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  1. As the music began to fade, Bo knocked on Daisy's door, causing everyone to look up at him. "Alright, everyone. Get cleaned up. Supper's on." Bo hastily jumped out of the doorway to avoid being trampled. "That sounded real pretty. You write it?" "Nope. I found that old poem in a really old book a few years ago. I liked it so much I put it to music so I could remember it." Kira started to take her keyboard down. "Well, ya are a bit of a mystery, I'll give ya that." Kira stared at Bo til she realized he was referring to the last line of the poem she sang. "Kira, look, I'm sorry. Okay." "Sorry for what?" Kira cocked an eyebrow. Wondering if Bo even knew WHY she was mad. She'd be willing to bet he was clueless. "For underestimating you." Well that's a start. "Truce?" "Bo, what would Daisy had done if you treated her like she couldn't even drive just because some jerk made a BAD pass at her?"` "Probably put one of those danged heels of hers right through my foot." Kira smiled at the image that had popped into her head. "I know that you were just trying to help me and I love ya for it. But ya got to trust me to know my own limits. If I need help I'll ask. I may not know much about family goings ons but I have dealt with worse things than that moron at the Nest on my own more times than I care to remember. All that happened tonight was to guarantee that Ernie what's his name thinks that I can only take care of myself IF I have backup waiting in the wings. Which means the first time I'm out there WITHOUT you boys, I'll have to put him in his place all over again." Bo walks over and pulls Kira in front of him and looked down into her eyes. "Didn't figure on it that way. But I ain't going to just sit back while some guy manhandles you!" "Bo. He grabbed my arm and he ended up on the floor. Not because you put him there. Or Luke, Coy, or Vance. But because I took care of him myself. Just like I've always done." Kira figures that it'd be just as well to drop it for now. Neither would give from here right now. "We'd better head on down." Kira was about to turn back to grab her keyboard when Bo turned her around to give her a hug. "I love ya, too, Sis." Kira returned his hug. She really couldn't stay annoyed with him anyway.
  2. "It's about time you boys got home. Head on up and get washed up. Tell all the younger ones to clean up too. They're upstairs with Kira I believe." Pauline sent all the guys on upstairs. Another ten minutes and she would have tanned their hides for being late. Heading upstairs, they heard Kira playing her keyboard and singing in a crisp, clear soprano tone a song that they'd never heard before. To all think, and all that ponder The ways of things on this place we wander The one thing ye shall never know Is: To what home does the Phoenix go? To all that pray, and believe in to Ava merciful, pure and true A brighter sign there shall never be Then the mighty Phoenix over the sea To all that live a life of good Your deeds of love will come back; as they should A happy life shall be yours to take away When the Phoenix comes with the break of day To all that walk the path of dark My next words ye would do well to mark For your deeds of evil ye shall be burnt in flame And your actions shall be met with untold of pain To Human, Elf, Dwarf and all To every creature great and small The Phoenix is many things; in future now and history And though every person has their say, The Phoenix stays a mystery"
  3. The Phoenix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bo and Luke stared out the windshield as Kira landed on the other side of the Stix and took off, continuing her ride back to the farm. Bo released the breath he'd been holding as he saw that his sister had indeed made the nearly impossible jump. Then turned to his right as he heard a sound that, at the moment, he didn't particularly want to hear. Luke was LAUGHING. Staring at Luke as if he'd just lost his mind, he lightly pushed him against his side of The General. "What is so danged funny, Luke? She could have gotten hurt trying that jump. Would you stop that!" "So could you every time you make a jump Bo." Luke couldn't stop laughing. "She did warn us. Remember what she told us last night? I bet the whole drive here you were telling her to slow down, pull over, and to turn around. Don't ya see? That was as good as goading her, while she already was mad at us for what she considered coddling her." "So what? We should have just stood there and not done anything?" "I didn't say that. But once we got out to the lot, maybe we should've dropped it. And you know something else 'Cuz, she rides better than we all thought too. 'Cause this time, unlike on the way to the Boar's Nest, you and Coy were actually tryin' to beat her. And she still mopped the floor with ya." Luke grinned at Bo knowing that not many people could have given him the slip but his sister had. Luke hollered out the window to tell the other guys that they may as well go on back to the farm. Bo was still mulling over what Luke had said. Then had to admit, he probably would have done the same thing Kira had done had the situation been reversed. Dang, you'd think he be better at all this brotherly stuff after living a lifetime with Daisy. / Kira pulled up into the farmyard to find Uncle Jesse waiting on the porch. "Where's the boys at? Ain't they with you?" "I ain't seen 'em since I jumped the Stix. They'll be here soon though." Kira saw her keyboard on the porch where Bo had left it that morning and went to grab it to take it on upstairs. Jesse eyed her since he knew that Bo had only jumped the Stix River once and that had been as a last ditch effort at that. Watching Kira head on inside, he shook his head at the fool notion of jumping that danged river. Once inside, Kira heard Pauline telling the scores of hungry kids, that she was shooing out of the kitchen, to stay out until supper was ready. One of the kids, heck what was her name, saw the keyboard and came over to Kira. "What's that?" Well here's to hoping Coy was right. "What's what, Sugar?" The girl pointed at the keyboard. "It's my keyboard." "You play?" "A little." "Can we hear?" Suddenly Kira was surround by a chorus of "Please!" Oh, why not. Kids are easy to please sometimes. Plus it'll keep them out of trouble. "Alright, let's go upstairs and find a place to set up." Kira ended up in Daisy's room with about a half a dozen kids all jumping on her bed calling out the names of various songs that Kira could only imagine must've been common children's songs. Unfortunately, Kira didn't know any of them. When she told the children that she didn't know the songs they requested, they looked at her as if she had done grew another head out of her neck. Did she say kids were easy to please? What was she thinking. Finally, one of the older ones, a girl of about eleven maybe, suggested that she just play her favorite song, everyone knows their favorite song. "Well my favorite ain't exactly a song, really. It's an old poem that I put to music to help me remember it." "Let's hear it." Then again a chorus of "Please!" went up. So Kira began to play out a melody that might have been a mix of a song played in a fairytale and an old medieval movie. A few moments later Kira began to sing the verses that she learned a few years ago. "To all that dream, and all that dare, To see the beauty of land, sea and air Nothing shall ye ever spy As wondrous as the Phoenix in the sky /
  4. / Kira was tearing the road up on the way back to the farm. Everyone had tried to talk her into riding back in The General and let Luke ride her bike back to the farm. As if just because some jerk made a pass at her would somehow make it unsafe for her to ride back on her own. Instead, she got on the motorcycle and left them where they were standing. Still discussing her like she was a child. Now the two cars were trying to catch up to her. Well she had wanted a race. She just didn't plan on it being like this. 'Dang it Kira, would ya slow down! The bridge is out up ahead. You need to turn around and head the other way instead.' In response to Bo, Kira only sped up even further, seeing where the bridge once was up ahead. Behind her, the cars tried to catch up to get around her, but Kira was more than just motivated to stay in front now. It was a matter of pride. Pushing the bike as fast as she could, Kira hit the ramp and felt the instant feeling of flying as she left the ground. Behind her the cars had skidded to a stop while the four occupants stared helplessly waiting to see if she made the jump or not. / Jesse stood on the porch waiting on the kids to get back. It was nearly time for supper. His sister-in-law and some of the other women had taken over the kitchen so there wasn't anything else for him to do. He'd already played three games of checkers with his brother. Now, if those dang fool kids would just get home. He had a feeling that something had happened. His toe didn't hurt, it was just a gut feeling. So the boys weren't in any real trouble, just enough to give him indigestion.
