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  1. Layla wakes up from her dream about telling Luke about how she feels about him, and sees everybody there. She feels kind of embrassed but Uncle Jesse says it's okay, the docter had just told us the news on Luke. Layla walks in Luke's room to see him in pretty bad shape, she thought it was just a dream but it is very real. How can this be happening to her first her Dad in 1975 ,then her Mom in 1980 then her race crash a couple of years ago. Then last year she gets literally left at the alter and now this. Layla is crying and Uncle Jesse ask what wrong, and she says that nothing in her life is going right up now. Layla ask if anybody has any idea where Sally and Roy are at right now, and she wondered and hoped they were okay. Uncle Jesse says to her that sometimes things just happened in life and maybe things will get better for ya. But Luke is in pretty bad shape and he needs everybody that he will looking out for him.

  2. Layla is crying in the front seat and she is telling Cletus there somethiong that I didn't tell Luke when me and him was racing and before he went back home. Layla goes on to tell I even met sombody else, but I still kept think of Luke trough everything . I mean Cletus he really broke my heart, we had the wedding all planned out and just before the vows the guy just runs claiming something to do with his job. Cletus says "Layla you mean the fact that you are hopelessly in love with Luke, everybody in Hazzerd can see it."

    Layla says" Everybody but the most important person outthere to me , Luke"

    Cletus says " Why not you go tell him right now, while you got the chance to tell, Layla he has just come around now."

    Layla says " Luke Kenneth Duke, don't you do this to me now. Dang blasted I love with all my heart and never stopped loving you."

    Layla plants a big kiss on Luke and they keep going to the hospital.

  3. Layla says to Cletus don't you know any better shortcuts around here, and he says he know one but it is kind of dangerous. Layla says than what are waiting for, take the shortcut, Bo and Luke are depending on I had seen the way Bo was upset when he found Luke in the back of the General under the blanket before the dymanite went off. Cletus I way not still being seeing Luke, but I don't know what I'll do if you let these guys and that gal get away.

    Narrator: It sounds like Layla still cares for Luke here , and she don't know she'll do if he don't make it. I wander what she do when she finds out about that little pill they gave Luke.

  4. Layla O'Neill was born in Cleveland,Tn and she is the daugher of the late legendary Nascar driver John Patrick O'Neill and he was killed in the 1975 Daytona 500 in a pile-up that Richard Petty. She at one time raced for the same team as Dale Earnhardt and she claims to have personally have met Wendell Scott when her dad was alive and racing. Layla claims that her dad taught her how to drive on the various race car tracks, she was raisied in Alabama and stil has her southern accent as of yet. Layla O'Neill is the newest deputy in Hazzerd County and she shares patrol car three with Cletus Hogg. She had at one time dated Luke Duke and Michael Knight.

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