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Please put profiles of characters here instead of the middle


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Ok...new character in "The Beginning"

Name: Fiona Scott

Age: Bo's

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Combination Beyonce Knowles, Bo Duke, Bugs Bunny, Pitula Clark, Mame (from the 1974 movie), Eartha Kitt, Marilyn Monroe, Karen Pendleton (from the MMC of the 1950's)

Born: Scottish Countryside, a bit of a Scottish country girl.

Background: Unfortunately, an abusive background, father verbally/emotionally/physically abusive, an alcoholic. Mother mentally ill and insane. She escaped and healed completely, is now single and ready to mingle! Eccentric, a bit of a bohemian and very daring! The type of girl who's the feminine equivalent to Bo, can jump just as good as he can in a car...maybe even further...!


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Hilery Ann Davenport is the second cousin of Cooter Davenport. She is 21 years of age (if you want birth year, depending on which universe, she was born in '59 in the first generation ones, and in 1980 in the second generation stories) and resides in Hazzard County, Georgia. She was born in Choctaw County to one of Cooters cousins. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was 13 yrs old . Raised partially by Cooter, its no wonder she shairs some of his hobbies, which inclued working on cars, racing, and annoyin the law.

Hilery has dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes, is about 5'4 and about 120 lbs. Her temper is firey, but she normally keeps it under controle. She is a loving, caring young woman with a heart of gold, though, can be quite the trouble maker. Hilery has caused several fights due to her stuborness. Hilery does have a brother, but he is currently in jail. Hilery can also be as crazy as her cousin.

Hilery is accepted as an honerary Duke by the Duke family, Bo and Luke look at her as a little sister even if Hilery has a "little" crush on Bo Duke in the first generation stories and in the second generation series (done with my good friend Chet Duke) she is married to Wheeler Duke in that universe, and in the other second generation universe, she is goin out with Breyer Sterling Duke.

When Hilery turned 18 she started renting the appartment above the garage as a home away from home. It served for when it was too hot at the farm or was havin problems with another family member who was visiting.

Hilery has a Ford 1968 Shelby Mustang named Jumper which is painted teal with the number 09 written on the doors. The 09 is a pinkish color with a black outline with another white outline. The name Jumper is written across the back windshield in pink cursive writing.

Her cb handle is Country Girl


sry guys it took me so long to post this, but you know, I also changed what kind of car Jumper is due to a discovery of information I didn't know before. thanks daney and essyjane and chet for the help on finding a new car! :grin:

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Essy-Jane Tizdale Born and raised in Oklahoma by one of her Aunts. Essy's parents died in a car crash. Her sister, Megan, was sent to go live in Hazzard for about a year (with Miz Tizdale) after the crash. But the girl was too wild and ended up going to jail.

Essy on the other had continued living in Oklahoma. Tizdale got pnemonia. Essy was 16 years old and took over the mail service. She was very into Bo and Luke who were too old for her at the time. She made them think she was way older by how she talked. Back then she used a different name. She returned when she was 18

When Essy was 18 years old she took over the mail service for a while when Miss Tizdale got pnemonia. A while later she went to a boxing fight with a bunch of her guy friends and fell in love with the boxer, Judd Duke. California is a place of dreams. But when news comes about Bo being sick they come right away. Essy and Judd end up getting engaged in Hazzard and married in Hazzard County.

Essy lives a wonderful life with her adopted daughter Esmarela. Also with her four other children Kay, Angela, Sue and Annie.

Well her husband dies in a bus crash. :cries: I think that is sad. That isn't until they're in their 80's

Well when Essy is in her late 80's she marries well Bo Duke of course. They spend the rest of their lives together :grin:

Essy drives a 1969 charger called Uncle Sam. It is painted black and has an American flag painted on the top. There's an Eagle painted trunk. It is an all American car There's an 13 painted on the door. Which is for a reason. Don't forget the horn that plays a line from "Stars and stripes forever"

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Eyes: Blue

Favorate colour: Blue

Favorate music: All types but country lives forever

Favorate sayings: It's all good, Don't mess with the Ess

Parents: Syibil Jane Richmond Tizdale

Thomas Peter Tizdale

Mood: Usually happy but don't get on her bad side beacuase when you do you'll have a fist full of teeth or a whole town against you

CB Handle: Messy Essy, Essinator (Both suppied by a friend.)