  5. "But I thought...But they said...But how...? Ha! Well I'll be! Pleased to meet ya Kira!" Cooter reached across the table to shake her hand. "Hey wait a minute Buddy rue. How come you're here? Boss'll lock you up the moment he's sees you!" "Calm down, Coot. And listen." Bo started to tell Cooter of everything that had happened since he had called Sunday, leading to Kira getting his permission to be out of the county for Bo. Which left Cooter a bit confused since he didn't exactly explain HOW he had found Kira Saturday. Of course that detail was forgotten once it was explained that Kira was a Lawyer from Atlanta. "Say what?" All the other guys at the table smirked as they remembered last night's revelation and how they had reacted to that knowledge themselves. Seeing Cooter dumb founded, Luke piped in. "Well, we always knew Bo was always just window dressin'. Now we know where all his smarts went." That earned him a half-hearted hard look. 'I seem to remember even you joking about you being, Just Pretty in the past. Guess that makes me the smart one then huh? You better hope your looks don't ever fade.' Kira grinned as Bo made ready to make a come back as Daisy came back to the table to check on them. Cooter seemed to still be trying to take in Bo's story though. "Daisy, be straight up with me. Are they shuckin' and jivin' me? Is this here really Bo's sister?" "You bet, Honey. And you should've seen Boss when he learned he had another Duke in Hazzard. I'll bet he needed a tranquilizer by the time he got home." That started yet another round of laughing and joking as everyone started to share their favorite Boss Hogg story. After a while Kira excused herself and headed away from the table. 'Where ya goin'?' 'Somewhere you fellas can't follow if ya don't mind.' Catching the drift, Bo went back to talking with his friend and his cousins. He ended up telling everyone that the reason he had cut his call so short on Sunday was because he and Kira had gone to the football game while everyone in Hazzard was looking for him. That was a confession he instantly wished he could unmake. Stepping out of the ladies room, Kira was stopped by a man that could've been attractive, if he hadn't oozed the stinch of being a total jerk. "I haven't seen you around here before. How'd you like to dump those loser Duke boys and dance with a real man?" Oh brother! Obviously, that couldn't have been his best line. "You plannin' on pointing me in the right direction? 'Cause it certainly ain't right in front of me." Kira went to move past him to head back to the table when the man grabbed her arm to stop her. Kira balled up her right fist and it connected squarely on the man's left jaw. He let go of Kira as he stumbled backwards a step and looked up only to see a thick soled hiking boot come from his right and send him into the wall behind him. Kira's family instantly started to make their way over and saw Ernie Leadbetter crumpled on the floor. "Kira, Ernie causing you any problems?" Anyone in Hazzard knew that Luke and Ernie'd had a feud going on between them since they were nothing but kids. "Nope, no problem. He just wanted to dance but didn't know the steps is all." Kira pushed pass the guys, ignoring the looks that each of them gave her as she crouched down beside Ernie. Leaning in, Kira looked Ernie dead on as she said, "You ever touch me again, you won't have to worry about these guys behind me. 'Cause by the time I'm done, the only thing left for them to do will be for them to be your pallbearers." With that, Kira got up and went back to the table. Luke and Vance grabbed Ernie up and started dragging him outside to "talk" as the others joined Kira. They all seemed to sit in an awkward silence as they sipped their drinks. Cooter was the first to break the silence. "That was one mean right hook. Where'd ya learn that?" "Some things you don't learn, you just do it I guess." Kira had started to unconsciously rub her arm where she could feel a bruise forming. One bad thing about being so light skinned, she always seemed to bruise so easily. "Maybe if your a Duke, I guess." He looked over at Bo as he watched Kira rubbing her arm. Bo scowled as he watched. He should have gone outside instead of Luke. Next time he saw Ernie, he'd... 'Bo, stop would ya? I'm fine. This ain't the first time I've run across a jerk. And I ain't ever needed to have someone take care of them for me.' Bo met Kira's eyes and saw that, at least in her own mind, she was capable of handling herself with guys like Ernie. "I think it's time we headed back to the farm." Bo stood up, "We promised Jesse that we wouldn't be long." Waiting just long enough for Coy and Kira to stand, Bo headed on over to the door. Coy shrugged his shoulders at Kira as he helped her get her jacket and they followed the tallest Duke on out.
  6. The Jump -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Well are you plannin' on racing or are you out for a Sunday drive, Bro?' Kira had took her bike off road, relying on her memory of some of Bo's old stories to help her navigate toward the Boar's Nest. Kira knew that the guys hadn't really taken her racing all too serious. They were out here to entertain her, not race her. Well, she best better show 'em that they shouldn't have underestimated her. 'Funny, Kira. Just didn't want to embarrass ya too bad your first time out is all.' Bo and Coy were both neck and still five miles out from the Boar's Nest. It wasn't until Kira started teasing him that Bo realized that he hadn't seen Kira in several miles. 'Where're you at anyway?' 'You just worry about the road in front of you. I'll see ya at the Nest.' Kira laughed before she closed her link with Bo. Pulling the bike in behind the Bar, Kira walked around and headed on in to wait for the guys. Seeing Daisy behind the bar, Kira went up to take a stool 'til the others showed up. "Hey Daisy. Wow, who would've thought that this place would be so busy on a Wednesday?" "Hey, Sugar, I think nearly everyone in Hazzard decided to come here to hide from their relatives. What are you doin' here anyway, Kira?" Daisy walked around heading over to a table that needed to be cleared and Kira walked with her as she talked. "I thought I was suppose to be racing the fellas here, but they all went soft. I'll bet they're still a couple miles out yet. How about bringing them some beers over when they get here?" Kira took the opportunity to claim the table that Daisy had just cleaned before anyone else could. "No problem, you want anything?" "After dealing with Pauline during lunch, you'd better bring me a Scotch. Is she always like that?" "You'll get used to it. I'll be right back." Outside, the two race-cars pulled up and the guys all got out to wait for Kira to show up. "Well, Bo, where'd you think she is?" "I don't know Luke. She should be here by now and she ain't answering me." "Maybe racing here wasn't such a good idea after all. And here ya'll were going easy on her too." Luke eyed the parking lot as he looked for his cousin's bike. "Hey Boys! Bo! I hadn't heard you was back in town." Came the sound of the town mechanic's voice. "Cooter, yea, I got back yesterday. Sorry I ain't talked to you yet. Been kind of busy." "Cooter have we got a story to tell you, we'll tell ya inside. Just as soon as Kira and that motorcycle of hers gets here." Luke said with a grin. "The only motorcycle I've seen is the one parked around back. A real slick racing bike. So whose this Kira? Another relative of ya'lls?" All four guys chuckled at Cooter's question. "You could say that, Coot. Come on inside and we'll buy ya a beer while we explain it to you." Bo smirked. Coy nudges Vance, "How'd you think she beat us here? I never saw her pass us." "Me neither, but you and Bo weren't exactly drivin' your best. Looks like she's better than ya'll figured." Once inside, the men saw that Kira had claimed a table so the guys pulled up their chairs and joined her. "It's about time you boys showed up. Do me a favor, next time we race, try to remember that little pedal to the right of the brake, that's what you use to make the car go. Think you can do that?" Everyone laughed as she teased the guys. "Oh, spunky. Ain't she?" Cooter hadn't heard anyone tease Bo and Luke about driving in a while, and certainly not a woman at that. Daisy came over with the beers and another Scotch for Kira. "Kira, I'd like to introduce ya to our best friend in Hazzard, Cooter Davenport. Cooter, I'd like ya to meet Kira. My sister." The Dukes all watched Cooter as he took in what Bo just told him.
  7. Jesse hadn't heard what was said but he did see his sister-in-law's look that she was giving Kira. He didn't like what he saw. Of course his nephews all seemed to have found amusement in whatever had been said. Not sure if he should intervene or not; Jesse continued to watch from a table over. Once again, Kira seemed to of found her confidence while facing a perceived threat but this time that threat was his sister-in-law. By the end of lunch, Pauline seemed thoroughly annoyed with their long-lost niece. Kira, however, looked more relaxed while she joked with the guys as if she had known them all her life. As lunch was cleared, Luke returned to the others as they seemed to gravitate toward the race-cars. From what Jesse could tell, the guys seemed to be explaining various modifications that they had made to their cars. While Kira was listening to the fellas talk about their cars, she couldn't help but notice that Jesse hadn't hardly taken his eyes off her since she had come down for lunch. Glancing at Pauline as she went over to speak with her brother-in-law, Kira figured that she was probably the reason. It hadn't been personal, she just did not intend to start letting anyone think that they had a right to go poking around in her private life. Family or not. As she and the guys all went over their racers, other cousins, aunts, and uncles would come over to add to the conversation from time to time. After a while, Kira slipped away as everyone seemed lost in conversation. Kira headed over to the barn just out of sight to get a breather. That's where she was when Coy saw her. He had seen Kira's get away and followed to make sure she was okay. "How ya doing, Sugar?" Coy slid up beside her where she was sitting on the fence railing. "Okay, I guess. I keep forgetting everyone's names though. I don't think I'll be able to remember them all." "You don't have to. Just call everyone Sugar or Darlin' and you'll blend right in and no one'll be the wiser." Kira laughed as thought about the fact that everyone did seem to call out or respond to those names of affection. "Oh, so that's your secret. No wonder you haven't called me by my name yet." Kira and Coy laughed as they discussed various ins and outs of Duke life. Soon, Kira was once again ready to go back to the farmyard. Coy suggested that she go on in and get her helmet and riding jacket so they could all have their race. He went to tell the others that they were about ready as Kira went inside to get her things. Of course that was no simple matter since the house was teaming with unknown relatives. Kira kept fending off various questions from curious family members as she made her way to the stairs. She met Pauline on the stairs and couldn't help the feeling of trepidation that rose in her as she passed her. She didn't really dislike her, she was, however, terrified of her. For reasons that she couldn't really explain. Finally, Kira was back up in the attic where here things had earlier been brought up by Luke. Grabbing her helmet and throwing on her jacket, Kira braced herself before heading back down into the rest of the house. "Uncle Jesse, we're gonna go ahead and have our race now. We'll probably race to town and back." Bo came over to tell his uncle so he wouldn't be mad after being left to entertain a house full of relatives alone since Daisy had already left for work. "You mind telling me what that business was all about at lunch." Jesse tried asking Pauline but she just headed off to watch her youngens instead of answering him. "Aunt Pauline was giving Kira the third degree; askin' a bunch of questions. Once she started getting a bit too personal, Kira had enough. Told her that her love life was none of Aunt Pauline's business. Right frankly, there were some questions I'm glad she didn't answer. I wasn't even all that comfortable and she wasn't talkin' to me." Bo knew that Jesse was stuck wanting to defend his brother's wife and Kira at the same time. In the end, Jesse just nodded his head as he accepted the explanation. "Just don't stay gone too long. I don't trust them motorbikes and your sister don't know the lay of the land yet. Don't let her race that thing once it starts gettin' dark." "I won't Uncle Jesse." With that Bo ran back over to the cars where everyone else was waiting for him.
