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  1. A call answered -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bo tried to listen to the teacher, honest he did. He just couldn't get that nightmare out of his mind. Kira was hurt. Hurt on purpose too. When he woke up, Luke had been there all worried. He couldn't tell him about the nightmare though. Luke always got upset when he talked about Kira. Luke insisted that she wasn't real. Just an imaginary friend. But why would I make up someone like her? It just wasn't fair! Here Bo had Uncle Jesse, Aunt Lavinia, Luke, even Daisy. Kira was alone. She said that she gets moved around a lot now. Her mama went away. Not sure where. The place she stays at now is scary with scary mean people. Bo was just glad he only had to see them in the nightmares. Kira saw them all the time. How come grown-ups don't listen? He tried telling his aunt. She cried for Kira, she did. But she didn't do anything to help her. Bo finally learned not to tell anyone about his conversations with Kira. It only made Aunt Lavinia sad, Luke mad, and Uncle Jesse seemed to be both at the same time. So here he was in his kindergarten class, trying to learn his abc's. He wondered how long it will take to learn to read like Luke. That way he could read to Kira. She'd like that. / And he did too. Bo remembers struggling through The Cat and the Hat for the first time so proud of himself. How can memories so clear be of nothing but an imaginary friend. No, not imaginary. Kira was real. Here was proof. He had a sister. But how...? Well maybe that was a question that he should have asked long ago. But he never seemed to need to. In his darkest, saddest moments, Kira had listened. Just as he did when she had cried. Knew when she had ran away from home and wished that he was old enough to help her. And when Luke went off and joined the Marines, well, she was there too. Luke. The reason he had started to ignore it when he felt Kira tug at him. He stopped calling out to her, too, for their usual conversations right about the time Luke came back from the Marines. After all, at seventeen, it was time to put all things imaginary aside and grow up. Bo stared out at the darkness around him. He couldn't go home yet. Wasn't ready to listen to reason and to understand the thoughts behind keeping the knowledge of his sister's kidnapping from him. Oh, he knew Jesse did what he felt was best. He just didn't want to hear it just now. Bo slid out of The General and walked to stretch out the tension that had built-up into his muscles. Glancing around, Bo figured that the swamp was just as good of place to rest a while until he was ready to go home. Looking up at the moon, Bo let his mind wander just enough. And just as he had done all those years ago, he let out a call that was spoken only by the heart. Bo, however, was more than just a little surprised when his call was answered. / "Now Luke, Ya done looked for hours. It's well past dark. Ya won't be able to see a thing if'n you go back out again. Just sit down while I warm your supper. It won't do Bo no good if you go out half starved and get hurt cause ya' can't see where ya steppin. Now sit." Jesse turned back to the stove knowing that he would be obeyed. He knew Luke was worried about Bo. Daisy was too. He practically had to order her to go on to work and to leave the searching for Bo to he and Luke. Of course Cooter had been enlisted to help too. Still, no one had spotted even one blond hair of his errant nephew. "Uncle Jesse, I don't care how upset Bo is! He should've been back hours ago. I can't just sit here." "No you ain't just gonna sit there. You're gonna eat this here chicken stew, calm down and listen. Right now, I hate to say it but you're probably not someone he wants to see." Jesse saw the protest and hurt look in Luke's eyes as he added, "Cause unlike him, your story so to speak, had a happy ending. As an adult, you've gotten a chance to get to know Judd. That's something he can't do. You have to sit back and let him grieve in his own way." Luke hated it when his uncle made since. He really did. Especially when it got in the way of his reaching out to where ever Bo was and hauling him home whether he wanted to come or not. So instead of going out again looking for a tall blond needle in the haystack of Hazzard, here he sat. Eating his stew without even tasting it. Eating it because he was told to. As he ate, he thought back to bits of his childhood that, only now, gave him chills. Kira was real. Uncle Jesse explained the first time Aunt Lavinia found Bo talking to Kira. Of course Luke knew about her but the name had meant nothing to him. She was convinced that Bo was talking to the ghost of his missing sister. Especially after the nurse was finally caught when Bo was four. Kira wasn't with her anymore. When asked about her, the woman merely said she got rid of her. Said she always was off talkin' to thin air. Claimed that it was just her luck to pick a kid that was totally nuts. It was that lady that was nuts. The jury thought so too. Sent her to a hospital for treatment instead of prison. Luke saw the anger in his uncle's eyes when he had gotten to that part of the story when he'd told him and Daisy. Hearing it come from his uncle, he was half ready to go find that nurse himself. Not sure what he'd do if he found her though. Luke had just finished his stew when there was a knock at the door. Jesse opened the door to find Rosco standing there with his hat in his hand. "Bo! Somethin's happened