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Top Ten Signs You Might be a Dukes Fan


Top Ten Signs Your Might Be a Dukes Fan!  

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  1. 1. Top Ten Signs Your Might Be a Dukes Fan!

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Top Ten Signs Your Might Be a Dukes Fan

1. Your moved to "Hazerd, Ky" because it the closet to Hazzerd County you could find.

2.You was disappointed when the 2006 Dodge Charger came out with Four doors, instead of Two.

3.You Tell People leaving your Home "Keep It Between the Ditches".

4.You Go to the Cleveland National Air Show and the Thunderbirds didn't impress You.

(I did go the Airshow on Sunday, and I thought that everybody on the HazzerdNet would Like this one right here.)

5.You own all the Dierks Bentley Cd's that are out right now.

6. Your Doors Works Perfectly on your car, but you prefer using the windows.

7.Your Still Looking for the "Boars Nest".

8.You Claim to people that you have never seen "Knight Rider" in your Life, and ask what the show was like just to mess with People.

9.You can hoodslide perfectly across the hood of your car.

10. You watch "Smallville" for "Jonathan Kent/John Schendier" and that' the only reason you watch the show.

Somebody give me a drumroll her now.

If You have anymore to add to this just add the right on, Oh by the way I got this from how David Letterman has his Top Ten List on his late night show.

For Example of One from Last Night

Top Ten Signs you've Choosen the Wrong School

8. 'Kollage" is Spelled with a "K'.

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You know you're a Dukes fan when:

1) All the alarm clocks in your house are set for the time DOH comes on

2) You can whistle all 12 notes of "Dixie"

3) You go outside your house and look at the street everytime you hear a siren

4) You drive out to the country to look for old chargers just sitting around

5) You know the words to all of Waylon Jennings songs

6) You can correctly qoute from every episode

7) You try to jump speed bumps in your car, or bike

8) Imitate Rosco P. Coltrane when your excited, "I love it! I love it!"

9) You quote Jesse Duke when your kids, or any kid you know gets outta line

10) You drive through the back alleys trying to drift around the corners

11) You name your car (mine's Gemini aka Betty)

12) You routinly dream about Bo, Luke or Daisy or dream you are behind the wheel of the General Lee

(Thanks Dan and Den for your help!!)

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Haha. Yup that's me! lol.

You know your a Dukes fan when:

1) You call your dog velvet-ears

2) Your answering machine is Cooter's famous CB line

3) You wake up in the middle of the night when you hear a siren, thinking its Rosco

4) You paint your car orange

5) Your mailbox has a mini Genearl sticker on it with 01 on the flap

6) Your doorbell is "Dixie" tune

7) You yell yee-haw when ever you see hot pursuit goin' on.

8) You spend hours online on e-bay looking for DOH merchandise

9) You'd rather be in a garage working on your car instead of shopping

10) You'd rather stay home on a Friday night to watch DOH then go out and party

11) You can remember what episode is on what season, what side of the dvd disks, and what # it is

12) You name your kids/pets Bo, Luke, and Daisy

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Those are good ones!

How bout putting a dixie horn on your car(any car!) That's what I'm doin!!

(and my velvet ears says hey to everybody!)

How bout you know your pets are Dukes fans when....

They run around the house when they hear Good OLe Boys

They lick the tv screen when they see the Dukes

They bark at Boss when Flash does

They come when you whistle "Dixie"

(oops I was throwing my dogs ball for her and it broke my model of Daisy Jeep)

Bad dog, you dun scuffed my jeep!

OK sorry ya'll I feeling crazy right now!

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Wow those are all really good ones i'm a lot of em'

You know your a Dukes fan when:

1. your computer theme is all DOH

2. you try to act and or look like one of the characters

3. you name your pets after a character (i named my dog Daisy and my horse Bo!)

4. you quote rosco anytime you get the chance

5. you call your dog velvet ears and tell (him or her) to buckle up for safety

6. you collect the DVD's and other memorbillia

7. when you see a police go by (espesially a sheriff) you say "there goes Roscoooo P. Coltrane"

8. you dream about the show

9. you spend a ton of time doin somthin that has to do with DOH

10. you watch at LEAST an episode a day of DOH

those some ones i just made up.

"kew kew kew, i luv it i luv it"

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He he! Those are really good! All of em apply here, except the sheriff one..we don't have Country Sheriffs in Canada. And Daisy Dukes Girl...thanks for the welcome..but I've been around longer than you have...just another name...thanks though!! lol

You scour hobby shops looking for the Dukes vehicles (which are very hard to find..lemme tell ya!)

