concrete floor. His eyes wandered, glancing at Chet wondering what the Duke boys answer would be to the Deputies questions. The young Duke boy paced back and forth nervously, he knew that Razor was in bad shape but he also knew how tough the tiger was. Chet stopped by the animals side, his eyes gazed over the stained and ruffled fur coat. “Those are bites....made by another animal, those were not made by the gang. That gunshot wound is one thing...but those bites are another.†Chet said kneeling beside the animal and smoothing one hand over his side. In reaction the big animal growled at the Duke boy an raised his lip showing his huge canine teeth. Wincing he began to quiver in pain, his big body trembling. Chet quickly pulled his hand away and stood up, his eyes intent on the agony that Razor truly was in. Hesitantly he opened the cell door and motioned for MaryAnne to come out in place of Daney. “He doesn’t seem to mind you....†Chets eyes dropped. “Please come out and help him MA.†He reached out and grabbed Daneys arm from where she sat at the small table, not at all gently he pulled her over to the cell door. (Cue anyone.)
  10. “Lets cut it up and take its hide, its got to be worth a high....†“No! No.....were not going to kill it. Its our calling card, we’ll leave it right where it was on the front steps.†Riddick growled and snarled swiping the air with his good paw in warning for them to stay back. He raised his back up his rear feet trembling for a moment an then holding steady, his front right leg aided him in rising to his feet, but his left leg proved useless in its state. One of the men raised a club an came at him the very moment he managed to get to his feet, Riddick tried to back away only to crumble back to the ground against the wall his wounded leg buckled under him. “I did a number on his foreleg there, the beast will probably bleed to death.†One of the men said spinning his .38 on his hand cocky like. “Lets just leave it there, its friends will come looking for it soon enough.†The big tiger snarled and hissed, his mouth open as he panted tiredly. “Fine....lets get out of here.†The gang member paused an grew closer to the wounded animal. “You tell your friends were coming....†He said evilly an swiftly kicked the panting blue tiger in the ribs. Just as swiftly Razor struck out with his good paw and twisted his head around, he hooked his claws into the mans leg an sprang his rear feet forward quickly bitting into the mans lower thigh. The gang member went down, bored to the ground by the sudden weak pounce by the tiger and he struggled his hands gripping at the animals face as it tore at his legs. “Get off me!.....Let go!†Enraged Riddick bit an clawed pinning his prey to the ground with his massive weight and quickly proceeding his attack up to the gang members chest. Luckily for the struggling, frantic gang member his comrades came to his aid, there clubs and bats flew pounding the tar out of the attacking tiger. Over come by the blows and weakening from loss of blood Razor stumbled back, crumbled to the ground and lay panting. His sides heaved, his nostrils flared an his tongue hung between the canine teeth of his lower jaw. The once beautiful white fur that lined his muzzle now lay stained and soaked thickly in blood. His attackers helped there wounded into an awaiting car and pealed out disappearing into the night, leaving the wounded tiger lying in the front yard of the station. Purely exhausted Razor laid in the grass for nearly a half hour before forcing himself to his feet, his legs felt stiff and he hurt so very badly. But despite it all he dragged himself up to the steps, pausing to rest more then once, and slowly but surely he made his way into the station. With out a single word he passed through the booking room on his way to the stairs, weakly, one step at a time he walked down the steep stairs until he came to the bottom. Swaying with dizziness, his limbs trembling in pain and fatigue he made his way over to the jail cell and plopped down beside it in a heap. With a audible groan Razor laid back flat on his right side wincing at the pain that it caused, his back pressed against the cell bars an his blood flowed freely onto the cement floor. (Cue anyone.)
