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My new ride 57 Chevy


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wanted a 67 GTO, but the seller tried to fool me...

The I came across this baby here......

57 2 door H/T 350 4 bolt. "Winter" LT 1 intake, headers, built heads, cam, Edelbrock carb. 4 Speed Muncie. Must 'been built in Texas in the 70's sometime.... Has a weird interior with small steel knobs everywhere...

Will get some Torq Trust rims pretty soon...


Charger is next!

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Thanx!!! I like it more every day.... I wanted a Muscle Car rilly bad, but then the Chevy came along. In summer, I will probably fly over to the states, to get me a few new toys! A 69 El Camino a 68-70 Charger and other neat stuff! I also have a 65 Buick Wildcat Coupe


and that little Opel hardtop, which soon will wear the General Lee colors!



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i was walking home from my friends house going past the downtown bp station saturday night and looked over in the parking lot and what did i see?...a 1969 dodge charger completely decked out as general lee with a 440 magnum engine and also a dixie horn. that really made my day but id been happier if i had a camera to take a pic of it. to top it all off the owner just lives within 50 miles of me and was out cruising around this town in it. ok im done babling but just wanted to share my experience with yall. im gone

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Man those are the days when you wish that you had a camera phone. The closest I have been is hearing a car in a parking garage blow it's dixie horn. Twice I have heard the horn, and both times I NEVER saw the car. The first time I only saw a glimpse of what may have been the car. It was an old car that was bondo gray. Now if it was a charger I don't know.

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Those are both superb cars

I like 57's but would definately prefer a '55 Chevrolet, or a '32 Deuce

However, they'd have to be 'American Grafitti' ' lookalikes

Failing that, a 1978(?) Kenworth W900 in brown & gold (Smokey & The Bandit colours)

Johnny (in Germany)

Is that your friend in the picture :lol:

I could always 'Tomb-Raider' my Land Rover though :wink:

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