hadn't it. Rosco? Where's my boy?" Luke came in after hearing Jesse's words. "No. Jesse. He ain't hurt. Not physically anyway. I just saw him a while back up at Junction Road. I pulled up and found him sittin' on the side of the road. He's taken it pretty hard. I kinda wish he didn't have to know." "Junction Road, Uncle Jesse I..." Luke had already started to grab his coat ready to go fetch his cousin. "Now Luke, Bo ain't there no more. When I suggested for him to come home, he took off like a windmill in a tornado. No tellin' where he is. But at least you know he's alright. I almost used the CB but figured it best not to let the whole county know what's goin' on. I'll go out and help look for him in the mornin'. Enos too. We'll make sure Bo gets home don't you worry none." "Thank ya Rosco. For lettin' me know you saw 'em and for the offer to help find 'em. I'd be lyin' if'n I said I wasn't a mite worried right now." "Well, I guess I'd better get goin'. I just wish it could've had a different kind of endin'. Bo's a good kid with a good heart. I kinda hate to see it broken like I did today." Rosco left, head held low. He felt the same way as he did when he deliver the news to Jesse and Lavinia that the woman claimed she had gotten rid of the child that been stolen from her family. Luke stared after Rosco for a moment before closing the door behind him. Looks like all this is bringing up awful memories for the sheriff just like it was the family. Well, if his uncle won't let him go back out tonight, he'd best go on and get some sleep so he could get an early start on mornin' chores. Least wise so he get out and find Bo at first light. / Bo stopped in his tracks. It had been years but not so long that he couldn't remember the tug his heart felt when he and Kira had talked. Had he really been talking to a ghost? It hadn't felt like it. But if she wasn't imaginary, didn't that mean she had to be a ghost? 'Bo? What's wrong?' 'You really there Kira?' Bo could feel a smile coming from his sister. His sister. Ghost or not this is his sister. Funny how that isn't freaking him out just thinking about it. 'Of course I am. Have I ever NOT been here when you called? What's wrong?' Kira paused for a second while Bo tried to figure out where to start. How do you tell your sister that she's a ghost? 'On second thought, where are you?' Bo looked around at the swamp. Shouldn't she know where I am? 'I'm at the swamp. Off Crowler's turn off. Why?' 'I coming there. I'm only twenty minutes away.' Bo knew he didn't hear that right. As little sense as it made, Bo knew he'd stay and see just what would come his way. He went back to The General for his old coat he kept in the trunk. It was just the cool night air that had set a chill to his bones. That's all. Really.
  2. Bo drove as fast as The General would go. Where he was going didn't matter. He always drove when he was upset. Bo glanced over in the seat next to him at the brown envelope. Not sure what to make of it. He was in such an all fire hurry to open the dang thing, now he looks at it like it's a snake that just lunged at him. As Bo looks around at the road, he realizes he's nearing the county line. He pulls to a stop onto the side of the road and just stares off into the forbidden county. Reaching over to the envelope, Bo braces himself as he pulls out the articles that it contained. "Abduction at Tri-County Hospital" He just stared at that headline. Abduction. Kidnapping? Bo pulled out the lone picture that had been placed in with the articles. In that picture he saw his parents. His dad, and yes Jesse was right he did look just like his dad, holding a small infant wrapped in a blue blanket that clearly had his name stitched into it big as can be. A fleeting thought crossed his mind that that blanket was probably still in the attic with all his other baby things. Beside him, sat his mom in her hospital bed. Long, shining hair that rivaled the flames of any camp fire. In her arms, she too held a small bundled that obviously was an infant. An infant wrapped in a pink blanket. Pink, a girl. Mom's holding a girl. My sister. Bo looks at the picture and allows the tears to fall for, not just the two people he never got a chance to know, but the third he never even knew ABOUT! Bo didn't know just how long he sat there. Time didn't seem to mean anything to him right now. He read and re-read the articles. Most of them anyway. All of them seemed to say the same thing. Baby Kira Duke was taken by a nurse who had worked in the maternity ward. Apparently, she had recently miscarried a child of her own. To a woman on the edge, it just didn't seem fair that she had lost her child while another had two. It had just been an ordinary day when the nurse had taken two day old Kira Duke from her mother under the pretense of the doctor needing to check out the small infant before she could be released. It was hours later before the alarm went up, but of course by then, no sign of the nurse or infant could be found. The papers spoke of Sheriff Coltrane's investigation, of how the case would remain open. Another reported his parents' death, that too, spoke of the still missing six month old. Bo looked over the pieces of newspaper and began to think back on something, or someone, he'd not thought about in years. / Lavinia was climbing up the stairs on her way to put the boys' laundry away when she heard little three year old Bo chattering away in his room. Smiling to herself, that boy can't stop talking even when there wasn't anyone to listen. Lavinia