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Top Ten Signs You Might be a Dukes Fan


Top Ten Signs Your Might Be a Dukes Fan!  

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  1. 1. Top Ten Signs Your Might Be a Dukes Fan!

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You might be a Dukes fan it

You live in the city and go to the local cemetary/community vegetable garden to try and drive like the Dukes off road. (I have done that. There is a large area of unused/unplanted grass by the community garden in the cemetary)

You know what keep it between the ditches means, the hard way, by almost flipping your pickup truck, and the ditch was the only thing preventing you from flipping.

You are trying to learn how to download ring tones from verzion so you can get the Dukes theme song on your phone.

You go to sleep almost every night watching Dukes or Smallville (for John Schnieder.)

all true for me.

stay safe and

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This is all good stuff. A lot of it describes me.

I have looked for bars named "The Boars Nest"

I did watch Smallville just for John and it was the only reason I watched the show. I was very upset when his character died and I don't watch Smallville any more.

My computer desktop wallpaper is DOH theme.

I often yell yeehaw while driving.

I don't have an answering machine but the voice mail message on my cell phone is Cooter's famous CB line, slightly modified with a few other DOH quotes mixed in, it's ("Breaker one, breaker one. Might be crazy but I ain't dumb. No one's home on the Hazzardnet. Leave a message and I'll call you back. I'm gone!")

I didn't name any of my kids Bo, Luke or Daisy, but my 4yr. old son has blond, curly/wavy hair kind of like John's so I dressed him up as Bo Duke for Halloween. I didn't buy any department store costume either, I searched for the most authentic looking clothes I could find him.

Currently I live in a trailer but my husband and I are planning to buy a bigger house in a few years and I fully intend to have a room that is decorated with nothing but DOH posters/pictures and DOH merchandise.

The last thing I watch before I go to sleep at night is DOH.

I have drove around looking for '69 chargers particularly any that someone may want to get rid of cheap so I can buy it and fix it up like a General Lee.

I have quoted Rosco and vaiouse other characters on the shoew whenever it suits me.

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