  8. The Third Degree -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Kira, Kira. Come on sis, wake up.' Bo walked up to the pallet that Kira was sleeping on, quietly. He really didn't want to wake her up even though it was getting close to lunch. Several family members have arrived since breakfast and everyone had been told about Bo's finding Kira. Bo (along with Luke) insisted that everyone kind of stay back and give Kira space. Pauline was a mite upset by their insistence. After being missing for so long, her first instinct was to wrap the newly found Duke in a hug so tight that she'd never disappear again. Finally, Bo convinced the family that the best way to welcome Kira, would be to try to treat her as if this WASN'T the first time they'd ever seen her. Bo hoped everyone would do their best. At least he had Luke helping. Coy and Vance seemed ready to throw in too. Daisy seemed a bit put off, but tried to understand why Kira had been moved out of her room. Besides there would be other cousins moving in with her anyway. When he heard what Luke had done for Kira, Bo about kicked himself for not thinking of doing this himself. 'Kira, lunch is about ready. Kira.' Bo reached out to lightly shake her shoulder. Slowly, Kira began to rouse. Looking around, it took her a moment to remember where she was at. 'What, no revenge for this mornin'?' 'Nah, maybe later. For right now, lunch is about ready. Come on. After lunch, we'll have that race with the other fellas. That'll give you an out when you've had too much togetherness.' Bo reached down and grabbed Kira up from the make-shift bed. Kira snatched up her hairbrush and ran it through her hair quickly before heading toward the stairs with Bo at her side. 'In the habit of sleeping in hiking boots?' 'Why not?' Kira had fallen into bed the moment that Luke had left that morning without bothering trying to get comfortable. Years ago, comfort was a luxury that she rarely afforded herself. Even now, she sometimes forgot that she didn't have to worry about being ready to move in a moment's notice. 'Any advice for the rookie before we go out there?' If facing only five strangers last night had been difficult, she expected today to be about as pleasant as getting a cavity filled, without Novocain. 'Just be yourself. They might as well get to know the real you right off. Just holler if you need me to bail you out. Luke, Vance, and Coy will be running interference, too. Daisy'll be leaving shortly after lunch for work.' With that, they reached the bottom of the stairs from the attic and headed out to the rest of the house. Lunch was being set up outside at the tables and chairs that had been brought out for the next day. Luke had already staked out the end of one table. Bo and Kira bypassed the relatives and sat with him, Kira sitting on the end with Bo beside her. Luke and Vance were sitting opposite of them. Coy was talking to Pauline as he noticed Bo and Kira joining his cousins. Leaving her, he went to sit beside Vance. The rest of the family notice that the guys seemed to of taken up their stations as if they had assigned themselves as her personal guards; intent on keeping the rest of the family from crowding Bo's twin. Kira wanted to hold onto her pride. To tell the guys to back off. That she could handle herself just fine. But truth be told, she was thrilled that her brother and cousins decided to act as go betweens for her. Already, she felt more relaxed with Luke, and Coy seemed to have charm that could put anyone at ease. Vance's quiet demeanor was also a bit soothing. The four men all seemed to complement one another. Various relatives came up to Kira to ask her everything from where she grew up(questions she avoided with the help of Bo) to what she did for a living(which earned her strange looks). Pauline came over and insisted that Luke swap seats with her, which he couldn't refuse no matter how much he tried. Pauline set herself to learning everything she could about Kira. She even tried to pry information about Kira's love life(to the discomfort of EVERYONE at that end of the table). Of course, since Bo had told her to be herself, she told Pauline that under no uncertain terms was that any of her business. That caused all the guys to snicker since they had all been the subject of Pauline's meddling at one time or another, but their raising had prevented them from bucking her attentions the way they had always wanted to. To watch Kira do it though, was like a small victory for them all. Pauline didn't find Kira's attitude all that funny. In fact, she narrowed her eyes at Kira. Bo waited to see who would back down first. Kira, however, seemed to be thriving on her own annoyance with Pauline, though. Kira saw her eyes narrowed, and pointedly ignored her and kept eating her sandwich. Everyone seemed to have gone quiet at the tables.
  9. Luke noticed that Bo was more quiet than usual. He wouldn't talk about it but Luke knew that it had to be because Kira hadn't slept last night. He knew that something had to give so he put his mind to the task of coming up with a solution. By the time that the chores were done, Luke thought he had one. So when they went in to wash up for breakfast, Luke headed up stairs and went to the door at the end of the hall upstairs. A door that was rarely used; all to see if he was right. Meanwhile, Daisy had gotten up and set the table while Kira sat in the main room trying to read out of a novel she had brought with her. Trying being the operative word. So far she has read the same paragraph six times; going on the seventh. Looking up as the boys walk in, Kira noticed Bo wouldn't look at her. Kira wasn't used to anyone worrying about her; especially not enough to get mad to boot. "Mornin', Sugar." "Hey, Coy." Glancing behind him she saw Vance as well. "Hey, Vance." "Sugar, I hear we have you ta' thank for that show this morning. I bet Bo wishes he'd woke up when Luke told him to now." "Yep, he still looks out of sorts. Just watchin' him jumpin' off that bed like that this mornin'. I about died laughing." Vance proved his point by chuckling at the memory. "Well, let's get on in to breakfast." The three went in to join Daisy and Uncle Jesse in the kitchen and sat down as Bo came in and took his own place between Kira and Luke's empty chair. "Bo, where's Luke? We're all waiting on him so we can start breakfast." Jesse started dishing out some scrambled eggs into the plates on the table as he spoke. "How should I know? He came in and got cleaned up ahead of me." Luke came in as Bo spoke. "Sorry, I just had to take care of something." Luke took his seat ignoring Bo's questioning look. Jesse said grace and took his seat at the head of the table and everyone began to eat while discussing the relatives due to arrive through out the day. "That reminds me, we told Lulu that we'd get those chairs from the ladies league by nine. Shouldn't take more than two or three trips to get them." "Why don't ya'll take my truck, too. That way ya'll can save time. Get 'em all at once." "You goin' to trust Bo with your truck?" Luke tried to look around Bo to see Kira but all he could see was a mop of blond hair. "It's got four tires and a wheel ain't it? It'll be in good hands." Kira laughed along with Luke as they both recalled his light joke the night before. Bo even grinned as he shoved some eggs in his mouth. At least he hadn't lost all of his sense of humor. Kira hoped that he'd lighten up a bit. She knew her own limits. And if it came down to it, she'll sleep in the truck. She promised Bo she'd stay 'til Sunday and she wasn't going to let a little thing like a lack of sleep make her break that promise. By the end of breakfast, the whole Duke clan was laughing and joking about previous Thanksgivings. Kira was content listening to the stories as she continued to watch the others interact. She admitted to herself, she had begun to study them the same way she would have for a test back in school. Because she knew that when all was said and done, becoming part of this family was one test she didn't want to fail. After breakfast was cleaned up, Luke suggested that Bo and Coy head on out and he and Vance would be right behind them. That earned him some odd looks from the three cousins since he and Bo are almost always together. Leaving the three confused, Luke headed back inside. Left with nothing else to do, Bo and Coy headed over to Kira's dark green pick-up. Spying the keyboard still in it's black case, Bo grabs it to take over to the porch. Kira must of forgotten about it when she offered her truck. She didn't want to take it inside, but she shouldn't say anything about him putting it there to make room for the chairs. "What's that?" Coy asked as Bo walks around to climb into the truck. "Kira's keyboard. I reckon' she forgot it was still in the truck. Well, let's get goin'." Inside, Luke found Kira once again trying to read out of her book. Not getting very far, either, by the looks of it. She was still on the same page she was when he finished his chores. "Kira, ya ain't going to get too far in that book when your brain's done fallen asleep." Holding out his hand, "Come on, trust me.". Kira looks at Luke for a moment before taking his hand allowing him to pull her up off the couch. Not quite sure what he was up to, Kira followed Luke upstairs, assuming that he was just going to tell her to go back to get some sleep in Daisy's room. When they passed her door and ended up at the end of the hall, Kira's curiosity was peaked. "I figured you'd might like to have a place to hide later on. Once the invasion begins." Luke opened the door that led to a steep set of stairs that Kira guessed went up to the attic. He stepped aside to allow Kira through the door and then followed her up. Once in the attic, Luke led the way over to the window. "It ain't exactly the Ritz, but it should do." Kira saw where Luke had pulled up an old mattress over to the window and had brought her things on up. "This way Bo won't worry for ya' so much." "But why?" "Bo told me some of what's happened. Seems only right to try to figure out a way to help ya feel more at home, Cuz." Kira couldn't help but smile at Luke's gesture. "That's what this family does. So, you'd better get some sleep. No one will come up here. The adults never do and the kids are too scared so no one will bother you. I'll have Bo wake you for lunch." Kira had to admit she was exhausted and here Luke had done his best to give her a place to call her own in the chaos that would engulf the farm in a matter of hours. Without thinking, Kira reached out to give Luke a hug. It last only lasted a second and ended before Luke could return it. Remembering what Bo said about Kira not being big on affection, Luke was more than a little surprised, but pleased with the thanks that he'd just received. "Sweet dreams." With that Luke headed back down to head to town with Vance to meet Bo and Coy.
