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  • 3 weeks later...

As my car will get the 3-speaker dash I'm restoring my wiringharness at the moment for it. Almost done, only have the wire the centerspeaker and wire the 8-track player. 

I had the 8-track player repaired already and it's playing like new. Can't wait to play the DOH-tune in the car in a while :lol:

20230227_183759 20230227_183810 20230227_183939 20230227_183955


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  • 2 weeks later...

I little progress has been made, and they make me very happy :D

Bought a new battery and got myself a dress-up kitt and gave it an original look:


Also I serviced the front brakes. Painted the calipers and cleaned and greased everything:


Also we managed to get the new windscreen in. Love to see the car with my 3-speakerdash and new windscreen!


Next step will be to put the windowtrim on, bleed the brakes and paint and polish the front rims.

When that is done, engine and transmission can get it. Where getting there :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

It maybey doesn't look like progress but it sure is :spin:


Got everything out of the dashboard to get the wiring harness for the 8-track setup in. So got the harness in, got the new center speaker in and got the 8-track player in.

20240210_165732 20240212_160036

Also got the cluster cleaned up and installed a brand new bezel on it. I never had a cluster that looked like new so this makes me very happy! :D


Next time get I'll get everything in the dashboard again. Can't wait for the result!





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