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  1. [ATTACH]415[/ATTACH][ATTACH]416[/ATTACH]I got some of my own pix now. Here are some for anyone else who wants to see them.

    ok then guess I didn't post them right but you can click on them to enlarge. if you want more i added an album.

  2. Welcome to HNet Sissy. I only have one picture of the jacked up General without digging out my DVDs. I can add more later if no one else does.

    When the General got jacked up and had big wheels fitted, it was still only 2-wheel drive.


    Thanks so much. I know it wasn't really 4x4.....don't know what I was thinking saying it was.

    You don't have to go through any trouble to get more pix unless u just want to.....how do u get pix from dvds?.....Just pause and then take the pic?

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