  10. / 'Go to sleep, Bo.' Kira heard the floor boards creak from the guys' room several times before the creaks came all the way to Daisy's door. Daisy had fallen asleep nearly as soon as she had laid down. That left Kira wide awake, clinging to the edge of the bed, listening to the sounds of the house. Kira heard the creaks drift back across the hall then everything once again went quiet. Laying there, staring out the window, Kira tried to sleep. After remaining there for what seemed like hours, she drifted off into a restless sleep. The sleep was short lived though as Kira bolted up in bed grabbing her arm. Sitting up panting in bed, Kira tried to slow her breathing as she looked down at her arm; the feel of the break still vivid in her mind. Looking over at Daisy, she saw she was still asleep. Kira got up as quietly as possible and changed into her jeans and a sweater and grabbed her messenger bag she kept her work in. If she wasn't going to sleep she might as well get some work done instead. Carefully, Kira made her way to the kitchen and sorted through her papers. She had a case going to trial Monday. It was the kind of case she hated. Her client was completely innocent but the evidence had pointed in their way anyway. She still had a friend digging for her trying to find one piece of evidence that would place reasonable doubt into the minds of the jury. Grabbing her pad, she started to go over her notes and started working on her opening argument. So wrapped up in her work, Kira never noticed when Jesse walked in hours later. "Mornin', you're up early." Jesse got the pans out to get breakfast since Daisy would be busy preparing food for the incoming Dukes all day only to go to work at The Boars' Nest later. Jesse and told her not to bother with breakfast today. He'd handle it. Kira looked at her watch and saw it was about a quarter after five. Surprised, she started to put her papers away. "I guess I am. I better move all this stuff away." "What 'cha workin' on?" He had yet to really get a chance to talk to his niece. In fact, she seemed to have been avoiding being alone with anyone. So here they were; alone for the first time in the kitchen and she looked like she was ready to bolt. "Just getting things lined up for a case going to trial Monday. Figuring out my opening argument." Luke walked in and leaned up against the door frame. Looking at her, Luke guessed she hadn't slept an hour all night. Looks like Bo was right to worry about her last night. "Mornin'. By the way Bo talked last night, I thought the only way we'd get you up this early is with a crucifix and some Holy water." Luke grinned as he remember Bo describing how little of a morning person his sister was. "You sleep alright?" Kira looked up with a grin on her face, "Fortunately, Daisy had a Bible on the nightstand. Where is that brother of mine anyway?" Kira ignored the question about HOW she had slept. "Where else? Still in bed. I'm thinking of gettin' a stick of dynamite to put under his pillow if'n he don't get up." Kira finished putting her papers away as she laughed. "Want to have some fun? Go watch him jump. He has this coming. Trust me." Luke gave her a dubious look, glanced at Uncle Jesse who just shrugged his shoulders. Then Luke went back to the bedroom. Just as he walked back in the room, Kira called out to Bo. 'BO!' That caused Bo to jump off the bed in a jolt and landed on the floor. 'Rise and Shine, Darlin'!' Luke laughed out-loud once he realized what Kira must of done. 'Time for them chores you missed so much.' Bo got up and saw Luke watching him. "Mornin'." Bo got dressed and pushed passed a still smirking Luke to go to the bathroom. Kira headed to Daisy's room to put her bag up and passed Bo as he came out of the bathroom. 'Was that really necessary?' Bo scowled at her. 'Would you have preferred the dynamite that Luke was considering instead?' Kira laughed as Bo shook his head at her. He'd missed a lot of sleep last night worrying over her. He guessed this was his thanks. Looking at her, he could tell that this picture of his sister so early in the morning didn't match up with how he'd seen her so far. That meant she hadn't just woke up. 'Why ain't you gone to bed yet?' Kira rolled her eyes, 'I did go to bed, I just couldn't sleep is all.' Kira left Bo in the hall, hoping he'd drop it. The bad thing about having a psychic link though is that it makes it harder to just walk out on a conversation. So with a door between them, Bo kept talking. 'Kira, I was worried about this. I..' 'Bo, Luke's waiting on you. GO ON. I done told ya I'm fine.' Bo stared at the door separating him and Kira before heading on out to the barn. /
  11. It'll be in good hands -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soon, the evening wore into nightfall and Kira and Bo went out to get her suitcase out of the truck. 'Are you sure you're going to be alright bunking in with Daisy? I mean, I saw how you were in there. You didn't seem all too comfortable.' 'I'll be fine, Bo. Quit worrying so much. I'm a big girl, I can handle sharing a bed with Daisy.' Bo looked at her trying to convince himself that she was right. But he didn't stop worrying. 'Well there really ain't going to be much choice I guess. Especially considering there will be more Dukes than you can shake a stick at coming in tomorrow.' Thinking about that made him even more worried about Kira. 'Stop it Bo. It'll be fine. How about helping me unload the bike while we're out here. And no, I don't want to take the keyboard in right yet.' The two set to unloading the truck while Jesse watched from inside. As he stood at the window, Luke came up behind him bring a cup of coffee to him while sipping on his own. "They're at it again. You think they even realize that they do that themselves?" Jesse turned toward Luke as he spoke. "You noticed too, huh?" "Yep. I remember when Bo would do it when he was younger. Used to annoy the dickens out of me. I wonder what they were talking about earlier. Bo seemed to have gotten the hang of teasing his sister already. It just seems a bit weird to watch 'em go at it." "l'd like to tell you that you get used to it, but you won't. I never did. You do learn to ignore it though." Jesse paused and looked at Luke watching his cousins. "Luke, he'll still need you. You know that right? Just because he has Kira back doesn't.." "I know Uncle Jesse. You had this same talk with Bo when Judd came back didn't you?" Luke cut his uncle short. Not wanting to admit that he had begun to worry that Bo wouldn't want him around anymore. Had Bo felt like this when Judd first came to the farm? Probably. They still weren't exactly close. Luke headed on up to the room that he'd shared with Bo for nearly his whole life. Cots had already been set up to give Coy and Vance beds in there as well. There wouldn't be much space left for walking by the time all the Dukes arrived. Shortly afterwards, Bo headed up to bed, too. But he was still worrying. After he had gotten up for the third time nearly heading out to check on Kira but then stopping at the door, Luke had had enough. "Bo would you lay down and stay down. Watching you is makin' me sea sick." "I can't help it. What if Kira has a flashback or something? She ain't used to being in close quarters with people she really don't know. I know she said she's fine but..." "What do you mean about her having flashbacks? What would she have flashbacks about?" Luke knew a thing or two about flashbacks. But what could have possibly of happened to Kira that would cause here to be in danger of having a flashback just staying in with Daisy? Vance sat up now too. Clearly, there was a lot they still needed to know about Kira. "Why don't you tell us a little more about Kira? Especially since whatever you know has you more nervous that a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers." So Bo sat and began to tell some of the stories he knew of Kira's childhood. Of the neglect and abuse. Of how she had began to runaway before she was even ten years old. Of how for the next seven years she had spent more nights out on the streets of various cities in Georgia than she had in a house. By the time Bo had finished, Luke was feeling mighty guilty for the jealous pangs he had felt earlier. It looked like that, like Luke, Kira had hidden battle scars. But unlike Kira, he had been allowed to grow up before heading off to do battle in his war within the jungles of 'Nam. Kira had fought a war from childhood in a number of homes, group homes, and even the streets. Knowing more about his new cousin, he understood a bit more why Bo worried about Kira so much. He also felt proud of her for the lengths she has taken to change her life. Heck, it was amazing that she'd done all she had. He never knew Duke pride to of accomplished so much. Bo explained also that Kira was uncomfortable with a lot of touch. That she had pulled away from him a few times though she tried not to. That she was patient with it most of the time, but she might pull away from them, too. Bo didn't want anyone to be offended if she did. Luke made a mental note to talk to Daisy and Jesse. Finally, the guys all fell asleep, though Bo took a little longer. He got up twice more, but this time Luke didn't stop him. He seemed to remember Bo worried a few years ago about him having flashbacks too. Of course Bo didn't know just what they would entail, Bo always seemed to know just when Luke had revisited the war within his dreams. Maybe he could help Kira with hers. The VA had helped him with some techniques to ward off some of the flashbacks that plagued him. That was the last thought that crossed Luke's mind as he drifted off.
