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    Roth Potter reacted to Mark B / Scooter Davenport in The Hazzard Garage (Cooter's Garage)   
    Well it was a pretty amazing weekend with the model at Cooter's Gatlinburg for the 2015 Hazzard Run.     The things that stand out to me:   1. Sonny Shroyer is amazing; I've seen a lot of celebrity autographs lines, but I have never seen anyone spend as much time with each fan and made them feel special as he did.  The man is 80 years old and he went all day like the engergizer bunny.  And that is his real laugh- not made up for the Enos character.  He's the real deal folks- as nice and genuine as Enos himself, but not niave of course.  And his wife is just as lovely a person. 2. The folks at the Cooter's store are a great bunch- it was alot of fun to get to see the inside scoop on how things run, hear some stories about Ben Jones, etc. 3. Dukes fans are about as nice a group of people who don't know each other as you will find, at least the ones who came this weekend were. â€‹

    I'm having trouble with flicker now that I've upgraded Windows, so I'm not able to post pictures to HNet.  Hopefully I'll have time to figure it out soon.

    Mark ​
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    Roth Potter reacted to Boss JD Hogg in Which CB radio was in the General Lee in the TV series?   
    I spoke with Jon Holland about the CB radio.  
    He told me the Cobra 78x was seen one time.  All the other times a sharp 40 channel was seen.
    Below is a picture of the Sharp 40 channel CB which looks a lot like the one in the screen grab Roth Potter posted above.

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Double Zero Mustang   
    How time flies! I was going to start this post by saying that I recently posted a picture of an updated General Lee based on a stretched Dodge Challenger. It turns out I actually posted that in May 2014 - you can see it here. Then, completely by chance, I came across mock-ups of modern versions of the Double Zero and Cooter's Camaro at the weekend. You can see them here. Inspired by these pictures, I decided to do my own updated Double Zero based on a 2015 Mustang. I thought it looked better with less chrome than the original, although I did add a ring around the grille. I also toyed with additional fog lights in the grille (similar to the original), but eventually left them out.

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    Roth Potter reacted to Boss JD Hogg in 'Orange Clunker Car' - MPC General Lee Build - FINISHED   
    Here's some more progress on the General Lee.
    I filled in the space behind the license plate below the rear bumper.  It's strange how this part of the body is split.  I put some sheet styrene behind as well to close it all off and strengthen this area of the body.  I also sanded the putty in the engine compartment.  
    The hood that comes with this MPC kit is actually a 1970 Charger hood.  MPC did put out a Charger 500 kit that was based on the Dukes kit that had a correct 1969 hood.  I was able to get my hands on one for this build.  The picture with the two hoods shows the correct (yellow)1969 hood on the left and the (white) 1970 hood that came with this kit on the right. 
    I'm using the exhaust system from the Revell Charger which is more accurate than what came with the MPC Charger. I had to make the area that goes over the rear axle shorter to fit the MPC chassis by cutting out a small section.  The last picture has the chassis with the exhaust system and rear end axle and springs in place.  These are parts from the Revell Charger kit.
    IMG_6056 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_6080 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_6094 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_6066 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_6100 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
    IMG_6105 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from terryturnwe in 'Orange Clunker Car' - MPC General Lee Build - FINISHED   
    Nice job! I bought two MPC kits myself this summer although I´m not much of a model builder so I probably won´t do this to mine. I got the Revell one as well. I should compare the two to see what version MPC Charger I have.
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    Roth Potter reacted to Spike in Cooter's Tow Truck   
    Awesome. Just amazing what you can do with a paint program. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Cooter's Tow Truck   
    A while ago, Mark B asked me if I'd ever done a front and back view of Cooter's van from 'Uncle Boss'. At the time I hadn't, but now I have .
    There are still very few reference photos available, so I just had to do my best from screengrabs. I've also tweaked the original side view to fix some minor details.

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    Roth Potter reacted to Mark B / Scooter Davenport in The Hazzard Garage (Cooter's Garage)   
    So I'm takin the model to Gatlinburg for the Hazzard Run next week, and Ben Jones writes me to ask if they can put pictures up of it on his Cooter's Place facebook page.  Of course I said yes, and he did a really great write up for it; I'm humbled by it.
    FB post by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in The Hazzard Garage (Cooter's Garage)   
    I think R2 has just been helping Cooter with his latest project .

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in what episode was it?   
    Lizzy, you might be thinking of a line from 'The Great Bank Robbery' (S04E06). Rosco pulls over the Duke Boys and finds the money from the bank robbery in the back of the General. As Rosco tries to arrest them, Bo kicks his gun out of his hand. Waylon's full quote is:
    "Shoot. Y'all should have seen old Bo kick the football for Hazzard High. He was 10 for 12, and no shoes. If he'd have used his right foot, he'd have put Rosco's pistol back in the holster."
    As they drive off, Luke says "Bless your pointed little foot. It wasn't even third and long yardage, you punted us right out of trouble."