  11. The big tiger picked the keys up off the floor and carried them in his large mouth, allowing the old iron keys to just hang from his bottom jaw hooked on his large canine teeth. “Thanks....†Sleekly he walked away, going up the stairs and back to the main room of the station, he placed the keys on the desk in the middle of the room without a word. For now everyone would just stay in that cell, safe, out of the way and completely under the power of the four of them....well five including there new recruit. Riddick looked around, pausing to turn his big head and listen, all was silent for now and everyone seemed to be at peace. Feeling that he was not needed for the time being he went back out side in the cool night air, darkness had swallowed up the earth and only the street lamps lit up the quite town. Silently he laid down on the cement steps once again, lazily resting his head on his paws. For the longest time he just lay there, listening and watching just like he had planned to and like he was supposed to. His white night seeing eyes gazed around, but nothing seemed to stir, the earth around him didn’t even appear to be alive. Suddenly a sound gurgled from the night an he jerked his head up from its resting position on his paws. Growls and snarls echoed through out the silence as a pack of dogs came into view, there teeth bared and there noses wrinkled. The big cats first natural instinct was to run as the dogs grew nearer and nearer at a run. In moments they would be right on top of him and he would have nowhere to run to. Agilely he leapt from the cement steps glancing over his shoulder as he cleared the bushes making a mad dash for the tree in the front yard of the station. He wasn’t sure he could climb it but it was his only chance, the pack was large and strong enough to make a mess of him. As strong and as fast as he was, he was one and they were many, Razor came to the big Oak tree and proceeded to attempt to climb up high enough to be out of there reach. But his weight proved to be too much and his claws would not dig in deep enough to support him. Futilely he returned to the ground turning around to face the pack of 6 half starved, blood thirsty dogs. They wasted no time in attacking all at once and storming there prey, quickly Razor backed away until he was against the building. Clawing, biting an snarling he mauled them brutally, while clawing one he would bite another, quickly he sent two yelping away leaving four strong attacking him, he backed up to the buildings rough cement wall. Suddenly a bullet zipped by just barely missing the battling tiger and shattering the glass to the window. Just as Razor was about to bite into the neck of one of the dogs and swipe at another, a bullet reported from the darkness and blood exploded from high in the tigers front left leg. The wounded leg refused to support the tigers massive weight and crumbled under him and the pack of dogs bore him the rest of the way to the ground. For a few short minutes he continued to battle despite the over whelming odds and the wounds that he had taken from the dogs bites. While Razor’s attention was reverted to the pack of dogs six mean looking men emerged from the street carrying clubs and bats. They approached the battle going on and beat there own dogs off of the wounded cat, two men dragged the remaining four dogs away and packed them into an awaiting car. The other four men surrounded the tiger laying on the ground beside the building, one held a .38 caliber hand gun, and the rest simply carried a club or a bat. They watched the big animal, there hungry eyes feasting on the blood leaking from the panting cats torn hide and bullet wound. “Is it still alive?†One of the returning men questioned in a curled voice. “Oh yes.....very much alive.†Another replied his eyes intent on Razor. Riddick lay with his back leaning against the building, the blood soaked paw of his wounded leg tucked under him and his head raised high his bloody teeth bared. His muzzle coated in a thin layer of blood, his sides heaved in exhaustion and his face, shoulders and back bled from many open wounds made by the dogs tearing bites. Altogether he counted 8 men, four surrounding him, two with the dogs and two in the car. Somewhere, some how he had no doubt that there were more men, these coyotes were like men he had once known in NYC, they all traveled in huge groups of somewhere between 10-15. These odds dawned on him like a thunder storms clouds in approaching with a raging wind. (Cue anyone who dare. Preferably someone in the jail cell or someone new.)
  12. "Good..." Riddick said near a whisper. He backed up taking his paws off Brian and releasing him from being pinned down, but the tigers ears stayed laid back in warning. "Go on open the door." He nodded towards the cell door and the key still jammed into the lock, and he watched the black clad Coltrane. Again he glanced at the law officers within the jail, none of them had said anything during the whole ordeal. (Cue Brian, MaryAnne or anyone. Nice job Brian, an thanks.)
  13. Suddenly the big cat bounded down the stairs and dashed into the room, with one mighty leap he pounced on the black clad Coltrane making an attempt to unlock the cell with the keys. He bored him to the ground with his sheer brute weight, bracing each of his front paws on Brian’s shoulders. He growled and snarled barring his teeth in the mans face his claws set on the surface of Brian’s leather jacket on the brink of penetrating it. “Big mistake!†Riddick snarled just barely holding his claws back. “That was a foolish move Brian.... if you have as many brains as you think....start using them.....or they will become part of my next meal.†The tiger moved one big paw up to the edge of Brian’s black shirt under his jacket, he placed his paw against Brian’s throat just over his jugular. His claws eased out an set on the surface of Brian’s skin then halted there, he didn’t want to hurt the Coltrane, but he would not allow him or the others to escape. “Take my advice and corporate.†The big tiger said in a low voice, he turned his head to the left briefly to glance at the people in the cell watching. “I don’t want to hurt you....but you will not spoil this for the others and me.†(Cue Brian or anyone.)
  14. The tigers eyes stayed intent but he stopped gowling and stepped down the steps cautiously. He gave the gun a quick bat with one paw sending it spinning off the concrete to a uncharted place, the knife recieved the same treated with more care, but none the less was disposed off. Now standing closer to the black clad Coltrane Razor stepped aside as he had promised. "Pick up the rest of your things....an go in the right side of the double doors." He replied. "No games Brian.....it was a wise choice to enter piecefully. MaryAnne, Rosco.....boss....there all in there. Go on..." The tiger walked around behind Brian to encourage him towards the doors. "Get movin." (Cue Brian)
  15. The tiger snarled viciously an arched his back in defence, his claws clamped down on the cement an his tail twitched. "Back off!" He snarled swipping one paw in the air not ment to make contact but in warning. "Drops your weapons an I will allow you to enter an join your kin!" He growled showing his huge canine teeth. "Its your only choice, if you run I will catch you....." Razor snarled and gave a big roar trying to make an intimadating approache for now. His teeth bared an his chest rumbled with a vicious growl. (Cue Brian)
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