  12. While the three were out under the pretense of chores the other three Dukes, plus the new addition, went into the living room to sit. Kira felt her discomfort return as she was left alone with the three cousins that she had never met before. Vance was the first to break the silence by asking the obvious question. How did she and Bo meet up after having so long being separated? She wasn't sure where to begin until Daisy assured her that Jesse had told them about hers and Bo's dad being Luke's dad's twin. That they had the same kind of bond as she and Bo. Well that helped. Knowing that while their link was unusual, it appeared to run in the family. Daisy also said that they all knew her as Bo's imaginary friend when they were younger. So, Kira proceeded to go over the events of Saturday as she remembered them, while Bo was out in the barn doing the same for Uncle Jesse and Luke. After the stories were told, silence once again fell over the Duke clan. The men returned from the barn and Bo was glad that he seemed to get off fairly light when it came to the lectures he'd been expecting. Inside, he remained in the kitchen a moment. He caught Daisy's eye and signaled her to join him from the door way. "You need something, Sugar?" Daisy reached up to get her hug that she as of yet had gotten from her baby cousin. "I just wanted to give you this for the festival is all. I didn't get around to giving you one Saturday; what with everything. I want you to use this one." Daisy looked down at the photograph that Bo had handed her, fighting back tears as she saw it. "Please." "Alright, Sugar. I'll go put this some place safe." After another hug, Daisy slips off into her room to put the picture away as Bo goes into the living room. Kira was sitting on the hearth looking out at the rest of the clan. They all seemed to be telling stories, apparently about him. Walking in, both Luke and Kira seemed to have just finished one story as they looked up at him as he walked in. "I swear, Bo ain't never grew up, just got taller is all." Luke walked up to throw his arm around Bo. "Not sure he ever will now, either." Bo pouted a bit. Not sure just how this conversation started. "Well, maybe SOMEBODY shouldn't of read Peter Pan to him. Gave him the idea and all." That made Luke stop short. "How did you..?" Luke thought back to when Bo was little. He had indeed read Peter Pan to him. But how did Kira know? Kira shrugged her shoulders at his unfinished question. "You said if I wanted to listen then I had better listen when you read it to Bo because you weren't going to read it twice. It's one of my earliest memories... Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up." Kira felt like kicking herself. Been in the house only a few hours and already making people uncomfortable around her. When she was uncomfortable enough for them all. Bo, seeing the shift in the room, tried to ease the tension by suggesting that Luke and he grab their guitars and play a while. They played some of their favorite songs, including Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys. Of course they changed cowboys to Duke boys which Kira found just a bit too funny. 'I know you're scheming, Bo. I'm not getting my keyboard out. So go ahead and get the idea out of your head.' Bo tried to give her his best, I'm innocent look, even though he was about to suggest just that. Well, maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jesse watched the two interact. He'd had years of practice watching his brothers talk without saying a word to know the signs. At least despite the years of separation and whatever havoc that had surrounded Kira's life, it hadn't been able to keep that bond from becoming as strong as if they really had lived together all their lives. Jesse forgot just how annoying it can be to be left out of the conversation going on barely five feet away from you. None of the others seemed to catch Kira's frustrated looked towards Bo as he faked his innocence at some unsaid accusation. Jesse smiled as he saw the look that he knew meant that Bo wasn't giving up, only waiting for later. He just wished he knew what he wasn't giving up on.
  13. Finally, Bo took the lead. "Okay, I have to know, when did you get that paper signed? I know it wasn't today cause I was with you at the office." Kira looked up with a slight grin on her face. "Yesterday. Aren't 'cha glad I didn't trust you when ya said you'd be in the clear as long as you weren't caught crossing the line?" "A word of warning, never trust Bo unless he's behind the wheel of something on four tires." Luke piped in. Kira laughed as Bo tried his best to look offended, then gave up and laughed along, too. "I'll keep that in mind." "Just how is it that you were able to get that there paper for Bo?" Daisy asked while reaching for another piece of cornbread. "I just asked Judge Barclay a favor. He owed me. It's a good thing that I haven't been in the habit of calling in those favors a lot. It made it a bit easier to get him to agree." "Just what do you do in Atlanta that would make a Judge owe YOU a favor?" Coy had to hear this one. "I've been helping his daughter through a rough patch is all. You could say she learned the hard way what can happen to a runaway in the city. We clicked, so I've been like a big sister to her to help her out." "Now that still didn't exactly answer Coy's question. What do you do in Atlanta?" Jesse wanted to steer the conversation to how Bo and Kira met up after so long, but he'll let the kids run it for right now. "I, uh, I'm a public defender." Kira heard a spoon clatter in a bowl. Not sure who dropped it since no one was eating anymore. No one but Bo that is. "As in a Lawyer?" Luke tried to remember if he had ever heard of a Duke lawyer. Nope. Guess there's always a first. Then a thought hit him causing him to burst out laughing. "A lawyer whose brother is on probation for running moonshine. I bet that'll go over well with your co-workers." That broke the ice as the others joined in with the laughter and then began to ask Kira various questions about how she had became a lawyer. Kira explained, vaguely (she's a lawyer after all), of going to law school as a condition of the Will left by Ben Kyle. She also had explained that she had become a PD instead of accepting the junior partnership at Ben's old firm when Tom and Michelle had offered it. Wanting to prove that she could do her job without anyone's help. Her tuition may have been a gift, but she had busted her hide to earn her diploma. Pride. The only thing that she had held onto all her life had kept her from taking the easier path. Duke pride, Jesse acknowledge silently. It appeared she had her share. As he saw Kira talk about her time in Atlanta, he once again saw the confident young woman that had stared down J.D. earlier. "For twins, you and Bo sure ain't much alike." Daisy looked at her cousins trying to find any similarities. "I'm tryin' to picture it if Bo had gone off to Law school. And I can't." Daisy grinned at his pout. "Bo wasn't much for book learnin'." "Nothing alike huh?" Kira raised an eyebrow to that. "I can out argue anyone south of the Mason-Dixon, I can out-drive, out-fight, out-race nearly anyone I've come across. I'm spiteful to a fault. Telling me I can't do something is a sure-fire way of getting me do it just to prove ya wrong..." Kira took a breath when Bo laughed as he got seconds of his beans. "How am I doing? Sound like anyone else you know?" "We'll have to race tomorrow to see whose better between the two of us." "You're on Bro." "You race?" Luke had a hard time combining the image of the Lady Lawyer who just happened to be his cousin with a racing fiend. They just wouldn't merge. The way she'd just described herself did sound just like Bo. Of course when Bo argued, it usually involve fists, not words. "That's my racer on the back of the truck. I race Motor-Cross. I've done some stunt riding back in college, too." "Okay, I take it back. The two of you are so much alike it's scary." Daisy laughed. "Those high-falutin folks at your college must of loved that." "Why do you think I did it?" Kira grinned at Daisy. "I told you I'm spiteful." The rest of the dinner, to Kira's relief, revolved around the various races that five out of the seven Dukes had entered. It was agreed that they would have a race the next day. The two race cars with the four fellas against Kira and her motorcycle. After supper, Bo and Luke got up and headed out for evening chores. Jesse went out with them, intent on asking the questions that had gone unasked at dinner.
  14. Petrified -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kira stood there not really sure what to do. 'Guess I'll have get used to a lot of hugging from now on, huh?' Kira had to break the mood somehow. She didn't want to offend Jesse by pulling away, so she did the only thing she could. She mentally reached out to Bo to distract herself. Bo, taking the hint, readily jumped in to help her. 'At least for a couple of days.' "Uh, Uncle Jesse? Um..." How could he let his uncle know Kira really NEEDED him to let go. Sensing her anxiety level rising, Bo places his hand on Jesse's arm causing him to look up at his blond nephew. Emotion still running high, he pulled the young man towards him, allowing Kira to slip out of the old man's grasp. 'Thanks.' True, she had been more patient with Bo's emotional outburst a few days earlier, but she's always known Bo. Jesse is a stranger to her, blood or not. Plus, she'd not been faced with the knowledge of knowing that she could expect many more displays like this in the coming days. "Come on Boss, ain't no reason for us to stay." Rosco would love to stay for the reunion, but he understood that this was a private family moment. He led Boss towards his car as he gave Luke a heartfelt smile (something he rarely did to the Dukes) as he passed by him. Jesse started to pull away from Bo as he lightly smacked him upside the head. "I ought to tan your hide for making me worry so much about you!" "I'm sorry Uncle Jesse. I didn't mean to worry you none. I just ..." Kira put her glasses back on to hide her amusement as it appeared that Bo wouldn't be granted a reprieve from Jesse's annoyance over running off to Atlanta. "Well let's get inside. Your just in time for supper. Go get cleaned up." "Yes sir." Bo answers automatically, walking toward the house. Kira, not quite ready to face the others, and wanting to head off anymore emotional outburst, quickly followed right behind him. 'Oh no you don't. You're not leaving me alone with them just yet.' 'Scared?' Bo teased her, trying to lift her mood but missing the mark. 'Petrified.' Jesse watched the twins walk in together slightly confused. When she faced Boss, she'd seemed so confident. Now it was like that bold woman that stood there smirking at Boss had been replaced by a scared child. He wondered just what kind of life would make Kira scared of her own family. Because she was. He had seen it in her eyes just before she'd put those danged glasses back on. That must have been the reason behind them. "Well, let's go on in too." "Uncle Jesse?" Luke walked up, not sure if he really believed that Bo could mysteriously find his twin so quickly after just learning about her. Luke was suspicious and didn't want to see Bo hurt if she turned out to be a fraud. "Do you really think that she's Kira, OUR Kira?" The others had gathered around, letting Luke ask the same questions that they wanted to know the answers to. "How can we know for sure she is who she says she is?" "Luke. She is Kira. She looks just like her momma. Plus, remember the bond that they have, it's the same as the one that yours and Bo's daddies had. Bo says she's Kira, then there ain't no doubt." Back in the hall, Bo waits for Kira to finish cleaning up before heading in to the main room. "Kira, you going to be alright?" Bo asks as she steps out of the bathroom. Kira looks up to answer. She almost bluffed her way out but remembered the one rule that Bo said that Jesse had always enforce. Dukes don't lie to Dukes. Well, if she's a Duke, she'd better answer honestly or not at all. "Ask me later." There, a safe answer. Bo gave here a smile as he led the way to the kitchen. The leaf had been added to the table and chairs were added to accommodate the seven Dukes. Coy was about to sit in the chair next to his, Vance was already sitting opposite of the chair that Coy was heading for. That only left the seat BETWEEN Daisy and Vance for Kira. Bo caught Coy's eye and barely shook his head mouthing the word please. Coy seemed to understand and took the other seat instead. The blessing was said and the Dukes all began to start their supper of pintos and sweet cornbread. No one seemed to want to be the first to break the silence. Not sure where to begin.
