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Videos with Peggy Rea


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I found this from a 1953 'I Love Lucy'. The full episode (Lucy is Matchmaker) is available in 3 parts, but Peggy is only in part 1. She appeared in 4 episodes of season 2, this being the last. According to IMDb 'I Love Lucy' was her first tv/film role.

I Love Lucy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqyww9f0Ewk

Peggy Rea on IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0713762/

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Today (1/19/13) marks the 60th anniversary of Peggy Rea's first TV appearance. She played the part of a nurse in an episode of 'I Love Lucy' called 'Lucy Goes to the Hospital'; as mentioned above, it was the first of four appearances in the second season of the show. The YouTube link in my previous post no longer works, but those of you in the US can watch the whole of this episode on Hulu. If that link gives you any problems, try these for TV.com or Yahoo. I'd like to thank MeadowMufn for testing those links as I was unable to do so.

Here's how Peggy looked back in 1953 - she's the dark-haired nurse behind Desi. Although you may not instantly recognize her from the picture, if you watch the episode, you're sure to recognize her voice (MeadowMufn and I did anyway).


Peggy's second appearance was three episodes later in 'The Club Election'. She played one of the members of the women's club, and had a couple of lines.


You'd be forgiven for thinking that the next screengrab was from the same episode as the one above. Peggy seems to be wearing the same outfit, albeit with a different hat and earrings. It's actually from 'No Children Allowed', another three episodes later. The lady on the left is Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance), Lucy's friend and neighbor.


For her last appearance, Peggy once again played a member of the women's club who come to Lucy's for a game of bridge. She's only in the opening scene, and the picture below is the only time she's seen head-on. The YouTube link above may be dead, but this episode is also available on Hulu (if you live in the US!).


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To dovetail with my last post I thought I'd include a link to Peggy Rea's first appearance in the last show she was in. The series was 'Grace Under Fire' (1993), and Peggy played Grace's interfering mother-in-law, Jean Kelly. Throughout the five seasons Peggy appeared in 51 episodes (nearly half). It looks like this was the first series created by Chuck Lorre, who went on to create 'Cybill', 'Dharma & Greg', 'Two and a Half Men', and 'The Big Bang Theory'.

The link below is for YouTube, so hopefully everyone can see this one. Of course, it may get taken down. The video quality isn't the best, even at 480p, but it's quite watchable. Hopefully one of my local TV stations will show this again one day, or it'll get a full DVD release.

Grace Under Fire Undergraduate Part One

Here's a screengrab of Peggy with her on-screen daughter-in-law, Grace (Brett Butler):


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I happened upon the video below yesterday while looking for something completely unrelated to Dukes. It's an episode of the Sally Field series 'Gidget' from 1966.

As I was watching, a familiar face appeared. Peggy's only in it for about 20 seconds (4:22-4:42), and she's rather rudely credited simply as "Fat Lady".



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