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rumors of a new movie what do you thank


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Ok i have seen in alot of place thier talking about a new movie WB wants to make one just with a hole new cast one that is closer to the show my guess if this is true then they would be saying opps where sorry messed up iv'e heard they are thanking about Eric Christian Olson and Scott speedman for bo and luke and danny Devote for boss hogg his wife for LuLu and Bart as either uncal Jessie of Risco :lol: if this is true who would you thank would work.

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I always thought that Danny DeVito would be PERFECT as a Boss Hogg :D !

Even though I wouldn't mind seeing another Duke movie, I would hate to see them do it like they did the last one...it was totally opposite of what the original Dukes stood for. No wonder the original cast wasn't enthusiastic about it.

I would MUCH prefer to see another Dukes Reunion film of the original cast instead....

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