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  1. I'm looking for the old Radio Shack or Avanti Racer 27 CB Antenna used during the TV show. If anyone has one, even used is cool, please contact me at: keefer1980@yahoo.com Thank you, Aaron D.
  2. Hi Tim, Awesome General! Would you be able to snap a few pics of the interior? I just sent off a PM asking a few questions about restoring my Charger to a General. Thank you for your help! High Regards, Aaron
  3. Just outta curiosity...if we have an item that we want John Schneider to autograph...say, I want my sun-visor from my 69' Charger to be signed, I can enclose it in a self-paid postage box and he'll sign it for me to be mailed back to me at a later date?! Thank you for any replies, Aaron dunnsville_va@yahoo.com
  4. I'd love to see the stunts behind the General. For the 2005 movie Xtras, they have a lot of dummies in the jumps. There is someone who says that there is a limit that they can jump a living person to. I can agree with that. However, how did they do the jumps during the TV show series? Did they have a lot of dummies or did they use a lot of real life stuntmen, ect...? Thanks for any replies! Aaron
  5. Yeah, in a couple of the scenes of this latest movie, I recognized the town from the 05' movie, as well as some of the music...
  6. Hey y'all - In defense of Tim Duke, we're all passionate about our hobbies. Mine, obviously, is the Dukes of Hazzard too. Earlier in the posting, I admit, I merely stated my honest opinions/critique both positive, as well as the negatives about this film. Even though I still hold those views (even if most were negative), I may have been a bit harsh seeing how we are comparing something to what has already been done before in the past. If Tim happens to agree with them; cool. If not, that's cool too. To each his own I say, lol. It's no secret that Tim and I disliked this movie. That's alright because we've merely stating our opinions just as those who liked this movie have done. It's nothing personal against anyone here. If you liked it; that's respectful also. Afterall, we're all part of the Duke family and as Uncle Jessie said, "us Dukes don't fight Dukes," lol. I've never got the impression that just because Tim has a General Lee he is superior or anything like that. I, myself, am restoring my 69' Charger to a General. Tim has a wealth of information & he is very knowledable. There's no one else I'd rather trust if I had a question regarding what is accurate and what is not accurate on a General. Now back on topic if I could: Someone said that 25 Chargers (costing a total of $2 million) were used in this film. Is that correct?! If so, how many were 68,' 69', and/or 70' Chargers? It didn't seem that they could have went through 25 Chargers seeing how there wasn't a lot of racing n' chasing...Any info in this department anybody? High Regards, Aaron
  7. I hafta be the black sheep of this forum, lol. I personally was "VERY" dissapointed in this film...I'm glad that it simply came on t.v. because there would be no way that I would want to pay movie ticket prices nowadays to see this...Don't get me wrong, I am a "HUGE" Dukes fan, but this was simply just ridiculous!!!! Positives: The guy who played Luke, looked a lot like Tom Wopat (even though he sounded like a chipmunk). This new Daisy did A LOT better job than Jessica did in the 2005 movie hands down. And of course, the General looked good. This Roscoe "could" be a "little" better than the 2005 movie Roscoe, but nobody even comes close to James Best. But that's it as far as I can tell. Negatives: Where do I begin? For starters: Again, they make Bo out to be this retard who couldn't act to save his life, the casting of Cooter was simply a joke, the storyline was extremely dull and slow, they make Uncle Jessie out to be this old perverted drunk...again, poor casting because Willie Nelson can't act to save his life neither, Boss, again, sucked - if they were going to cast anyone close to Sorrel Booke they would have to get Danny DeVito, most and for most....it's a shame that they have to use sooooo much sexual images to sell Dukes or any movie for that matter. Its true that the Duke boys liked women, but come on!!! They put it on WAY TOO THICK! Last, but not least, the stunts and visuals with the General simply sucked. They spent way too much time showing how horny teenagers (again - who can't act) get excited than showing good visuals with the General. And again, here we see Bo & Luke against the law as reckless yahoos. The original Duke boys weren't against the law, they just were against Boss' and Roscoe's schemes! Everything involved was simply so cheap and cheesy. In conclusion...I feel that people nowadays (not saying anyone here) miss the meaning of what the Dukes represent. How many t.v. shows today actually have the family, as a whole, sit down together for a meal as a family? Especially saying grace before they eat?!? The Dukes represent a slice of Americana where the simple life is present without all the hipe of today's "fast-food" form of living. They worked the land from the heart and that brought them closer to each other and to God. They were good ol' boys. Period. These two new movies (2005 and the "Beginning") are just ridiculing those values of everything that the original Dukes of Hazzard represented. I say let there be two simple options: A.) The only Dukes movies to be made are those starring John Schneider & Tom Wopat as the Duke boys. B.) Without these two men...I would rather let the Dukes of Hazzard R.I.P. forever rather than for modern low-valued filmmakers & actors to come in and ridicule what the Dukes of Hazzard truly represents to America. Just my 0.2 cents worth. Aaron D.
