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  1. Great to see u r still ppstin Brian! I will always come back (if 4 some reason I don't post 4 a while) this site is fun, informative and I like the people on it!
    :D And it's people like you that have kept us around for 13 years and countin'!

    Agreed! Here's to another 13+ years! Long live Hazzardnet!

  2. I found a poem on dukesofhazzardfanfic.com and thought it was really cool.

    Here it is: One-lane dirt roads Mountains and ponds A small town in Georgia Surrounded by farms Green fields, blue skies Chores in the dawn A well-known tavern Full of laughter and song Neighbors and kinfolk Friends near and far Legends of moonshine And a powerful car Escapes and chases, The law, hot pursuit Adventures forever Moments of truth Enter and welcome, I heard you say Be with us and smile Join us and stay The home that I found Is Hazzard, forever Among my dear cousins Loved, cherished friends.

    -Written by an anonymous "cousin"

    Anyway it got me ta thinkin....anyone else have any Dukes relate poems and such they would like ta share. I'd like ta read 'em.

    P.S. great job to the cousin who wrote the one above!

  3. Ben is right near the beginning (just over four minutes in). When Big and Little Enos arrive at the Truck Roadeo they ask him where they can find Bandit (Little Enos even calls him Hoss :)). He wasn't credited in the movie, and IMDb just calls him 'Trucker with the redhead'.


    Sonny's performance is also uncredited. IMDb refer to him simply as 'Motorcycle Cop'. As Snowman would say, "That's Mr. Evel Knievel. He snuck in my back door when I wasn't lookin'."


    Thanks Hoss! :D I can't believe I never noticed that was Ben. It's been along time since I've seen SATB, now I'm dying to watch it again!

  4. Couldn't wait - it's been bugging me that I couldn't find John ever since I found out he was in SATB (Ben and Sonny are a lot easier to spot). Got home, found DVD, then searched this forum and found MaryAnne had posted some screenshots from SATB a few years ago, but sadly they're not there anymore. So I had to resort to Google which took me to CGLFC's website for the answer. These are grabs off my DVD which is from the region 2 Pursuit Pack. Despite the guy in the white shirt looking like Bo, John is apparently the guy in the dark shirt with the black cowboy hat on (thanks for the pointers dukefan1, I'm sure you knew that already).

    That's another of life's great mysteries solved - I think I need a lie down now:).

    I read about Sonny, but where was Ben?

  5. do you guys know that john had a very small part in smokey and the bandit at the very end when the sherriff drives away and his tire falls off the tire almost hits john and you can really tell its him by the way he moves

    I have never been able to spot him but have heard that he was in SATB, I remember him saying it was him and a friend of his.


    Can't wait to try to spot him in the movie next time its on! It is the first one right?

  6. Hey Im back been a while again since I have posted but my newest baby was/is a girl, Amelia. She is now 15 months old and well a terror! lol gets into everything! so adorable though and I hope ready for a roadtrip in 3 months to Tenn and Cooters.

    As always with me pix to follow!

    for now take care all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun in Tenn! It's my fav place in the world besides Hazzard County!

  7. Cooters is a great place for any Dukes fan to go. I've been to the original and the new location in Gatlinburg and I have pictures, I will post them later.

    I go to Sevier County Tennessee every December :D and even if I dont get to go to Cooters I at least get to pass by once if not more. I didn't get to stop by there in 2011 but I hope to get to this year. :)

  8. It was. :D I don't think we spared any car in Hazzard from pranks. Even Hughie's VW Bug got the General Lee paint job. Khee!

    Alright this is too funny, whats the name of the story?

    And once again Hoss great work, thank you!

  9. I'm startin this thread for sightings of different stuff with a General Lee paint job.

    I'm traveling through Georgia on my way to Tennessee and I just seen a boat with a General Lee paint job! It looked really good, I wish I coulda got a pic.

    In years past where I'm going in Tennessee I've seen a truck with the same......hope I will see it again.....pix if possible!

  10. These are all amazing Hoss. Nice job. I'm surprised they never wrote an episode where Rosco and Boss swindled the Dukes out of the General Lee and transformed it into a Hazzard County patrol car. How much trouble would it be for you to make a vehicle like that?

    It would have been sad fer that ta happen but interesting idea.

  11. There's a range of values because I used fountain (graduated) fills. The middle of the door is around #F2428C.

    Thanks. To me that is like the perfect pink and I'm always looking for the perfect pink but I can never get it just right. Thanks again

  12. The 1970 Dodge Charger was actually available in the factory High Impact Paint (HIP) color 'Panther Pink'. I have a 1:18 model of a Plymouth Cuda in the same color (Plymouth called it 'Moulin Rouge'), and I have to say that I quite like it. Whether I'd buy a car in that color is another matter though :). The 1970 Charger would have looked something like this:


    To be totally honest that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I love that pink.....whats the hex value?

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