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  1. My younger brother had the light blue 1982 Delta 88, and the left side doors didn't open so he two options either used the right side doors. Or slide in through the windows. I remember he brought home a ladder after my dad had bought at a ladder store. It was one of the car, it did great hey besides it was corny but it worked. Five years later or sothat same ladder fell out of the bed of his 1993 Ford Ranger in the middle of 1-71, true story. I remember another he took me and my older brother out for a drive and he lost the brakes, he just kept driving the neighborhood until it stop. My old brother was calm in the backseat despite the car having no brakes. And another the car had no insurance on it somebody else's plate on it to boot. He end up selling the delta 88 about week or two weeks after he bought it, but I deep down I think he had fun in that car. :p:p:p:p:p

  2. When cousin T.J. was five years old, he was over for a birthday party. So he was starting to get bored and I got why 1/64 scale general and such like that and put on a Dukes of Hazzerd video , and played the "Repo man" episode and everytime the general was jumped he had made the die-cast jump as well. It was so cute, I didn't get a picture of it but which I did. He will be eight years old on June 1, 2005 and he is a little blondie and alreadry full of spunk. He love watching the Dukes of Hazzerd and he probaly bugged his parents about when he got home.

  3. John Schneider's

    1. Ciountry Girls

    2. A Redneck is the BackBone of America

    3. An Old Rainbow Jukebox and You

    Mac Davis

    1. Watchin Scotti Grow

    2. Stop and Smell the Roses

    Trick Pony

    1.The Bride

    Gretchin Wilson

    1. Homewrecker

    2, Chariot

    Dierks Bentley

    1. What was I thinking :p

    2. My Last Name

    Chad Brock

    1. Park the Pick-up( and the Kiss the girl)

    2. Lightening does the work

    Brad Paisley

    1. Celebruty

    Toby Keith]

    1. I love this Bar

    Trace Adkins

    1. Chrome

    2. I left something turned on at home.

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