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It's over 2 years since Redneck girl 01 put up a crossword in the Hobbies section, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've tried not to duplicate too many answers with the previous crossword - obviously there will be some easy answers, but hopefully there are at least 1 or 2 to get you thinking.

If I've goofed up any clues or numbers please let me know - it's my first crossword, and it's now after midnight here so I'm not as wide awake as I should be when checking it.

Grid is below the clues as an attachment. I will post solution in a week or so, or when concensus demands.



3. Rosco's rank (7).

5. See 13 down.

6. Guest county singer Tammy (7).

8. Widow's ____, Hazzard landmark (4).

9. Friend of the Dukes who tricked the boys into delivering illegal firearms (5,5).

12. Surname of Hazzard's post mistress (7).

15. Actor who played Cletus Hogg (4,5).

18 & 4 down. Duke's friend who faked his own death (5,5).

20. Location of County Historical Society Museum and JulieDuke (8,4).

21. If you missed DoH the first time 'round, catch them here (6).

22. Boss Hogg tried to foreclose on Uncle Jesse's one of these (8)

23. See 35 across.

24 & 34 down. Private detective with his girls from season 2 (5,5).

26. First name of Sheriff 'Spike' Loomis (6).

28. Boss hypnotizes Luke to say this to General Lee (7).

31. Boss Hogg's out of town bar/restaurant and office (3,5,4).

33. First name of actress who played Hazzard's post mistress (5).

35 & 23 across. And in that corner, Luke's boxing opponent (7,3).

36 & 10 down. Part-time registrar and chief teller of the Hazzard Bank (5,6).

38. Type of flag on the General's roof (11).

39. Thieves with one arm? (7).

40 & 27 down. Company that made the Dukes of Hazzard (2nd word is abbreviation) (6,4).

41. See 29 down.

42. Hobie Harkins sells this type of cars (4).


1. Alternate first name used for Mabel Tillingham at the phone company (6).

2. Lulu Hogg's equality campaign in Share and Share Alike (4).

4. See 18 across.

5. Uncle Jesse used to make this - Boss still does (9).

7. Actor who played Les Sloane in The Runaway and Col. Decker in The A-Team (5,7).

8. What the Duke boys need to go fishing (6).

9. See 25 down.

10. See 36 across.

11. Surname of country singer Loretta who needed to be found (4).

13 & 5 across. Actor who played Vance Duke (11,5).

14. Country singer Johnny told Boss to 'Take This Job And Shove It' (8).

16. Along with Plymouth Fury, most commonly used make & model of patrol car (5,6).

17. First name of Cooter's cousin from season 2 (10).

19. Type of car stolen by Cooter in season 1 (9).

21. Uncle Jesse is (was) a member of this troublesome group of senior citizens (5,7).

25 & 9 down. Actor who played Enos Strate (5,7).

27. See 40 across.

29 & 41 across. Flash's breed (6,5).

30. Boss hypnotizes Daisy to believe she is this to Carter Stewart's fortune (7).

32. First name of actor who played Coy Duke (5).

34. See 24 across.

37. The Green Machine in season 5 was this (4).


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It looks like it took a lot of work to make.

The tricky bit comes near the end when you've got loads of Dukes words in, and you need to fill the gaps. In usual crosswords the compilers can choose any words - I was trying to keep to the theme which means there are a couple of clues with slightly tenuous links, and a couple of easy ones too.

I have a little problem though. When I click on "attatched thumbnails" nothing happens. I'm not real good with computers. Am I doing something wrong?

It pops up ok on my computer when I click the thumbnail - have you tried right-clicking the thumbnail and choosing "Open Link in New Window/Tab"? - I've tried this successfully in Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox (3.6.7) - maybe other people could let me know if they are having problems, I will have to find another way to post it.

Anyway, glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback - I have another ready to go if this one proves popular.

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It was finished, so it may as well be here:).



1. Last name of doctor before Doc. Appleby (9).

4. Guest actor best known as Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy films (5,4).

8. Boss Hogg's relationship to Hughie (5).

10. Uncle Jesse drives one of these (6,5).

11 & 14 across. One of Boss's properties that's been a casino amongst other things (6,6).