Loves of her life: Bo, Luke, Judd, Cletus, Wilbur and Enos

Best friends: Everyone in town

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Chet Hugh Duke born to Gabriella(Gaby) Sherilly and Bo Duke on Augest 22, 1983. Chet has a mind of his own and at times can tend to get in more trouble than his dad did at his age. He's a wise young fellow whos has every girl's head turning when he walks by. He loves cars, exspecially his car Ghost. He is a tall 6foot 3inches. He goes a rather light 165pounds for his height. This is one boy that you don't wanna' mess with on the race track. He has the driving instinks of his father and the brightness of his mother.

Breyer Sterling Duke born to Gabriella(Gaby) Sherilly and Bo Duke on Augest 22, 1983. Breyer is a looney and funny guy. His eyes are a creamy brown. His eyes deep with gullys help prove the long nights and hours he has spent working on his car Moon Light. His dirty hands, stained with greese matches the color of his hair. He's a rough looking handsome man. Breyer has the I.Q. of an Engineer with out going to collage. Hid body arched from the daily muscle strain. Breyer hides his I.Q with his funny atitude and clowny identity.

Jessie(Jess) Mae Duke born to Barbra Livingston and Luke Duke on Febuary 19, 1981. Now theres a rough, tough , smart girl who knows her place. She likes racin' her motorcycle, specialy her dirt bike "Tarty'. There a two of a kind. She see's it this way, if the guy next to her can do it than she can do it too. Jess loves to read and at times has been called the best drawer in Hazzard County. She's anothor one that knows how to cause trouble, but she almost always gets away without any kinda charges. But look out cause shes got the wisdom of her great Uncel Jessie.

Wyman(Wheeler) Sutton Duke born to Cathy Duke and his father Eric whos last name is unknown because they were never married. He was born on October 7, 1981. Wheeler is unlike the other Dukes, he comes form Tulsa Oaklahoma and grew up in the city. Tho anyone with Duke blood is naturally a good ol' boy, Wheeler has his own ways. He moved to Hazzard with his wife Hilery Ann Davenport afetr being shot in the chest during a gang fight. The Night of Rage, Rage is his 71 Dodge Charger given to him by his father on the night of his death when Wheeler was only 17 years of age. The car holds the deep Rage with in Wheeler. (Wheeler was created by DJ Duke and me. He was created in honor and memorie of Waylon Jennings. My friends and I will never forget the true "Good Ol' Boy". Legends Never Die...They live FOREVER...)

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Jesse Vernon Duke JR

Son of Bo Duke. He was born a twin. Well Jesse has a lot of the same characteristics as his father. That blonde curly hair sticks out of every rim. Everyone knows him as a lead foot.

Yes he has a cell phone but only uses it when he's not in his car. Everyone still thinks that CB's are interesting.

Jesse loves to help people more than anything else. Why if he isn't helping then what is the point of being there?

Jesse's biggest rivals are Boss Rosco, Sheriff Cletus, Deputy Perry P. Coltrane and many other baddies that come through.

Jesse's mission in life is to stay out of prision and always have some sort of trouble. He won't try to avoid trouble at all. If someone is in need he'll jump right in if he's asked for or not.

Jesse would live in the General Lee if his dad let him. Jesse is a lead foot. He wouldn't want to be any other way. He shares the General with his second cousin Jose (pronunced Hose.A) son of Luke.

Favorate colour: Black and Blue

Favorate food: Barbeque

Favorate saying: You can always help someone in need, Jo Anna's got rabis

Siblings: Jo Anna

Parents: Bo and Nancy-Lou Duke

Girlfriends: Plenty

Mood: Generally happy but can spark up faster than explosives.

CB Handle: Lost sheep #2 (With permission of Bo when he changed his name)

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REAL NAME: Maxwell James Davenport


Age: 24

HEIGHT: 5'8"



EYE COLOR: blue (wears an eyepatch because of an accident with pirotechnics)

Originally from Hazzard but has lived in LA for the past 9 yrs

OCCUPATION: Stuntman and Piro expert

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NAME: Charley Anne Davenport


BACKGROUND:Was brought up with her cousin Hillery by her brother Cooter ,parents died in a fire when she was 9.Was sent to college after Cooter and Hilery helped gain money to let her go.Returned to Hazard for a break,and to spend some time with her family and a certain someone she has never forgotton.

