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Probation question

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Okay, we all know Bo and Luke are on probation...for the whole series...even before the series started (Happy Birthday General Lee)...so how long was their sentence? Are they on probation for life? How serious is getting caught with moonshine that you're on probation for like...10 years? Were they still on probation during the reunion? Did they ever say when they got off? Just wondering.

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Being Hazzard County ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

I think it is up to the Judge to set the lenght and conditions of Porbation -- which means they never went to prison === Parole would mean they spent some time in prison then was released on much the same conditions as Probabtion.

I'd say if they knew the Dukes produced a lot of shine they would probably make it lenghty. I used to know what the prison sentence was for hauling shine -- I was a bit of a history buff -- it was much more in this state during the prohibition years. Now the first time is a misdemeanor here and you have to be hauling more than a gallon. WHICH MEANS you can haul all you want one gallon at a time as long as you are not seliing it! It is not illegal to make a certain quanity of untaxed liquour here for your own use.

In the show I've heard them say they if caught they'd spend 2 year; then 10 years; then the rest of their natural life in prison for hauling shine -- it was different in several shows.

One reference is when they are in the blue car of Cooter's in MAry Kays Baby. I think Waylon said "they knew getting caught with that shine meant spending 2 years in prison as sure as .........."

There may be a reference in High Octane too.


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Like a number of things, the "rules" of the Duke boy's probation varied from episode to episode. Sometimes it was implied they'd be arrested for crossing the county line, other times it was suggested that they could cross it if back within a certain time limit. And just how they managed to leave Hazzard to tour the NASCAR circuit in the fifth season never really was explained at all. By the last couple of seasons, the probation scenario was often dropped into the background and forgotten much of the time, though came into play again in other episodes.

Likewise, just what Boss was and wasn't capable of sometimes varied as that week's plot dictated, and other plot elements at the start of the series faded away, such as Rosco being cheated out of his pension and having two years left in office to grab all he could, hence turning corrupt; this theme was pretty much gone by the end of the first season, and Rosco was still serving as Hazzard sheriff years later.

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Of course, Boss only realized he was the boys' probation officer in 'People's Choice' (S02E11), and by the end of the episode the job was taken by Thelma Claire "T.C." Rogers. It was a strange plotline considering that Ms Rogers was never heard of again.

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