You routinley use the General grant tactic RETREAT

You talk in "CB trucker's jive" Over the phone and any walkie talkies you come across

You attempt (key word) To pull 180's in your car

You put the hammer down over speed bumps and yell YEE-HAW out the window

You write DOH character names, actors, DOH locations and related words into the sunday crossword when you can't get any more answers (I once filled the entire new york times like this!!)

When your friend is going to be pulled over by the cops, you say "Maybe we can loose em' at the bridge up there!"

When you think you can do a jump with your car and it will still run afterwards (As soon as a car jumped...it was totaled....)

Ok..well theres some more that goodolboy85 and I compiled...

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Haha those are good ones.

When you wear a DOH kiddie watch to work (hahaha)

You have a DOH party

You blare the DOH Cd in your car and yell yeehaww out the window

Your room is painted orange and a big 01 on a wall

You spend your weekends remodeling a 1969 Dodge Charger

You have "Bo and Luke Duke" tattooed onto your back/arm

Your mailbox says "Dukes" on it...even though your last name ain't Duke

You have one room devoted to DOH merchandise

You'd rather tote a very fashionable Dukes bag with a Genearl Lee on it then a Coach..

Yup, that's what I can think of for right now..

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Wow that is interesting.

1. I was dissapointed when the Dodge Charger came out with 4 door instead of two

2. I prefer using the windows of my pickup

3. I have never seen Knight Rider

4. I can whistle and sing all of "Dixie", as well as salute the Confederate flag

5. I am always looking for old Chargers

6. I imitate Rosco P. Coltrain all the time. (I love it, I love it)

7. My truck is named The Silver Cobra, which is where my online name is from

8. This one is really interesting. I dream about the Dukes all the time, and usually that I am driving the General Lee.

9. I yell yeehaw often when I am driving.

10. I would rather be in the garage than shopping

11. My dog is named Daisy

12. I often act like Rosco and Boss Hogg, not always on purpose.

13. I watch at least one episode a day.

I guess I'm a Duke fan.

There are two mentions of dreams about Dukes. I noticed that I dream about the Dukes at least once a week. Usually I am in the General Lee, being chased by Boss Hogg and Roscoe.

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  • 4 weeks later...

1) You moved to Hazard because it was almost Hazzard

2) Your boss hates when you call him “Fat Little Buddyâ€

3) You were disappointed that the new charger has 4 doors

4) You depart by saying “keep it between the ditchesâ€

5) You insist on entering and exiting your car via the window (although your doors work perfectly fine)

6) You can miraculously make your tires squeal on dirt roads

7) You have perfected the hood slide, and do it even when there’s no one around to impress

8) You are looking for, or have found, the boar’s nest

9) You whistle Dixie in the grocery store

10) Whenever you hear a siren you sprint to your car

11) You try to get air off of speed bumps and curbs

12) You thought your rusted-out Toyota Corolla was the coolest car in the high school parking lot because it had a Dixie horn

13) When using a rotary, you must circle at least 3 times

14) Whenever your excited you say “I love it I love itâ€

15) You yell Jessie Duke quotes to the neighbors kids

16) Whenever you take a corner, you blow sideways

17) You asked your mom if she would paint her station wagon orange

18) A cop pulled you over for driving on two wheels

19) You bought a Nextel, and pretend it’s a CB

20) Even your doorbell whistles Dixie

21) Your idea of a party is inviting all your friends to work on your charger

22) You couldn’t believe your car got scratched when you crashed through the neighbors fence

23) Your work includes of fixing fences you’ve driven though

24) You seriously considered naming your children Bo, Luke and Daisy

25) You walk like John Schneider

26) Whenever you see flashing blue lights you think (or say) “Ros-coe P Clot-raneâ€

27) The first thing you do when it snows is pull 180s and 360s in the nearest parking lot

28) Whenever a cop pulls out behind you, you say “what did we do this time?â€

29) Following your friends to the next bar includes a hot pursuit

30) You think that you can jump your car over a creek while not wearing a seat belt, bottom out, still be in your seat with perfect hair, lose the cops AND keep on going…

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I can whistle Dixie, and I do a VERY good impression of Roscooooooo P. Coltrane!

1. You spend hundreds of pounds on BuildAGeneralLee.com for decals etc. on your car, even if it's no Charger!

2. You go to DukesFest every year (I wish I could).

3. You spend hours and hours every day constructing a General Lee body for your RC car from scratch.

4. Every time you go over a bridge, you keep nagging Dad to floor it!

5. You own every single video, CD, DVD, etc.

6. You keep bugging the DukesFest officials to let you jump the General Lee!

7. You spend hours building a sturdy ramp, and try to jump over your local pub.

8. You paint your RC Plane like the General Lee! (I did that... :D )

That's all I can think of for now... :p

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