LOVE-LIFE:Charley has never forgotton her childhood crush Luke Duke,but will he ever think of her as more than a child?

CHARACTER:Charley is impetuous,independant and has a mean temper but she is also beautiful,caring and sensitive,she feels she needs to make up to her family the money they earned to send her to college.She's hopin to bring some of her modern ways to Hazard.

APPEARANCE:5'5,blue eyes,long blond hair,hour-glass figure.

CHARACTER FLAW:She hates being babied and gets really hett up if anyone mollycoddles her,she also hates cruelty to anyone,and she took a course in kick-boxing at college,so bad guys beware!!!! :evil:

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Angelena Hogg Kool

Age 23

Look alot like the real Rebecca Lynn Smith, and she in Hazzerd fooling three right now or more. Those three men are Boss Hogg, Joshua Andrew Duke and Rosco he thinks she is his daughter but his real daughter work at the same hosptial that Judd Caine is in right now.

Hughie and Dewey little sister she is real piece work this one right here.

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Chad J. Warner

Age 17

Chad is Six feet Four inches tall and he has perfect blonder hair and grey eyes. He is one quarter Cherokee Indain and he is orginally from New York City but on September 11th his Firefighter dad was killed while trying to help and they never found his body. Chad has a 1971 Ford Mustang and it used to be his father, him and his mother moved to Hazzard shortly after the attack to get on with their lives.

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Name: Kelly Angelica Davenport

Birthday: 9-13-81

CB Handle: Fallen Angel

Nicknames: Pumpkin (strictly Cooter's nick for her), Jellybean (Bo and Luke's nick for her)

Hair: Born with brown hair, currently has blonde

Eyes: Born with green, but changed to blue (left) and brown (right) when she was a teenager

Kelly is the only daughter of Cooter Davenport (no Nancy Lou here; started my stuff before knowing about her) and Jennifer Howell. Cooter and Jenny had a fling together, but Jenny left the following day. Cooter didn't know Jenny was pregnant until a social service worker came to Hazzard with the ten month old baby. At first, everyone - including Cooter - was surprised, but he did his part and adopted Kelly.

Now, being Cooter's daughter, and being raised by him in Hazzard - with help from the Dukes - you know she's going to be a whole new level of crazy. She's wild and rambunctious, but she has a good heart, just like her daddy. She was raised to know cars like her daddy, drive like Bo, and shoot arrows like Luke.

Kelly is also quite intelligent, having graduated high school and starting college when she was 13, but Cooter felt that she wasn't ready to leave Hazzard, so she was assigned a mentor to teach her at her home until she grew up a little more. Kelly was allowed to leave Hazzard when she was 16, heading to Boston to finish up her undergraduate in Psychology and pursuing her Masters, while Cooter left for Washington DC to become a Congressman. Kelly continued her education in DC, obtaining another Masters and then went to work on getting her PhD in Forensic Psychology, all before she was 24.

After the 2004 elections, the current vice-president of the United States died in office of a heart attack, and the 25th Ammendment was invoked. Cooter was nominated by the president to succeed, and the nomination was approved in the early part of 2005, making Cooter the next VP of the country. Needless to say, this brings a whole new level of interesting to the Davenport family.

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Konrad Lee Duke is the older brother of Daisy by about a year. He grew up in Atlanta with his aunt on his mothers side while Daisy lived with Uncle Jesse and his wife Lavinia in Hazzard.

Standing about 6 foot, Konrad had a slender but average muscular build. He has blue eyes with brown hair that reaches just up to his chin. Just like Bo and Luke trouble seems to find him then he finds it.

His personality is easy going. He has a good scene of humour and is willing to do anything to protect his family and friends.