cocked her head to see if she could figure out what Bo was talking to himself about. "You should've seen Luke! He was so mad!" A slight giggle escapes his mouth thinking back on the scene he'd just described. He couldn't help it if Luke put the one car he had wanted to play with up on top of the dresser. Nor was it his fault that everything that had been on the dresser had come crashing down when he moved his toy box over so he could stand on it to reach the car and it knocked over the various other toys and what-nots that had been placed on it. "Luke don't stay mad long though. He still read to me last night out of a book about Peter Pan. Do you like that one too, Kira?" Kira? Lavinia paused at the door and dropped the clothes on the floor. No, she couldn't have heard that right. "What do you mean you ain't never heard of it? Don't your momma read it to you?" Bo pauses, cocks his head,"Oh, well maybe Luke'll read to you like he does for me. He's in school right now. He says that it's mostly boring there. You have to sit still a lot." Bo turns and sees his Aunt and runs to her with the energy reserved for three year olds. "Aunt Lavinia! Do you think Luke'll read to Kira? Nobody reads to her. She's awful lonesome most times. You 'kay?" Bo looks at his aunt thinking she looks scared. Something must be wrong. "I'm okay baby. You'd have to ask Luke about the reading though. I can't answer for him. Tell you what, after chores you and I will go out shopping for the day. You've been growing like a weed." "Okay. Can Kira come too?" "Let's just the two of us go okay?" Bo looks off to the right at nothing particular for a few seconds before turning back to his aunt. "Alright." He gives a slight pout but for once, his protest ends there. Lavinia turns out the door with the forgotten laundry and returns to the living room to sit down. Kira, no she heard him right. But he couldn't know about her. Maybe it was just a coincidence. And just maybe, if she kept telling herself that, it'd make it true. Later that night, Bo was just climbing into bed as Luke was finding his bookmark in the book he'd been reading to Bo. Bo was just about settled when he remember the question he'd asked Lavinia. "Luke? Can I ask ya' some em'?" "You can ask, I ain't gotta answer, though." Luke couldn't help smiling at his own joke. Oh of course Bo was too young to get it. After all, being a whole seven and half years old, he's a lot smarter than Bo. Luke giggled a little as he sat beside Bo on the bed getting comfortable so he could read to Bo. "What 'cha want 'cuz?" "I's thinkin'. Well, Kira doesn't have anyone to read to her. Could you read to her like you read to me?" So that's it. Bo's imaginary friend. Luke couldn't help rolling his eyes. Most little boys would have had made up another little boy as an imaginary friend. But NO! Bo seemed content with having a girl as an imaginary friend. Let's face it, his cousin must be weird. "If Kira wants to listen, she'd better listen while I read to you. 'Cause I ain't reading this twice. Now scoot over will ya'?" Luke started reading and watched his cousin begin to drift off into a world of lost boys, pirates and fairies. It didn't take long for Bo to fall asleep listening to his cousin read. Luke put the place keeper back in the book and went to find something to keep him busy 'til his own bed time. / What were the odds? Bo just sat in the General, watching the sun start to slowly slide down behind the mountain as dusk settled in Hazzard. His "imaginary friend" and sister had the same name. Why didn't anyone tell me? Ok, well Luke and Daisy didn't know, he was pretty sure of that. But Uncle Jesse? Why? Why didn't he tell him about his sister? Heck fire! Even Rosco knew about his sister! Just who else has been in on this secret? Boss? Miss Tisdale? Mr. Rhuebottom? Shoot the whole danged town practically! So lost in his own thoughts, Bo never noticed a car pull up behind him. Nor did he hear the lone occupant walk up to his car. "Alright, you Duke! Just what do you think you're doin' up here. Plannin' on makin' a run across the county line are ya'? Well I ought to run you in you..." "Is it because she was a Duke, Rosco! You figure one less Duke to worry about would be no skin off your back. Is that why you didn't find her?" Bo shouted at Rosco with all the emotion that had been churning within him for the last several hours. Tears of anger threatened to fall but went unnoticed since he now had an outlet for his anger. "Just what are you talkin' about?" Rosco leaned down to look into the car and saw in the fading light of dusk the articles in the seat. He didn't need to read them. He had those same articles in a scrap book at home. Along with his other cold cases. Rosco put a hand on Bo's shoulder and look at the boy with such sadness. "Now Bo, I did my best. Why don't you let me take ya' home. That way you can talk your uncle." Rosco yanked his hand back when Bo cranked the car back up. Stepping aside, Rosco watched as Bo put The General into a 180 and sped off. Going back to his patrol car, he reached over to the CB to contact Jesse. No, the whole county don't need to hear this. Instead, Rosco turned the key and pointed his car towards the Duke farm.
  3. I guess that I didn't miss anything. I did type John's name in on my netflix and just finished watching his movie, "Lightning: Fire in the Sky". I liked it, I would not recommend watching it during a storm though. LOL! Maybe his other movies will go to netflix too. I love to watch anything that he is in.
