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  1. Looks like the "meet in the middle" idea worked out ok - today we had blue skies and temperatures nearly 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, although still only in the 60s :).

    Sure did.....It looked pretty stormy here earlier but its brighter now but still cloudy. We didn't get a winter either so I still wanting my winter.....its only going to get worse from here......dumb Florida....fer our summers 90s is normal :(

  2. Yup had one today......had ta sit outside under the hot Florida sun fer well over and hour. After the school was thoroughly checked we got to go back inside.....we only had bout 20 minutes left of the day by the time we got back in. It was just a prank. Gettin outta work was good but I hate the heat!

    To bad Bo n Luke can't get ahold of the dummy/dummies who did it and show 'em some Hazzard justice!

  3. Here's three pictures of Robin Mattson. I posted the first one in 'The Official Dukes of Hazzard Trivia Thread' last year for people to guess who it was. It's from her first movie, 'Namu, the Killer Whale' in 1966. The middle picture is from 'Carnival of Thrills'. I'm not sure exactly when the last one is from, but it's much more recent.


    Cool thanks Hoss!

  4. I'm having a problem with disc 2 of season one....the problem is with The Big Heist and Limo One is Missing :(. It freezes multiple times during T.B.H and won't even play Limo 1. :mad: I've watched this DVD before with no problems but now....:evil:. I've cleaned it with soap and water twice and even had my dad clean it....There doesn't seem to be any scratches but there are teany tiny specs/spots that don't wash off...on both sides....but only a problem with one side...:evil:...uggg....so annoying! Oh more annoyingness...this DVD plays fine in the livingroom but not in my room or on my moms computer...does that make any sense!?!

    Ok I'm done ranting and raving now (maybe). Anyway does anyone know if/where I can buy a replacement DVD?


  5. There is a thoroughbred racehorse just starting his career named General Lee! He was born in Maryland. If anyone is interested I can keep ya updated on him. And if I wasn't posting this from my phone I would post a picture of him......I'll git one up most likely tomorrow.

  6. Sissy it wasn't always that way! I found a 69 charger and well made it happen one step at a time. I'm still doing things to improve it. I still want to get a toolbar installed etc...

    In short though it was one of the best decisions I have made with a car! I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS MUCH FUN WITH A CAR!

    Hopefully it will happened fer me one day. If it does it will be more like a half a step at a time cuz I don't know diddly bout fixin up a car. :cornfused:

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