His pride and joy and also his bestest friend is a 2004 40th anniversary Ford Mustang GT-R (as seen below). They have gone through a lot together over the years and Messiah has always managed to bring him out of trouble more times then he can count. Messiah as the car is known is a deep yellow colour with a black carbon fibre hood. The licence plate says "MESSIAH" is where the car got its name from. The car is fitted out with the latest racing parts which include a full roll cage and powerful engine, mostly thanks to the underground street racing in scene in Atlanta. But Messiah isn't built for jumping over creeks like the General; she keeps her four wheels mostly on the ground.

Years ago before he moved back to Atlanta he stayed with Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Bo and Luke, but with the three boys all under one roof things got a little crowded. So Konrad moved over to his friend, Cooter and lived over at the Davenport farm and took up the spare guest room downstairs.

His dog, shadow, is a German Sheppard that got abandoned when he was a pup on the side of the road. Luckily Konrad found the little fella and has had him ever since. Shadow usually wares a bandanna around his neck and stands about 2’5†from paw to his shoulder. He was well trained, and would protect his master if Konrad called him to do it.

His CB handle is Little Lamb.


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Charlie Bruce Lexmark Age well 18 in "New Duke" and 23 in "Luke finds his mother.

His father is Bo Duke, his mother Emma Jean Davenport(her married name is Lexmark) and she is married to Dr. Bruce J. Lexmark and he raised Charlie as his son and he is mixture of Rosco(Emma's father and her mother is Savannah Davenport) and Bo for looks. He has Rosco's build and looks with Bo's beautiful blue eye's and tries to drive the wheels off of every car he drives.

Siblings: Reba Emma Duke(her married name Darling and she is married to Micheal Briscoe Darling Jr.) her parents are Emma and Bo as well. But she look's just Bo. She is 20 in "New Duke" and 25 in "Luke finds his mother. She has a little boy name Bo Micheal Darling is 2 "New Duke" and in has twin three old daughter in "Luke finds his mother" named Savannah Lee Darling and Jessie Lee Darling.

Twin brothers Chad Bruce Lexmark and Jeremy Bruce Lexmark and they are 11 in "New Duke" and little Holy terror and love pulling pranks right now. And in "Luke Finds His Mother" they are 16 and just got there driver's license and and Handsome and look just like there father Dr. Bruce Lexmark.

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Christopher James Smith Age 26 in "New Duke" and Age 31 in "Luke Finds His Mother" his parents are Emma Jean Davenport and Bo Duke but he doesn't know who his father is because his was raised at the Hazzard Orphanage and in "Luke Finds His Mother" he is married to "Jewelry Ann Hazzard" she is a descendant of one the original Hazzard's that settled the area which they later named the town and county after they have a six year old son named Christoper James Smith Jr or CJ for short and a three old daughter named Julie Ann Smith and they have a baby on the way. Christopher and Jewelry now run the Orphanage that was raised at and later met and married.

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Andrew Nicholas Coltrane is the late father of Rosco P. Coltrane and Lulu and their late sister as well. He never liked the idea of Rosco running for Sheriff and never did like Boss Hogg it's a good thing he died before Lulu married Boss. His wife was Emma Jean and she was a good wife and mother to there there three kids.

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These characters are in "The Very First Dukes of Hazzard" and they are the anscestors of Rosco and Lulu and they are from Jamestown and they have a baby on the way as well to complicated things as well. It seems that they want to have their own farm and they don't like Jamestown anymore.

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Brandy Lou Davenport,B.L. for short is the younger sister of L.B. Davenport, she's 2 years younger than Cooter with medium length blonde layered slightly wavy hair and blue eyes. When her father was killed in a mining accident and her mother had to be put in an institution overwrought with grief at the loss of her husband dying there a short time after. The courts decided that L.B. wasn't old enough or responsible enough to care for and raise a 15 year old girl. B.L. was sent to the town of Hazzard from her home in Coreyville the seat of Hazzard County, to live with Cooter and his parents,becoming her surrogate big brother. She still lives with Cooter at the Davenport farm he inherited from his parents. Works at the Boar's Nest alongside Daisy and when she has time off from that she helps out at the garage. B.L. in her spare time away from the Boar's Nest and the garage tears around the backroads in her 1970 silver GTO, the Judge. She can also play the fiddle. Being one of the guys like she's always been but folks shouldn't let that fool them, she can be just as girly as she is a tomboy when the notion strikes or the occasion arises.

Her CB handle is Sweet Talker

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