12. When it's not on the road, the General is doing this through the air (6).

14. See 11 across.

15. See 3 down.

16. Mill ____ ____ - one of the addresses given for the Dukes' farm (4,4).

18. Hazzard business also run by post mistress Miz Tisdale (3,7).

21. Colour of Daisy's 26 down (6).

23. Stuntman uncle of Gary and father of Craig R. (4,6).

25. See 19 down.

28. Boss Hogg had to stay at the Dukes' farm when he was this for the Persecution (7).

29. Country singer who appeared in 'Good Neighbors, Duke' (4,5).

32. The Duke boys are always violating this by leaving Hazzard (6).

33. Hazzard's general store (11).

35. Sign outside the door of The Boars Nest - knowing Boss it's watered down and warm (4,4).

37. HazzardNet's 'Supreme Superior Commander' (10).

38. Last name of Sheriff played twice by Dick Sargent (4).

39. First name of Hazzard's (crazy) mechanic (6).

40. One of filming locations in Georgia used in early episodes (7).

41. A woman and her twin cause the Dukes this in season 6 (7).


2. Short name for a police officer (3).

3 & 15 across. Episode from season 4 (8,4)

4. HazzardNet game started by RogerDuke - Duke or ____ (4).

5. Soft, grassy edge of the road (5).

6. See 16 down.

7. If Boss tried his schemes anywhere else they would cause one of these (7).

9 & 35 down. Stand-in sheriff played by Clifton James (6,5).

11. Last name of Sheriff 'Spike' (6).

12. 'Opening Night at The Boars Nest' was this episode (5).

13. Last name of guest actor Robert (one of my favourite cameos - see post elsewhere) (4).

16 & 6 down. Popular make and model of patrol car (8,4).

17. Type of Cadillac owned by Boss Hogg (2,5).

19 & 25 across. NASCAR driver who came to Hazzard (twice) (4,10).

20. First name of Lucifer's driver (3).

22. This crock got passed around in an episode of season 3 (10).

24. Stand-in Sheriff played by James Hampton (6,4).

26. 1974 Plymouth driven by Daisy before the Jeep (4,6).

27. Dukes of Hazzard creator (2,7).

30. First name of missing country singer whose last name is Lynn (7).

31. Last name of actress Elinor who was in 'The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style' (7).

34. Bo loses this in 'My Son, Bo Hogg' (6).

35. See 9 down.

36. Another name for the farming locations or way of life seen on Dukes of Hazzard (5).


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This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on the HazzardNet.

I'm embarressed to ask though but I have no computer skills except e-mail and the HazzardNet so I'm not sure what to do. I really didn't understand all that stuff about links and Firefox.

Am I supposed to print it out to play? If so, that'll be a problem because my printer hasn't worked for a couple years. Then again I've never had a need for it.

Sorry for being so computer illiterate.

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Am I supposed to print it out to play?

That's probably the easiest way - you could just scroll up and down while filling out the grid in your trusty (paper) notebook - the grid you need is 25 squares wide x 19 squares high. It would be great to make it interactive, but I don't think likely/possible in a forum (unless the moderators know differently).

Should I publish the answers in this thread, or a separate thread so you don't see them accidentally? How soon do you want answers?

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Well I'll probably spend a little more time with it tomorrow but I'm not staying on any longer tonight.

I see the crosswords have over 70 views so folks are checking it out. I'm surprised nobody besides me has responded. You deserve a lot of credit for this great project. Thanks again for doing it.

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Thanks for your continued support Roger. I have contacted MaryAnne about posting the crosswords in an easy-to-print format (not that that's going to help you:(), and plans are under way - watch this space.

What do you think I should do about solutions?. Should I post a solution grid here or in it's own thread, or should people post their solutions within this thread?.

I don't want to spoil your week, but there's another crossword ready to post, and a 4th that's about 98% done. I'll probably leave posting until at least the weekend to give people a chance to do the first 2. They have been very enjoyable to put together scouring HazzardNet, Wikipedia, IMDB etc. to find possible words to include, then watching though episodes to double check them.

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I said it once and I'll say it again.

This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on the HazzardNet.

Since I can't print them out, I just answered them in my head without using the crossword chart. I didn't do so good with the non-Dukes stuff but only missed two of the Dukes questions.

I don't have any advice for posting answers. If it were me, I would NOT put them on a different thread but I don't think it really matters.

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I didn't do so good with the non-Dukes stuff but only missed two of the Dukes questions.

They're all supposed to be Dukes questions, but I know what you mean;). Did you do both or just the first?. #4 is now done, but I'm stuggling a bit with #5 - I usually find if I sleep on it, it gets easier in the morning.

