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  1. I remember when my Grandfather died on my 22nd birthday and the one thing I do remember is that he had kept a picture I had tooken at the mall for him with until he died. The one song that had me crying is the one that John Michael Montgerary wrote about his father. At time it still does like the song my grandfather had his one special recliner as well, but I was the second youngest Grandchild and youngest Granddaughter I was born almost three years after my Grandmother was born on July 15, 1975 and came hone from the hospital on his sixty-eighth birthday and he died on my 22nd birthday. What a connection to have with your Grandmother oh by the way my Grandpa was born July 22, 1907.

  2. Somewhere in California

    Michael is driving his Charger around, and he just enjoying the drive and going down the freeway and here's the Waylon and Willie song "Mama's don't babies grow-up to be Cowboys" and saying this is what Country music is meant to be not this modern music they have on now. Just then the deejay says that Waylon and Jessi Colter's boy Shooter have a cd coming out called "Put the O Back in Country" and he is thinking to himself and says that goes on the list, along with the new Dierks Bentley and Gretchen Wilson cd as well. Michael has this two pictures with him and it says on the back of the one Frank Duke(Michael's real Dad) and that he lives in Hazzerd County as well. The Next is of some dark haired Sheriff holding him, and it says on the back of it Sheriff Rosco P. Coltranie ( Michael Godfather and my older brother back in Hazzerd County). Michael after looking at these pictures says to his wife Layla that him and her and kids have to go Hazzerd County, Georgia and that his Godfather and Father is there and he has to go and see if he has anymore family there.

    Cue anybody.

  3. Back to the Reference in the letter.

    Dear Frank,

    I am going to my move out by my folks in California with our son Michael, I have finace that will very understanding and in the last letter that I had sent him I had told him about our son the trouble with your wife. My fiance said that he will raise Michael has is own son and that he will think about adopting him as his son if that is okay. There is a release form that you will have to sign enclosed that will terminate your parents rights to Michael and if you can sign and mail it back to me than your wife will never have to know about again. That way me and Michael can leave Hazzerd, Georgia without anybody in the Duke family every knowing about our affair and I can keep it quiet for as long as possible and just slip out of here and out of your life. You Frank, Michael is a very quiet baby and just take everything in and very observant of things going on I hope that someday he won't have to know that his real father was Frank Duke from Hazzerd and from that certain infamous Duke family. You he has the cutest Gree-Blue eyes I have ever seen and that my finace has green-blue eyes as well. Well I guess this good-bye from me and I'll take to you later. Is there anyway you can tell Rosco thanks for helping leave the county without asking to many questions about the baby, and he so proud of the baby he insisted on me taking a picture of him holding the baby. I just hope that Micheal doesn't think that he is real father, I have a picture of you and me and Michael that I will show to him when he is old enough to understand the truth about the whole story.


    Cue Anybody

  4. Talk about playing a good villian watch the Smallville episode "Onyx" where Lex plays his Alexander after the split. He reminds me of the Golitah episodes on "Knight Rider" , in this episode I am talking about he threatens to kick Lana out of the apartment of over the Talon after he kisses her and she doesn't. I guess he didn't like getting regected by Lana here, and then later he drops a table on Clark and Chloe and for the best nastiest part of his evil character get ready all your John Schneider fans. He shoots Jonathan Kent in the knee, and then after all that he has the big green ring that has Clark helpless and then chains up Lex in the basement and puts that iron mask on him. He also slashes Lionel Luther on the cheek with the sword. If you have seen this episode of Smallville you want to hate him to as well, I wander just for fun what he would've met Boss Hogg for "The Dukes of Hazzerd" I wander what he would done there is he didn't get what he wanted. There is a very good thought to think about right there.

  5. I have a variety of clothes but mostly Black outfits, Red Blouses various shades and alot of Pink thrown to the mix. And I have a long sleeve faded blouse and a bright yellow short sleeve , and a bright yellow hoodie and a bright yellow t-shirt that I usually put under my faded yellow blouse. And about four or five different black jackets, and tuesday I thought I was falling in a rut so I bought a majestic pink trenchcoat varitey in a denin fabric it is really cute. Oh, I forget a light orange long sleave blouse and a bright orange hoodie that I picked up for seven dollars . One time I was going on vacation and realized that I had enough red tops and blouses that I could've packed why entire vacation clothes in red but I didn't.

  6. One Burning Question here was the show Airwolf cbs answer to Knight Rider or was they both by Universal Studio?

    Was Airwolf a spin-off of Knight Rider, because they are so similar as one is on the road and one in the air?

  7. Did anybody catch the Daily Buzz on Monday May 2, 2005 did you see when their interviewere called John Schneider a one-hit wonder and he had corrected the guy about and then later he said it again. Did anybody catch what Ben Jones had said about the movie, I think he was saying in a nice way " I Hope they don't screw up the movie". They didn't talk to James Best but showed him and didn't talk to Tom Wopat either.

    How many hits did John Schneider say he had in his music career to the guy?

  8. The Dukes had the General and each other to rely. But in Knight Rider Michael(David Hasselhoff) when he had made a mistake in a case he had K.I.T.T to rely in which his car ended up saving the day nuremous times. I just bought season two of Knight Rider and I was watching the episode called "White-Lined Warriors" or something like that. I Like when the car was right behind the one guy after the police chief was trying to silence Michael about what he had knew about what was going on and kitt had pushed the Ram Charger nearly off the cliff with the guy attached to it.

    But just in a point but in Knight Rider the red Caddy in all the Smokey and The Bandit is in the Goliath two episode. You know somebody that has season two set or you actually own Season two watch the very first season two show and you'll see what I am talking about. But the funniet thing that happened with Kitt was when he taped Michael confronting the guys at the radio station and after he broadcast the tape, the radio station wants to hire Kitt.

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