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I have 4 DVD sets

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From Season 2

The Runaway is great because of Bo and Luke running Daisy's car off of a cliff. However, this episode is low on your list if you like Cooter, cuz he's replaced by L.B. in this episode.

Officer Daisy Duke is great for "Enos loves Daisy" fans, but not for Rosco fans as he's replaced by Sheriff Grady Byrd.

Sometimes you can't even cram it into second, even if you double-clutch it.

Season 3

Enos Strate to the Top is good for Enos fans and is the first appearance of Flash and Miz Teasdale.

Season 5

Ya gotta watch Welcome Back Bo and Luke just because it was the episode true fans were waiting for.

That's just a smattering of some of our favs.

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I currently have seasons 1,2,3 and 4.

coming up to season 5 next month which features Coy and Vance Duke for a short while till Bo and Luke return from the Nascar cercuit!

I love all the episodes on all four DVD sets, hard to say which is my most favourite, but i will let you know in good time, i am pretty sure one will be set as my best episode of all :)

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I have both seasons 1&2.

My favorite ep in the 1 season is Swamp Molly. I love Rosco in that ep.

My favorite eps in the 2 season is The Ghost of General Lee, Road Pirates (that's because of Cletus), Officer Daisy Duke, Find Loretta Lynn, Days oh Shine and Roses, and Jude Emery.

That's just the start.

Tara a.k.a Dusty Rose Duke

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yeah, I have Season 1, 2, 3,4, and I will get 5,6 soon so well, I like

Season 2 as

Runaway.. I like Daisy getting mad at BO and Luke when her Roadrunner yellow car off the cliff when the transmission not work as well that I almost laught in end of show when Daisy try chase BO and LUKE around the farm. then Daisy got new Dixie Jeep.

season 4

miz tisdale on the lam was funny when she crush on Jesse... and funny see Billy drive the motocycle from Rosco... lol :lol:

and in each season so many my favorite at all but one thing I little boring about Season 5 of Vancy and Coy stuff.. :p

thanks. :)

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