  4. Got another message. This time the joker sent it from the Baltimore area. Such a big pain in the butt. I'm having to deal with getting my car fixed after being hit by a drunk driver and the last thing I need is for this moron to clutter my inbox up with hate messages.
  5. The next chapter is up for the final story in the Series that was started in November of 2010. Hope that you enjoy it. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7639128/34/Repopulation_HazzardStyle
  6. LOL! I'm the one that posted that. I just typed the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture. But you have to admit, it's very fitting.
  7. settings changed. Had them set to only let friends pm due to the stalker. Sorry.

  8. I had thought that my Cyber-Stalker had finally given up but unfortunately she sent yet another message this week. As usual when I tried to contact FanFiction I didn't receive a reply. I have ISP addresses but the names change with every contact. I swear, someone this obsessed for this long should be in a mental hospital. I tried not to let it bother me but a part of me had to admit that to be the object of such obsession is a bit frightening. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with my Stalker for my Dukes Stories?
  9. I've liked the Doonby FB link and for a long time they kept folks in the loop then they just stopped or got off topic. Hopefully with the success of Courageous, other films like Doonby will follow it out to the theaters.
  10. I never have really gotten into this show(I watch almost NO television) but I may try watching this episode. John is great in anything he does. BTW: I've been waiting for DOONBY to come out but I can't find info when it should be in theaters. Anyone have any info?
  11. I would have LOVED to have been a Duke. Maybe could have a story similar to to Judd's. To be able to learn one day that one of the Duke's are one of your relatives. Maybe I could be one of Daisy's cousins from her mother's side of the family. Then I could still flirt with the fellas.
  12. I was wondering when folks came on here to chat. I had been looking forward to chatting with others but there never seems to be anyone on when I check in. Now I know that it is only for special occassions. Or at least that is how it looks.
  13. I tried to start this on another site but the writers were a bit to sensitive and took the ideas displayed there as an insult(even though I said from the start that nothing was directed at anyone). This was done by a fellow writer in another fandom and all of the writers really had a great time doing this. I know that all of us have read stories in the past that we just knew that the characters would cringe at some of the things that we writers have them do. So, let's let each person write a small note in the voice of the character of their choice speaking to fanfiction writers about what most go off the course or put the characters in a light that just isn't them. I'll start off. Remember, this is all for FUN. No trolling. No insults or flames are acceptable. Dear Dukes of Hazzard Fanfiction Writers, I know that I act like a bumbling fool at times, but I think many of you forget that for years I was one of the best Lawmen in the state. I'm actually much smarter than I act. True, them Duke Boys have gotten the better of me a couple of times. But that has always been a kind of game for us. I've never allowed real criminals to trick me so easily. After all, Police work is my life. Sincerely, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
  14. Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to see that so many here are quite welcoming.
  15. :lol:Thanks Jamie for reading my stories. I understand the lack of reviewing. It's easy to forget to do it. I knew that folks were reading since I was getting about 500 visitors on each story as I was writing them and new readers continue to find them even now. But as anyone does, I did get a little discouraged when I received so few reviews. That is why I started asking for reviews before posting future chapters. Of course I then earned the rep of being a review wh-re. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to know that your work is appreciated. Especially when you put a lot of work into your story. For example, during the pregnancies of my characters I have maintained pregnancy calendars for them so that I could accurately depict what the characters were going through at the time. Just as I keep a calender of development for the toddlers that I have in my stories. I research nearly as much as I write and I feel that asking two people out of 500 to say that they enjoy the work I put into the stories is not too much to ask.
  16. You could try sending him a message through FaceBook and ask him. Remember, his CURRENT height may not be the same as his height on Dukes since folks do tend to shrink as they age. Just a thought.
  17. I am currently writing a book on my own experiences with the paranormal. Feel free to contact me about some of them. I'll be glad to share.
  18. Welcome to the Hazzard Net. I too am a Newbie. Hope you enjoy the site.
  19. Thank you for your words. I know the usernames of about 4 of them from the other site but so far, they have left me alone HERE. Fingers crossed that they have had enough. And yes, I have been accused of being three or four people. I suppose that they believe that no group of people could have the same opinion without all of us being the same person. Ironically, I have only reviewed on ONE persons stories myself. I merely said that the guys personalities were off. That was putting it mildly but I tried to be nice about it and kept reading in an effort to see if she would apply the constructive criticism to better her writing. She didn't. How I got the whole groups attention is beyond me. In fact, I had favorited one of the other women's stories because I had truly enjoyed it. I even went and tried to write on another Fandom and they were quick to follow me there so I removed my story from that section. As far as if they do harass me here, I'll be sure to give a shout out. I only really know one person on this site, DixieDavenport. She and I are actually writing a story together. Perhaps we'll post it here later.
  20. Thanks for the welcome! :)

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