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  1. Sad
    Roth Potter reacted to Meadowmufn in RIP Burt Reynolds   
    Burt Reynolds passed away today. He and Jimmie were close. I still remember at Jimmie's 75th birthday, he was surprised by a video birthday message from Burt (and Paul Newman too). It was so thoughtful and great. He'll be missed.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in End Credits Scene   
    I don't know why I bother double checking Hoss's responses because he's never wrong and this was no exception. Seeing that circular chase was always bittersweet. It meant that I had just seen another great episode and that was sweet. But I hated seeing the credits because it meant I had to wait another week to see the Dukes again. I lived for Friday night back then. We sure hope to hear more from you RustyNail.
  3. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in End Credits Scene   
    It's from the scene immediately after the opening credits in 'Money to Burn' in season 1, although they only go around the tree once in the episode.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Ray Kohn's Dukes Show   
    August 25 Is getting close so I'm getting pumped up. It will be really cool to see Sonny just 3 days before his birthday. Before I got older and Uncle Jesse became my favorite character Enos was. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Calling ALL Cooters and Duke cousins!   
    I'm no mechanic, and always turn to Google to find out if a problem is easy enough to fix myself, or if I need to visit my equivalent of Cooter!

    I found a thread with a similar-sounding problem here. The fuel pressure regulator is mentioned as a possibility.
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Bo Duke Says " Lock Me Up!"   
    They're just makin' their way the only way they know how, unfortunately that's just a little bit more than the law will allow.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Valencia Oaks Movie Ranch   
    Now that's what I call an informative post. Thanks for sharing it Roth. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to CornDog in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    Actually, the car is not orange but is red oxide primer. This is Rich Sephton (left) and AJ Thrasher (right) and they are in the process of building the Wheelstander General Lee, which was planned to be used in the very last episode of the Dukes. The producers did not like the fact that you could see a supercharged 440 behind the driver, so they canned the whole idea of using the car and it was never on the Dukes. Rich Sephton purchased the car from WB shortly after the Dukes were finished. Then goes the story of Rich losing the car in a nasty divorce, got it back, lost it again, and so on. AJ Thrasher went on to build roll cages and special effects parts for the 2005 Dukes movie and is now semi-retired.
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    Roth Potter reacted to dukefan1 in Georgia filming locations   
    Took the family to georgia to see the filming locations and it was the 2nd time I've been there. I noticed on the courthouse sidewalk they had pavers that said in the heat of the night, footloose, and vampire diaries but wasn't one for the dukes of hazzard. Just disappoints me that they dont recognize how special and popular the show was
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Greetings from Malaysia   
    I just love that the Dukes of Hazzard is global. It reminds me of the Dukes cartoon series where they traveled the world. Welcome to the HazzardNet.
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    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Baby Waylon   
    A co-worker of my wife's had a baby boy a few days ago. They didn't do the test to see if it was going to be a boy or girl. They had an agreement that the father would name a boy and she would name it if it was a girl. It was a boy. He is a Waylon fan and loves the name so there is now a new Waylon in this 'ol world. I talked to the father a couple weeks ago (before Waylon was born) and told him I was hoping for a Waylon. Stuff like this makes this 'ol Duke fan smile!
  12. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to Wakko in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    Wow, what a hard hit.  The car held up better than I'd expect, really.   Those tiny numbers on the General's door make me scrunch my nose a bit. 
  13. Thanks
    Roth Potter reacted to Wakko in New here, but not to the community   
    It'd be hard to place a favorite character, as each one has their own attributes.  As a dad, I always want to be as steadfast and honorable as Jesse, and as a law-man, as honest and forgiving as Enos.  As a man thrust kicking and screaming into middle age, as fun and carefree as Bo, but as loyal and responsible as Luke.  Rosco, despite his flaws, had diehard loyalty to his little fat buddy, and doesn't everyone want to be as crazy as Cooter and desired as Daisy?  As far as Boss, I like to focus on Sorrell himself, as an incredibly intelligent and educated man, and a fantastic actor. 
    I'm partial to the Georgia episodes and Lees, but don't really have a favorite episode.  I'd have to watch them all again to reassess.  I have all the seasons, of course, but don't have much time these days with 12 hour shifts and a little man in the other room.    I went to Dukesfest '05 and met most of the stars, except Jimmy Best, unfortunately.  I have photos and autographs, including Jimmy's.  Never met Coy or Vance.  Like many of you, I've been watching the Dukes since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper, and I told my mom when I was 7 that I wanted a Charger.  Finally got it at 30 or so. 
    I used to drive a '67 Deville convertible, white of course, tag BAWS HOG.  I have a '78 Fury but it's now in pretty sad shape, and my once gorgeous '69 RT clone has seen better days.  All my old pics are on Photobucket, and I don't have time to go through them right now.  Just got the small fry down to sleep and have chores to do before the sandman comes and kicks me in the face. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to HossC in Videos with Peggy Rea   
    I happened upon the video below yesterday while looking for something completely unrelated to Dukes. It's an episode of the Sally Field series 'Gidget' from 1966.

    As I was watching, a familiar face appeared. Peggy's only in it for about 20 seconds (4:22-4:42), and she's rather rudely credited simply as "Fat Lady".

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    Roth Potter reacted to Wakko in 1:18 Scale General Lee   
    What's funny (to me) is that casual observers of a General sometimes comment that the General isn't correct because it has the flags in the back or the "wrong" pushbar.  The wide bar and lack of crossed flags out back are what most people think are correct, when of course, both are.  I'm a narrow fan, myself.
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    From naturesjoyny.com

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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    Now I know the forum better i found out about the views, And i can't thank you guys enough for looking through it. Even if you do not comment.
    Yeah, and he didn't speak loud enough either.

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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    Original from imagecollect.com

    Original from imagecollect.com

  21. Haha
    Roth Potter reacted to RogerDuke in Bo Duke Is Indeed Going To Jail!   
    All he needs to do is steal some more slot machines and stick them in the local businesses. Then he can get out of this mess and save the orphanage at the same time. It worked back in '79 and it can work again. 
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    Roth Potter reacted to Wakko in XP29H9C273905 - 69 Body on a 08 Frame - General Lee Converstion   
    Was this ever finished?
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    Roth Potter reacted to Wakko in Jaak's (Jason's) 1968 Dodge Charger GENERAL LEE Project   
    Any updates on this old thread?
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    Roth Potter got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in My Dukes of Hazzard Memorabilia Collection   
    I've heard about the jump track before, but the Slam Shifters Raceway is new to me.
    The puzzle is very interesting as the puzzle is a behind the scenes photo of the jump where the General is about to hit the last car of the pile!
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    Roth Potter reacted to yizuman in Howdy Folks   
    Howdy everyone. We're new here. Wife and I are watching Dukes on Amazon. We're currently on Season 5.

    Great that there's a great looking forum here and will be exploring a lot.

    We're both deaf (thanks to captions) and we've been fans of the show ever since the show premiered.

    Sad about James Best's passing not too long ago.

    We've never met any of the casts, but my wife's best friend from GA has met John Schneider.

    Chat ya'll laters.

    Yiz (& Liz, the wife)

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