  15. Bo took a deep breath to steady himself before opening the door. Not really sure if coming home a day early was a good idea after all. Looking in the drive, he'd seen that Coy and Vance's yellow car was parked alongside The General, but he also saw Boss's White Cadillac. As Bo stepped out of the truck, he saw Luke running his way. He had to admit, he'd missed Luke something fierce. Luke engulfed Bo in a huge hug just as Rosco's patrol car pulled in and Boss came out of the farm house. "Your timing is impeccable as usual, Cuz'." Knowing that Bo had finally come home only to be arrested. "Luke, I..." "Ha! There he is! Rosco, git him! Arrest to him! Arrest Bo Duke!" Boss couldn't believe his eyes as he walked out of the farmhouse only to find the prodigal Duke finally skulking back home. "What?" Bo pulled back from Luke and swung around to face Hogg. "You ain't got no cause to arrest me. I ain't done nothing!" "Oh, but I DO. You broke your probation and went to Atlanta without permission." Bo stood there opened mouth at hearing that. How'd J.D. know where he was at? "The phone call, Bo. Boss traced it." Luke told Bo seeing his confusion. "Alright, Rosco, do your duty. Looks like I'll have one more thing to be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving. He-He!" As Rosco stepped forward to take Bo into custody, the family, (Coy, Vance, Daisy, and Jesse) all seemed to come out from wherever they had been working and looked on knowing that for once there was nothing they could do to help their kin. "I'm sorry about this Bo, but I got ta take ya in." "That won't be necessary Sheriff." Kira stepped out of the truck as she spoke. Okay, dealing with family maybe uncharted territory for her, but dealing with the likes of Hogg? She did that nearly on a daily basis. "Seeing as no violation has been made." Luke looked back at the woman that brought Bo home as she drew everyone's attention away from Bo and towards herself. She walked past the two cousins and gave Bo a squeeze on his shoulder before continuing her march toward Rosco while keeping her gaze, through dark glasses that resembled Sheriff Little's, on Boss. In her hand was a legal size, manila envelope. "What do you mean no violation has been made. Bo Duke ain't to leave Hazzard without the expressed permission of his probation officer, namely ME. And I ain't given no permission. So little lady, you just step aside so Rosco can arrest 'em." Kira couldn't help it. She was going to enjoy this immensely. She didn't bother hiding her smirk but modulated her voice to match that of the same tone that she would often use while cross-examining a witness that had just revealed their hand and gave her what she needed. "Actually, Bo needs expressed permission of his probation officer, namely you, OR an authorized officer of the court. Which he did." Handing the envelope to Rosco, Kira continued. "This is a signed, sealed document from Judge Brian Barclay in Atlanta giving Bo a week long pass to visit Atlanta due to exigent circumstances. So you see, no violation has been made. Therefore, no arrest, is in order." With hearing this, Boss got over to Rosco as fast as he could waddle and grabbed the envelope away from Rosco and began to read over the document that Kira had furnished. "This is obviously a forgery. Dukes will do anything to keep their kin outta jail." Boss made a move to rip the paper as he spoke. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Judge Barclay tends to get his feathers ruffled when anyone disrespects the office of his robes. He has jailed better men than you for far less when it comes to contempt of his court. Of course, if you'd prefer to spend the holiday in lock up, by all means, go ahead. Besides, that there is only a copy. The original is on file back in Atlanta." Bo couldn't help it, he nearly laughed out loud as he saw the expression on Boss's face. He was as surprised as Boss to learn about the document, but he was sure glad Kira had it. Bo looked at Luke's face of confusion and smiled. Well no time like the present. Bo left Luke's side and walked towards Kira. "Just who do you think you are coming to my county like this..." "Who am I," Kira smirked, leaned into Boss and lowered her voice so only he could hear. "I am your worst nightmare. A Duke with a Law Degree." "Dat-Dat! What?" Bo threw his arm across Kira's shoulder, a silent thanks passed between them as Bo smiled so brightly that it rivaled an August sunrise. "Boss, I'd like to introduce you to someone very special. Kira Duke! My sister." Everyone in the farmyard stood stock still as they took in what Bo had just said. Rosco and Jesse seemed to come out of their trances first at about the same time. Since Rosco was closest to Kira, he beat the Patriarch to Kira. Rosco pushed pass Boss and he made a grab for Kira's hand and began to pump it up and down as if he was trying to get water from a well. "I don't think I've been so glad to see a Duke in all my born days!" "Rosco you Do-do brain, what do you think you're doin'?" Jesse pushed Rosco aside as he tried to get a better look at the woman who just might be his long lost niece. Kira removed her sunglasses as Jesse stood before her. He seemed to look so hard that Kira barely kept herself from squirming out from under his gaze. Bo tightened his grip on her shoulders as he silently said to her, 'It's alright'. After a moment, Jesse reached forward to pull Kira in to a hug while softly saying, "Welcome home, baby."
  16. The drive back to Hazzard passed too quickly for both Kira and Bo. Despite wanting to go home, he wasn't looking forward to the lectures about running off and worrying the whole family that each member was bound to issue him the moment he arrived. The one good thing though, no one spotted him as he re-entered the Tri-county area. Of course with the tinted windows, they could have driven right by Rosco unnoticed. Bo couldn't miss the fact that neither he nor Kira had really spoken, once they hit the county line. Not except Bo giving the directions to take them to the farmhouse. Finally the farm was within sight. Bo was almost home. He only hoped Kira would one day feel the same affection for the farm and those that lived there, as he did. / "What do'ya want Boss? Ya done seen that Bo still ain't here. You just can't wait to lock a Duke up can you? Well it looks like you'll just have to wait. Cause even IF I knew where Bo's at, I wouldn't tell the likes of you!" Luke had lost all patience with Boss Hogg. He had come out several times a day since Sunday. With Thanksgiving just two days away, he had too much to do to be wasting time with the over-anxious commissioner. There was still only a little over an hour left of daylight and Luke didn't intend to use it talking with Boss. "You don't really think I'd take the word of a Duke and believe that your no good cousin still ain't showed up yet now do you?" Boss went on puffing his on one of those blasted cigars that he seems so fond of. One of these days, Luke would love to shove one of those things right down Boss's gullet. After going for so many days with little to no sleep, Luke's fuse was significantly shorter than usual. He was so tempted to blow up at Boss like Bo might have if he'd been here. Of course if he was here, Boss would order Rosco to cuff 'em and stuff 'em. Rosco had yet to return to his typically annoying self in Bo's absence. Luke guessed harassing the Dukes had lost it's fun for Rosco while Bo was missing. Unfortunately, his sudden case of conscience hadn't rubbed off on Boss. "I don't rightly care what you believe Boss. I ain't got time for this. Look around if you must, but don't get in the way." With that, Luke went back to helping Coy and Vance with tables that they were setting up in the farmyard for the feast that was scheduled in a couple of days. Boss didn't let Luke's show phase him. He just KNEW Bo was here somewhere. And when he found him, he would finally have one less Duke to worry about. So he proceeded to look around inside the old farm house, despite the protests coming from Jesse Duke. Just before Hogg was about to leave, Vance noticed a dark green pick-up pulling up the drive. "Hey Luke, friends of yours?" Luke looked up and saw the truck too. He tried to see who was inside but the windows had been tinted, making it impossible to see inside the cab. "Nope, never seen 'em before." Luke started to walk in the direction of the truck as the passenger's door opened. It was only when he saw the distinctive blond hair did Luke break out into a run towards the vehicle. /
  17. Welcome home, baby -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning, Bo woke up first. Looking at the clock, he saw it was time for chores. Chores that he wasn't home to help Luke do for the third morning in a row. He had never been away from home so long, alone at least. Anytime he had been away, it had always been along-side Luke. Bo had to admit, he was homesick. Walking into the living-room, Bo watched Kira sleeping on the couch, thinking about everything that had happened the last several days. How could he tell her he was homesick? They had a life-time of catching up to do and here he wanted to cut it short. Oh he could wait 'til tomorrow. He just wasn't sure he wanted to. He wasn't meant to be cooped up in an apartment all day. Still thinking, Bo went to the kitchen to look for some breakfast. He was washing his bowl when Kira walked into the kitchen. "Mornin' Darlin. Rise an.." "Say it and choke on it." Kira grabbed the cereal and headed to the fridge as Bo tried his best NOT to laugh. "How long you been awake? By the way your actin', I'd say a while." Kira poured herself some milk and set to eating her cereal. "About an hour." Kira gave Bo a look and shook her head. There ain't no reason to be up so early in the morning in her opinion. Of course, she never grew up on a farm. She may feel differently if she had been. "Got up for chores, huh? Only to realize there were no chores." Bo looked down, not wanting to look at Kira, afraid what his face might give away. Kira softened as she saw him like that. "It's alright Bo. I know you miss your home. In fact, if you want, I can drive you back after lunch." Bo was about to tell her that she didn't have to, but stopped. He knew that he couldn't honestly say he didn't want to go home. "I can have ya' home in time for evenin' chores." Kira grinned as she thought that maybe, just maybe, he'd be doing them alone if Luke decides to get back at him for missing three days worth of work. "I'll go pack. Things'll be slow today