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  1. I worked at A@W All American Food, I could get all the free A@W I wanted so I kind after three months working there fours years ago, I lost my taste for there root Beer. I like Barg's and also IBC when I can get it, I remember about eleven or so years ago I was working at a Tele-marketing place and couple of us had IBC's with us in the office. And the manager thought he had beer with, you know how the IBC bottle's are brown and kind of look like a actual Beer. :p:p:D:D:D:D:):o

  2. I think I am full fledged Charger fan, I have built a 1969 General Lee Model Kit and 1967 Lime Green with Orange interior with peace decals on it. A 1971 Charger gold and a Low rider, I am waiting or the Wheels of Fire to come out with the New Charger.

    I just love those Chargers. :p:p:p:p:p

  3. John Schneider, Sonny Shronyer, Ben Jones , James Best and Catherine (Cannonball Run 2 she had the fancy sports car with the other girl in the show).

    Catherine Bach acted with Clint Eastwood In "Tenderfoot and Lightfoot" back in 1974.

    Sorrell Booke guest-starred in M.A,S.H,. as General Barker back in 1972.

    James Best , Denver Pyle guest-starred in "The Andy Griffith Show".

    Rick Hurst was in Mash as well as Sanford and Son at one time.

    Peggy Rea was in the Waltons as well, oh one more thing Hal Smith was in Rip: Henry Flatt but first he was Otis the Town Drink on "The Andy Griffith Show".

  4. They should settle this question at this year's DukesFest if the people behind Knight Rider ain't to chicken to settle the question. Stunt Driver to Stunt Driver and nothing fancy just quarter mile race and than will answer the question that bugged fans of both shows for years :oops::p:D

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