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  1. TINKER - Played by Mary-Margaret Humes in Mason Dixon's Girls.
  2. The Duke boys loved RACING all over Hazzard County.
  3. NORMAN Willis - Played by Mike Genovese in Close Call For Daisy.
  4. Skipper - This one is for you Cousin Skipper.
  5. The number on the General Lee's doors is ZERO one.
  6. The General Lee has a V8 engine.
  7. I'm sorry I missed this. Happy Birthday Byron Cherry(Coy Duke)!
  8. Rosco never QUITS chasing the Duke boys.
  9. Daisy almost MARRIES Jamie Lee Hogg.
  10. Boss Hogg was catching some ZZZZ's in the The Great Santa Claus Chase when the Dukes tried fooling him.
  11. The General Lee has Vector WHEELS.
  12. When I first saw the Dukes Of Hazzard I loved it RIGHT away.
  13. Happy Easter to all my cousins in Hazzard County!
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