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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Trivia Crossword   
    It's over 2 years since Redneck girl 01 put up a crossword in the Hobbies section, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've tried not to duplicate too many answers with the previous crossword - obviously there will be some easy answers, but hopefully there are at least 1 or 2 to get you thinking.
    If I've goofed up any clues or numbers please let me know - it's my first crossword, and it's now after midnight here so I'm not as wide awake as I should be when checking it.
    Grid is below the clues as an attachment. I will post solution in a week or so, or when concensus demands.
    3. Rosco's rank (7).
    5. See 13 down.
    6. Guest county singer Tammy (7).
    8. Widow's ____, Hazzard landmark (4).
    9. Friend of the Dukes who tricked the boys into delivering illegal firearms (5,5).
    12. Surname of Hazzard's post mistress (7).
    15. Actor who played Cletus Hogg (4,5).
    18 & 4 down. Duke's friend who faked his own death (5,5).
    20. Location of County Historical Society Museum and JulieDuke (8,4).
    21. If you missed DoH the first time 'round, catch them here (6).
    22. Boss Hogg tried to foreclose on Uncle Jesse's one of these (8)
    23. See 35 across.
    24 & 34 down. Private detective with his girls from season 2 (5,5).
    26. First name of Sheriff 'Spike' Loomis (6).
    28. Boss hypnotizes Luke to say this to General Lee (7).
    31. Boss Hogg's out of town bar/restaurant and office (3,5,4).
    33. First name of actress who played Hazzard's post mistress (5).
    35 & 23 across. And in that corner, Luke's boxing opponent (7,3).
    36 & 10 down. Part-time registrar and chief teller of the Hazzard Bank (5,6).
    38. Type of flag on the General's roof (11).
    39. Thieves with one arm? (7).
    40 & 27 down. Company that made the Dukes of Hazzard (2nd word is abbreviation) (6,4).
    41. See 29 down.
    42. Hobie Harkins sells this type of cars (4).
    1. Alternate first name used for Mabel Tillingham at the phone company (6).
    2. Lulu Hogg's equality campaign in Share and Share Alike (4).
    4. See 18 across.
    5. Uncle Jesse used to make this - Boss still does (9).
    7. Actor who played Les Sloane in The Runaway and Col. Decker in The A-Team (5,7).
    8. What the Duke boys need to go fishing (6).
    9. See 25 down.
    10. See 36 across.
    11. Surname of country singer Loretta who needed to be found (4).
    13 & 5 across. Actor who played Vance Duke (11,5).
    14. Country singer Johnny told Boss to 'Take This Job And Shove It' (8).
    16. Along with Plymouth Fury, most commonly used make & model of patrol car (5,6).
    17. First name of Cooter's cousin from season 2 (10).
    19. Type of car stolen by Cooter in season 1 (9).
    21. Uncle Jesse is (was) a member of this troublesome group of senior citizens (5,7).
    25 & 9 down. Actor who played Enos Strate (5,7).
    27. See 40 across.
    29 & 41 across. Flash's breed (6,5).
    30. Boss hypnotizes Daisy to believe she is this to Carter Stewart's fortune (7).
    32. First name of actor who played Coy Duke (5).
    34. See 24 across.
    37. The Green Machine in season 5 was this (4).

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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Meadowmufn in Fan of the Month for August 2015   
    Hey, you deserve it. I might not make Hazzard stuff but you have inspired me to make my model railway more detailed.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in You Know You've Been Watching Dukes of Hazzard Too Much When...   
    You know you've been watching Dukes too much when you post the above sentence.
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    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in Rearranging & Cleaning Up The Forums   
    Just an FYI, I'm in the process of moving inactive forums to Hogg's Heavenly Acres, a read-only section where old forums will be preserved, but can't be replied to. If a forum ends up there and there's a thread in it that you think is worthy of reviving, let me know and I'll move it to another appropriate active forum.
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in 2015 NASCAR Race Review and Results   
    Well, today's Hungarian GP sure didn't turn out like that. A win for Ferrari, and Red Bull filling the other two podium places. Mercedes could only manage sixth and eighth in an incident-packed race.
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Meadowmufn in Arrest Meadowmufn again!   
    I don't know a Meadowmufn who is a 'he' to be honest with you indeed. Must be someone from another county, You mean the town of Hazard in Perry County, Kentucky ?
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    Roth Potter reacted to Mark B / Scooter Davenport in Y'all's First Car?   
    I was more in to KR at the time, so I agree!  I thought of it as a little KITT.
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    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in Arrest Meadowmufn again!   
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    Roth Potter reacted to K-Duke15 in Sears/Kmart & Walmart to stop selling anything with the Confederate flag   
    This whole thing just irritates me so much. People can't keep the past in the past. Why are we bringing up something bad that happened long ago and trying to make it something again today? Why don't we just focus of the problems we have now? 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Daisy's Road Runner   
    Just finished my version of Daisy's 1971 Road Runner. Technically her car was originally a 1974 Road Runner, and the later car (as depicted here) was actually a Satellite painted with the '74's Road Runner stripes.
    Like with the General Lee artwork, I've taken a bit of artistic license here. I've added Road Runner decals to the grille, trunk and stripes, and since I haven't found a clear screen grab of the actual wheels, I've fitted it with period Mopar wheels that it could have left the factory with. The white letter Goodyear Polyglas GT tires are also my addition.

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    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in James Best Has Passed Away   
    He and Burt were good friends. I think Burt even attended his acting school. He told Jimmie back in the 70's that in a few years he'd be a household name and he was right.
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    Roth Potter reacted to Lucas_Duke95 in Rosco actually really cares about the Duke Boys.   
    Maybe it's not as evident in the first season, but in Ghost of General Lee and several episodes after that, you can really see a caring side to Rosco that you don't see often...his face when the General is jumping into the pond in Ghost of General Lee (although it wasn't Bo and Luke) but you can really see he actually does like the Duke Boys, he enjoys the chase, he wouldn't actually want to hurt them at all.
    Does anyone like this side to Rosco? I really do. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to Lucas_Duke95 in Enos   
    This Youtube user has only uploaded 2 episodes at the moment, but I think this is the closest we shall get  
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Lucas_Duke95 in Fast n Furious 7 = 9 less 1968-70 Chargers   
    I've seen all the movies since the first and love this franchise, but why destroy the cars? I understand if its for a scene in the movie, but 9 Chargers for a scene? I don't think it was for one.
    There is only one positive about this, which is that they are mostly 70s Chargers instead of 68/69 (my opinion might not be yours). Any destroyed Charger is bad but it could have be worse I guess.
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