  8. Hello, I'm beginning work on the interior of my General. I know that saddle-tan is pretty common w/ a lot of the Generals. Have you guys ever used the VHT Vinyl spray before? If so, have you used the saddle-tan or Buckskin tan colors for anything in the interior? Here is the link: http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?autofilter=1∂=VHT%2DSP944&N=700+301990+115&autoview=sku Thanks for any help! Aaron
  9. Yeah, they're expensive n' rare to find....especially after the 2005 Dukes movie and the new straight to DVD film. You're even lucky if you can find a 68' or 70' Charger nowadays. But, don't lose heart. They're out there. Just last week a friend of mine found a running 70' Charger for sale for $8k. Yeah, that's certainly a lot of $$, but "cheap" when trying to find a descent 68-70' Charger today. Just keep checking Ebay often as well as your local papers to see if something turns up in your particular area. Who knows...
  10. The 69' Charger that I'm restoring looks just like this. Mine is black also (for now til' I get er' painted) with the stainless trim along the rear sail panels just like this (minus the front being all bashed in though, lol).
  11. In a couple of the scenes with the car flying thru the air, you can kinda tell that there is no gas tank underneath. Much safer thatta way with all of those hundred of pounds of weight coming down on that part of the car as she hits the ground...
  12. Are there any DVD's out there, or websites, that have behind-the-scenes stunts of the Dukes (especially w/ the General)? I've seen the 2005 movie extras, and a few various websites, but nothing that really discusses the stunts n' jumps in detail and behind the scenes. Does anyone have any really good, in depth, websites, videos, ect? Thank you for any replies! Aaron dunnsville_va@yahoo.com
  13. Thank you for the replies! I just bought the rims/wheels....I bought the "American Racing Vector wheels" (ten spoke). They're the 50th Anniversary edition and in brand-new/perfect mint condition. You can see the "01" stamped inside each wheel. I have a pair of 15 x 7 on the front and a pair of 15 x 8.5 on the back. Here is the link I purchased from: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2-American-Racing-Vector-General-Lee-Wheel-15X7-5X4-5_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43955QQihZ010QQitemZ200072581525QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V High regards, Aaron
  14. Thanks Tim for the reply! What is this cglfc site? I may take a peek and see if I can find some pics of the BBO.... Thanks again for the reply! High regards, Aaron
  15. I enjoy watching the Dukes movie simply because of the car scenes. After watching it several times, I feel that I kinda like the color of "Big Bad Orange." I realize that the Hemi-Orange and the 75' Corvette Flame-Red is more accurate, and perhaps more popular. However, I'm curious to see if anyone has applied the "Big Bad Orange" to their General (or to any other car). If so, how do you like it, opinions, pics, ect...? I'm not saying that I'm going w/ the Big Bad Orange for my Charger necessarily, but I'm just curious to see if anyone has used it. Thanks for any replies, Aaron
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