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  1. Trivia from the movie for everybody out there.

    What was Little Jack's first word he learned from Greg in the movie?

    What was unusual about the Wall Greg's father put together to honor his son with?

    What could Jinx do that Jack trained to do that was unsual for a Cat?

  2. My brother had 82 Toyota Starlet with a custom wooden window that stick shift he never drove it thow but it was his first car. Oh a 1970's Ford Country Squire Wagon that went on fishing trip got bumped died in the driveway. The previous re did the wiring backwords there was no way of fixing this wagon. Cooter would sctrached his heard on this car in the show.

  3. To the guy that his G.G. Granddaddy was a Civil War veteran , how cool is that. I know a little about my Great-Great Grandpa Szenger, I know that my family was hungarian Royaltly at one time according to my code of arms. I know from websites that he traveled the globe collecting artifects and bringing them back to him couintry. Oh my Grat-Great -Grandfathers name was Dr. Ede Szenger (1833-1904) if you want to look him up for yourself, but got to warn here that most of the information on him is in Hungarian. I know that my Great-Grandfather Josef Szenger served in World War I for the Germany I think on this one and died in 1914. I do know that through family information that my Grandfather Ted Joseph Szenger was in the Merchant Marines but that all I know about him and haven't been able to find out when he served with the Merchant Marines. And from what I can figure out here there has been five generations of Szenger's that served their country in some form or way. Oh my Father was in the Army and my Uncle was in the Army as well along with My cousin. I have never been in the service but does support what the country about everything going on right now.

    Julie A. Szenger

  4. Calling all Fans of Smallville, well the good news is that Jason it looks like they are killing his character off. This second boyfriend of Lana's that they have killed off on the show. Well actually they also killed off Whitney in the show and she had the guy in Magnetic that went off the deep end in an way.

  5. Is James Best and David Hasselhoff related by some chance because they kind of look alike or maybe it just me?

    They both have that dark hair, and I have seen movies and tv shows where is show James Best pre-Dukes era. Well , certainly before 1979 and when he was in "Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair" he gives a great one-liner to the lady that is talking to him after church. Before I bought that movie I had never seen James Best being a Smart aleck in anything else much before that. But James Best when he was young was very good looking and he had that smile , and probaly our grandmothers went to see his movies when he was younger. Oh, I like his role in Hooper and that Hat is one nice western hat and he gets along great with Burt Reynolds as well. I could see that he was a Clark Gable of the fifties and the sixties and did you know he has a small part in the Bogie film "The Caine Mutiny".


  6. Smallville, Baywatch(back In the Day) , Knight Rider and Dukes Of Hazzerd. I just watched a little movie that looks like it could've been a pilot for a tv show called "Bail Out" it starred and produced by David Hasselhoff . The entire movie was nothing but Chrysler cars in it the movie also has Linda Blair in it.

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