again. If you want, you can hang out at the office instead of being bored sitting around here. That way we can leave straight from there and get you home faster." Kira left her half eaten cereal on the table to go pack. It was too early to eat anyway. / "Who's the stud in your office? Don't tell me that you're dating him." Tanya, the legal aide that had gone through every man in the building, practically was drooling at the prospect of a new guy to place her attentions. "I'm not, he's my brother and he's off limits, so back off." Kira was beginning to rethink the idea of having brought Bo to work. Not thinking it had been a good idea at all. Oh sure, he was certainly enjoying the attention that he was getting from the single women, along with some of the married ones too. But when it came to women like Tanya, Bo was out of his league. She'd eat him alive. "I wonder if all they say about country boys is true." Tanya was already heading back towards Kira's office when she grabbed a hold of Tanya's arm and spun her around. "You're not going to find out. You're going to be busy all morning with the work I done gave you to do. And you're staying away from my brother if you know what's good for you." "That almost sounds like a threat." Tanya tried to size Kira up. Obviously, she was stronger than she looked, judging by the grip she had on her arm. "You bet your boots it is." Kira stared down the aide, not about to let her get her hooks into Bo for one minute. "Find a new hunting ground, Tanya, just make sure it ain't my family." Kira let go and turned back to her office. Maybe she could rush through her paperwork and be done before Tanya returned to the office. /
  18. Mean while, back in Hazzard, despite Bo's call to stop worrying for him, the search party still worried. Now it was because they hoped they could find him before Hogg did. He had traced Bo's call to Atlanta. The call had been too short to get an exact location though. But just knowing Bo wasn't in Hazzard was enough for Boss. And in spite of Rosco's pleas to go easy on the Duke just this once, Boss was insistent that Bo was to be arrested the moment he showed back up in Hazzard. Back at the Duke farm, the three remaining Dukes were left knowing that this time, there would be no wiggle room in getting Bo out of trouble. Once Bo showed up, the reunion would be short lived for sure. But even with all that was going on, they continued to prepare for the onslaught of Dukes that would begin to filter in over the next couple of mornings. Coy and Vance were coming tomorrow to help set up the extra cots and whatever else would be needed to be done as the majority of Dukes would be coming in throughout Wednesday. Judd would be the last to arrive, not scheduled to arrive until Thursday morning. Daisy sat at the table trying to plan out what else she needed so she'd be prepared for Thanksgiving but just couldn't seem to put her heart into it. Just a couple of days ago she had sat in this very spot teasing Luke about his pictures. Been in this spot when Bo had learned abruptly that he wasn't born an only child as he had always been led to believe. It was here, that the family seemed to crumble as Bo ran out of here in blind anger. And it was here that Daisy just sat thinking about her lost, baby cousin. Ok, he could hardly be called her Baby Cousin anymore. He had long since out-grew all of them. Even Luke, who had always seemed larger than life to her. But Bo was by far the most sensitive of the Dukes. He seemed to feel everything on the extreme. When he was happy, no one could seem to do anything but be happy with him. But when he cried, it could break the heart of anyone nearby. Even Boss had been known to fight back tears as the youngest Duke cried. Daisy looked out the kitchen door as she once again wondered why Bo went to Atlanta and how he'd gotten there. She only hoped that she could ask him before Boss had Rosco put him "under the jail". / Bo headed back into Kira's apartment building with his lone bag. The prices here in Atlanta were nearly double of those at Rhuebottom's. He had grudgingly purchases two pairs of jeans and two plain blue T-shirts. The only bright part of the whole ordeal was when he had gotten to flirt with the cashier. She was already looking a bit frazzled so early in the day due to the other shoppers who seemed to go out of their way to be rude to the sales staff. So of course, when it came his turn to be waited on, Bo had turned his southern charm on in high gear. By the time he had gotten his change, the woman was alternating between various shades of red. Once inside, Bo hastily changed into one of his newly acquired outfits then set about to doing the laundry so his clothes would be ready for him when it was time to return to Hazzard. Just because he didn't usually do laundry didn't mean he COULDN'T do laundry after all. With that done, Bo began to wander the apartment to really take in his sister's home. It had no pictures or personal touches really. It reminded Bo of a set for a play. A place made up to look like someone lived here but lacked real substance. True, at least Kira had set up a keyboard in the bedroom. He should have known. Music was in a Duke's blood just as much as racing is. OK. Bo knew he was snooping but he figured he'd be forgiven. On the top shelf of the closet, Bo found a scrapbook that held Kira's GED and college diplomas. Go figure, a Duke went off to college and no one even knew she was alive. It also held various articles from some of the races she'd participated in. In the back of the book, Bo found an Obituary to the first person that had ever really tried to help Kira. Bo sent up a silent prayer of thanks for the long since gone, self-appointed guardian angel that had taken Kira in as a teenager. He stared at the picture of the man who had helped Kira turn her life away from the hopelessness that usually comes with having lived on the streets. Closing the scrapbook, Bo replaces it on the shelf in the closet. Turning back to keyboard, he notices that it had a record feature. Bo pushed play to hear the last piece that Kira had recorded. The melody that flowed around him was a sad, soulful sort. It seemed to convey all the emotions that had been so prominent in Kira's life. Fear, sadness, dread, and anger. Halfway through though, the melody changed. Bits of lighter strands began to filter their way into the piece. Almost like it symbolized a recognition of a turning point in life. Slowly, the lighter strands over took the melody giving it a happier sound despite the dark undertones that still played in the background. So lost in the music, Bo never noticed it when Kira came in. Realizing that she hadn't been seen, Kira slipped back out and headed to the kitchen and began to make sandwiches for lunch. Standing here in the kitchen as Bo listened to the piece that she had not allowed anyone else to hear, it just seemed right that Bo hear it. After all, he was the only LIVING person that knew of everything that she had been through during her childhood. Kira recorded this piece for the first time shortly after Ben died. Ben Kyle. A stubborn old man that took great pleasure in getting one over on his selfish kids. He told them that if they were too busy and self-important to give him grand kids, he'd just go out and pick one. Kira still could hardly believe that fate had put her in the right place at the right time. It had irked his kids to no end when the old man had taken in a street urchin. It had totally ticked them off when she had been name in his will, too. With conditions of course. But she hadn't minded them. She had no interest in his money. She fulfilled those conditions out of respect, though, for the man that saw her as being worth something more than street litter. So through her, Ben had gotten in one last jab at his spoiled kids. They never forgave Ben, or her, for the his parting shot at them. But that was their problem, not hers. "I didn't hear you come in. How was work?" Bo came in and unthinkingly he gave the customary greeting that he usually gave Daisy. A kiss to the forehead. This time though, unlike this morning, Kira didn't shy away from his touch. "I just got in, and work was actually a little boring what with most everyone already gone for the holiday." "I didn't know you played the keyboard. That piece have any lyrics to go with it? I like it." Bo fished around the fridge to pull out the milk and got a couple of glasses out as Kira put the sandwiches on the table. "You should try your hand at song writing, I think you'd be good at it." "No there ain't no lyrics. It's a piece that just sort of played itself. As far as knowing how to play, I sort of taught myself to play by ear. I just like to mess around with it some is all. It's nothing really." "Do me a favor, bring your keyboard when we go to Hazzard. We'll play together. You on the keyboard, me and Luke can join you with our guitars. It'll be fun." "I don't know..." "Come on, please." Ok, she was definitely going to have to find some sort of defense against those big blue eyes and puppy dog face. Kira got the feeling that THAT look tended to work for him a lot. Just like it was going to now. "Oh, alright. But I ain't promising to actually play it." Bo grinned his assent. He knew he'd won half the battle. He'd win the other half later. During lunch, the two talked about everything and anything. From Kira's clients to Bo's shopping trip, from which it was obvious that he had enjoyed the fact that even in rumpled, dirty old clothes, he had still been able to get a color show out of the cashier. Kira teased Bo about how one day, someone was going to tame the playboy he'd become. If someone had peaked in, no one would of ever guessed that the siblings HADN'T spent their entire lives together. As the day wore on, Bo convinced Kira to play the keyboard. She played Jonny Cash's Boy Named Sue to which Bo sang along. By the end though they had started laughing so hard that they couldn't finish the song. Afterwards, Bo wheedled Kira into singing a song herself. After a moment of thinking, Kira played and sang Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' with perfect pitch. Bo tried, unsuccessfully, to convince her that she had sang it great. Despite her lack of confidence, though, Kira sang a few more songs with Bo as she allowed herself to enjoy the afternoon with her brother. Both were all too aware that Wednesday was fast approaching. With it's arrival, Bo would be returning to Hazzard and the opportunities to spend time together may be few and far between.