To Roger and anyone else playing - if you're stuck, let me know - I'm not putting the solutions up yet, but I'm quite happy giving extra clues to help you finish.

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We've passed 150 views, so I thought it was about time the third crossword went up.




2 & 18 across. Actor who played Sheriff Little (3,5,6).

4. One of my favourite guest actors who played Digger in 'Bye, Bye, Boss' (7,6).

10. Landing strip used to pick up the crooks in 'Officer Daisy Duke' (7,8).

13 & 25 across. Ex-NASCAR driver who signs up Daisy in 'Birds Gotta Fly' (5,8).

15. Here's a tough one - last name of John who played Bo Duke (9).

16. See 12 down.

18. See 2 across.

19. Vehicle cleaning facility in Hazzard, or where Rosco's car usually ended up (7).

20. Bo's the pretty one, so you would never call him this (4).

21. Service Miz Tisdale works for (6).

23. Unconscious state Luke is in after the accident in 'Brotherly Love' (4).

24. Jesse's relationship to Bo, Luke and Daisy (5).

25. See 13 across.

27. The Duke ____ - where they live (4).

29. No matter how much he eats, Boss is always this (6).

31. Bo and Luke help out Miz Tisdale by driving this vehicle (4).

33 & 34 down. Daredevil stunt show from season 3 (8,2,7).

35. County patrolled by Sheriff 'Spike' Loomis (8).

37. Amount Rosco actually inherited in season 4's two-parter (3,7).

38. Boss campaigned for this in 'People's Choice' (2-8).

40. Rosco is her 'daddy' (5).

41. Alien that came to Hazzard in the title of an episode from season 7 (7,7).


1. Cooter's profession (8).

3. County where the boys are arrested in 'Cool Hands, Luke & Bo' (5).

5. Rosco's Wild West relative (5,1,8).

6. Last name of Texas ranger Jude (5).

7. It might not deliver 'high octane', but it delivers regular gasoline (4).

8. Makers of Lulu's dream car in 'Repo Men' (5,5).

9. The Dukes usually donated prize/reward money to this (9).

10. Competition involving re-building carburetors, driving and swim-suits (4,3-8).

11. Day when the women of Hazzard swap jobs with the men (5,4).

12 & 16 across. Make and model of the World's most famous car (5,7).

14. Boss Hogg's black suit wearing twin brother (7,7).

17. Boss's gasoline company (you'll find the name on 7 down) (7).

22. 'The Deputy' of HazzardNet (8).

26. Gy Waldron was this to the Dukes of Hazzard (7).

27. Last name of guest actor Jonathan who also played Cdr. Riker in Star Trek TNG (6).

28. Rosco enters himself in this competition in season 5 - '______ of the Year' (6).

30. Daisy's CB handle (2,4).

32. Jason Steele built one of these of General Lee to frame the Duke boys (7).

34. See 33 across.

36. Sign of the zodiac for the birthdays of 15 across and Byron Cherry (5).

39. Daisy has to go here to renew her drivers license in 10 down (1,1,1).

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I finally got it printed out!

Well, I didn't but my wife did. Our printer takes forever. I think it was made before WWII.

I was able to do the other ones just by scrolling up and down and remembering things but this one is a little tougher so I had to get it printed out. I have a lot to do this weekend so I won't be able to get to it until Sunday evening. I'm so busy this time of the year and there's only so much time in the day. Thanks again for doing it. In the meantime, I'm going to post a trivia question.

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I concur with Roger, these crosswords are great!

We've added them to the site under our Fun Stuff section. Directly accessed the crossowords can be found here:


They're in PDF format, so provided you have Adobe Reader you can download and print these out.

Thanks Hoss for puttin' these together! 8-)

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What a blast!!

I still don't have two.....

29 across and 27 down. (Update, I got 29 across right after I posted this....thank goodness for the edit button...I was missing the obvious....Boss sure is)

The only reason I remembered 4 across because he was in a movie I really liked. Other than that I never would have gotten it.

Thanks Hoss. You're awesome!

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Well done Roger, I have to admit that 29 across was a bit tenuous. I originally had another word there, but discounted it for a reason I forget. 27 down would have caused me to head for Google - I've learned a lot a trivia trying to find those final few words to complete these crosswords.

Big thanks to MaryAnne for posting the PDF versions. They're set to US Letter sized paper, but print fine if you're on European A4.

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