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Hey Lori!

I don't think that is so crazy! Our neighbors probably think I am crazy. When it snows or is icy in the driveway, I take ol' Suzie (our four-wheeler) out and do loops, turns, spins, etc. while yellin' Yeeehaw! Our neighbors must think we are nuts. I would just love to see their facial expressions, because this is a yearly event! Our neighbors must wonder what is going on this year, because Suzie is gettin' worked on, so I haven't been able to take her out this year! Dang! That is almost depressing!!!!!! Hopefully she'll be up and kickin' soon!

General Grant

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Hey General Grant, I smiled when I saw your post about the snowbank because I had a Duke moment today too. Someone pulled out in front of me so I had to hit my brakes. Even though nobody else was in the car I said "Hang on Cuz".

I Always have duke moments, rather rosco moments, when get excited..."oh goody goody gum drops" or when I am mad at someonone..." you dipstick" and when I did something awsome ...."I love it I love , I love it...ku ku ku"

Some people look at me strange , so what, I love that show to death, my only escape from the real world!!!

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