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  1. *He read it and snickered* i think someones having trouble finding himself a woman....
  2. *wanders around wondering where she had gotten to, finds her in front of the Court House* B, there you are, i've been looking all over. *Dosent notice the company she's in till he was beside her* Whats that? *He asked looking at the flyer*
  3. "I know i seen it before, I ain't totally naive when it comes to outlaws boy, i've been one long before you were a twinkle in ya daddy's eye." He replied, looking back at Chet from the window. "And whats this 'us' business?"
  4. (That last one was a joint post btw between me and Cowboy) "Not if i wanted to find out what their game is. Plus where they're holding camp" He replied and let him go and settled in the chair by the window, he wasn't going anywhere for awhile. So he undressed a little to get more comfortable, by taking off his jacket and holsters. (Cue Chet)
  5. He kept a close eye on the gang for the past few days, defending what he could without getting their suspicions, neither did he help them on their raids but he watched them. Still no luck on them taking him to their camp out of town as they spent their nights in the town. He had checked on the young cowboy every know and then, but every time he'd been asleep. (Cue Chet)
  6. He stood, rather surprised that he made it out with his winnings in tack. In went up to the bar to get a bottle of whiskey and sat down at the bar to enjoy it, also keeping an eye on Daisy. He didn't trust his new 'partners' to keep their grubby little paws of her. He also watched them, studying their movements. Eventually they'd take him to their camp, if his plan goes right. He was still in a rather bad mood, maybe one of the other painted ladies would bed him tonight. Which brought him to the matter of checking them out and picking the one for later. He'd occupy himself for the rest of the day and check on the hothead tomorrow sometime. (Cue Chet)
  7. I recently bought the RC and im guilty of trying to jump it:innocent: but when it breaks i think i'll either retire it back to the box or take the body off it and put on another RC. Problem Solvered. I have no idea what the scale is on it but i think it's slightly bigger then my 1:18 scale die cast model.
  8. I have actually thought about the love triangle as Cooter's my fave character too. But my getting distracted very easily is very high. *sweat drop* anyways i've gotten back into writing my poor neglected Rp's and that one might pop up somewhere along the line....no promises though....
  9. Yeah i better...*scratches back of head and walks after B.L.*
  10. *smacks head* Talk about being blond....*mutters to self* I mean the models....
  11. "good" He nodded approvingly. He looked at Daisy a few minutes more before turning to the ugly mug of the outlaw. He swallowed a shot of whiskey in one gulp and went to get up, seeing as he thought business was over. (cue Chet)
  12. As soon as the Mustang was out of earshot of anyone the powerful engine roared off down the road. Since it was low to the ground, it rose it's self a few inces off the ground so it could go faster on the dirt roads. It was in search of it's partner, the Judge, a silver 1969 pontiac GTO. The speeding yellow and black car was soon followed close by Dixie and General. (cue B.L.)
  13. *wolf whistles* Hey Alex you have one and i'll have the other. *grins*
  14. *looks and B.L. then give the thumbs up when she's not looking*
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