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  1. ICE - In the episode Diamonds In The Rough everyone is after a sack of Diamonds.
  2. The Duke boys use a CITIZENS Band(CB) radio in the General Lee.
  3. The Dukes Of Hazzard gets an 'A' in my book!
  4. The Duke boys TRAVEL all around Hazzard County.
  5. Boss Hogg's goal was to make MONEY.
  6. Boss and Roscoe were always throwing the Duke Boys in JAIL.
  7. The Dukes Of Hazzard is the GREATEST show!
  8. DRINKS are served at the Boars Nest.
  9. Boss and Rosco had ZERO chance of taking the Dukes down.
  10. Jesse Duke is an eX-Moonshiner.
  11. Over the years Bo and Luke used many QUARTS of oil in the General Lee.
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