  19. Chapter 7: A Favor Asked -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kira woke up first this morning and did her best to slip away without waking Bo. The last two days replayed themselves in Kira's mind as she proceeded to get ready for work. In the last forty-eight hours, she had been shown more affection than she could ever remember being on the receiving end of. As an adult, touch has always meant a professional handshake or two. Nothing more. As a child, Kira had learned to dread touch. Usually touch came in the form of pain. Usually... Kira shook the thoughts away. Looking over at Bo's sleeping form, she worried that she'd hurt him the first time she'll pull away. She knew it will happen. She'd had fought it a couple of times already. It felt so strange to want, love, even need that closeness and fear it at the same time. After she finished pulling her hair back in a low ponytail, Kira walked over to the stereo, turn it to rock station, then blasted the volume. Kira watched on in amusement as Bo literally jumped off the couch. He quickly looked around trying to figured out what was going on until his eyes fell on Kira. She turned the stereo off laughing. "Mornin' Darlin'. Rise and shine!" Kira parroted Bo's greeting from the previous morning. Bo ran his hand through his blond hair smiling as he understood that this was her slight revenge for yesterday. "Mornin' Been up long?" Obviously she had by looking at the way she was dressed. "You should've woke me." "I just did, Bo-bear. Besides, I ain't been up longer than about half an hour. I figured I'd leave the truck for you use today. If you're stayin' a few days, you'll need to go get a couple changes of clothes. Otherwise, Daisy'll have just burn that there outfit you've been wearing since Saturday." Kira saw Bo look away. Oh she knew that he planned on being stubborn about her not spending more money on him. Duke pride and stubbornness. Well, she had her own share, too. "If it makes you feel better, you can keep them here when you go home. That way, the next time you come for an impromptu visit, you won't have to worry about packin'." Oh, Kira knew how to read people, knew how to state her argument and set out reason in front them before they could argue back. That's what made her so good at what she did. So of course, Bo couldn't fight with that kind of logic. Actually, he liked the idea of leaving physical proof that he had been here and planned to come back. "Alright. What time you think you'll be gettin' back?" "I should be done by lunch. It'll be a slow week. Really I only need to run a few quick errands. Deliver some paperwork, have some signed, that kind of stuff. Answer a few calls." Kira went over to her Bike and did a quick once over out of habit. Bo picked up her helmet and noticed it was painted with a bird of some kind on it. "What's this? I've never seen this before." Bo traced the bird with his finger as Kira came over to him. "It's a Phoenix. I was told that she and I are a lot alike. The Phoenix is said to be nearly impossible to kill. If you do succeed in killing her, her body bursts into flames. She is then reborn of the ashes of her own death. Thus, alive and well to take revenge out on who ever had brought her harm." Kira took the helmet from Bo and took it to her bike. Bo was silent for a minute. Thinking on the comparison. "It fits. After all, just this weekend you were reborn in a sense from your own death. Remember it was only two days ago you were a ghost. Now, well..." Ok, Bo had intended on being light about it but he had to stop as his voice cracked. Instead, Bo pulled Kira into a hug. Words weren't his usual way of showing how he felt. So he fell back on his usual manner of communicating. He felt Kira stiffen slightly before she relaxed into the hug. Some of the shared memories of Kira's childhood floated up into his mind. He wasn't sure if it was him or Kira that were remembering them, but he understood that they were the reason for her stiffening. Bo gave her one last squeeze before letting her go. "You better get goin' I guess," he said as he stepped back. "I guess so. I left the keys on the table for you. I'll be back in a while." With that, Kira walked her motorcycle out the door. Bo went to the kitchen to get breakfast and saw the truck keys on the table. Along with the keys was the money Kira expected him to use to buy some clothes. Dang it, he was a Duke. He can't just spend her money. But he agreed to Kira's request, and he had to admit, he did need a change of clothes. So after he ate, he headed out to go find a place to get some clothes. / "Judge Barclay!" Kira practically ran to catch up to the judge before the elevator closed. Barclay put a hand on the elevator to hold it for the the young woman headed his way. "Miss Kyle, how are you?" "I'm fine. How's Sam been doin'?" Sam was his daughter. She had gone through a rough patch a while back and Kira had sort of become her mentor. It was her help with Sam that Kira hoped would help her now. "And you of course." Kira smiled at the older man as his face lit up. "She's made a complete turn around. Her teachers all say she's like a different person. I've been meaning to call to ask you to Thanksgiving dinner. It's the least I can do after all you've done to help Sam. What with no family and all of your own, I'd be happy to have you come out." "Oh you don't have to worry about that none. In fact, I need to talk to you about something." Kira paused before adding, "And I need a favor." Kira wasn't in the habit of asking favors of anyone. Judge Barclay knew that. He looked at her for a second before answering her. "Well come on up to my chambers and fill me in on this favor of yours and I'll see what I can do." /
  20. Finally they had cleared the stadium traffic. Kira headed to the backstreets knowing that unless she wanted to make her trip home more than doubled in time, it was best to stay off the main streets. The Falcons won in overtime with a Hail Mary play. Kira bought a couple souvenir shirts before they left. She knew that the game was even better because it was something that both she and Bo could enjoy together. They were so different yet so alike in other ways that it could be scary. Though she fully intended on making him pay for how she woke up this morning, it was great to wake up this morning knowing that she was no longer alone in the world. Getting back to her apartment, they ordered a pizza and Bo told her more of life in Hazzard. Of his and Luke's habit of getting caught up in Boss Hogg's schemes. That was when Kira learned that Bo was on probation. He said it was no big deal, he should be fine since no one actually SAW him leave and no one knew what vehicle to watch for to catch him coming back across the line. As long as he wasn't caught in the process of going home he'd have nothing to worry about. Despite Bo's assurances, Kira started thinking of a way to keep Bo from getting arrested the moment he got back home. She'd wait to tell him about it later. He finally confessed to calling Cooter instead of calling home, too. She just listened as he tried to convince himself that it was just as good as calling Jesse, Daisy, or Luke. She knew he felt bad about making them worry. Kira had to admit, a part of her was jealous of the obvious closeness that Bo had to his Uncle and cousins. No, not his, OURS. Kira also had shared her fears that she wouldn't be able to adjust to life with a family after such a long time where that word had held no meaning for her. She and Bo sat up on the couch again talking half the night away before falling asleep where they were. Bo's arm protectively around Kira. Once during the night, Kira fell into a nightmare of flashbacks of another lifetime. In his sleep, Bo tightened his grip and Kira's nightmare fled as, for the first time in her life, she truly felt safe.
  21. Luke had just finished searching still site three when Enos came over the CB saying that he found The General out at the swamp. All the searchers immediately met over at Old Crowler's Turn off where Enos had found the only sign of Bo. When they all got to the swamp, Enos told everyone that he hadn't found any tracks leading inward to the swamp. Only those around where The General was parked and some leading to where a vehicle had been parked behind it. Immediately, Luke didn't like the looks of any of it. Would Bo leave with a stranger? Not willingly, surely. And anyone they knew would've called the farm to let us know where Bo was at. But here sat The General, but no Bo. Now what? Bo could literally be ANYWHERE! Of course, Bo was experienced enough to not leave obvious signs if he had wanted to go into the swamp without being followed. He sent Cooter back to the garage with Jesse's truck. He'd keep the stock car with him while he looked around a little bit more. Cooter had just gotten back to the garage when he heard the phone ring. Tempted to let it ring in his worry for Bo, he answers it anyway. "Cooter's Garage, Cooter speakin'." There was a pause on the other end of the line. Maybe it was some kids prank-callin'. "Hello, anyone there?" "Cooter. It's Bo." "BO! We've been lookin' all over for you. Where you at Buddy Roe?" "Yea, I know ya'll been lookin'. That's why I'm callin'. So ya'll can stop. I'm alright. I just need a couple of days is all. Call Uncle Jesse for me. Tell 'em I'm fine and I'll be home in a few days okay? And tell him that I'm bringing home a surprise." "Sure Buddy Roe but where you at? Don't 'cha want to call home yourself?" "No, Coot. Just do me that favor, please. Call off the search party, okay? And tell everyone to not worry about me. Gotta go. Later." Well, Dang! He just talked to Bo and still didn't have a clue about where he was at. Walking over to the CB, Cooter prepared himself to pass on Bo's message. Jesse and Luke weren't going to like this any better than if they hadn't heard from Bo at all. But, he'd told Bo he would tell them. / "OH COME ON! THAT WAS OFF SIDES YOU MORON!" Bo watch in amazement as Kira hollered out at the referee that obviously couldn't hear her. As he did so, he tried to imagine Daisy at the game instead. She would have never of even known what was going on down on the field, much less of joined in on the screaming match the fans had started after an oh so wrong call. The score was tied so that amped up the reaction to the bad call even more so considering it could make or break the game. "What are you smiling at? Didn't think I actually knew the game did ya?" "Nope. That and I was tryin' to picture Daisy at a game. I always have to explain everything to her whenever I watch one on TV. Luke knows the game, he just lost interest in it though. Guess I have a new game day partner, huh?" Bo reached over and gave Kira a squeeze around her shoulders. Looking around, the thought of wondering why they even bothered putting seats in these huge stadiums considering that no one was sitting anyway passed through his mind. A game where the crowd was sitting down was a game that was a bore. Well, they'll sit during the half-time show at least. But for right now, the crowd once again was going wild as the Falcons caught an interception.
  22. Touch Down! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Bo woke up, he looked around in confusion as he took in the unfamiliar room. He knew that he wasn't in his own bed nor was Luke in the same room with him. Sitting up, Bo remembered everything that had happened the day before. KIRA! Please don't let that part be a dream. 'Kira!' 'What?' Okay, that's a first. For once he is the first to wake up in the morning. Luke would be so proud. On second thought, looking at the clock, at six-thirty maybe proud wouldn't exactly be the right word. 'Just checking.' Bo could hear Kira mutter in the next room about getting so abruptly woken up after having gone to bed so late last night. Bo chuckled to himself and went ahead and made himself presentable before heading out to poke around in the kitchen. Looking through the cabinets, Bo saw that he had the choice of instant oatmeal or Cheerios. He grabbed the oatmeal and made enough for Kira too. He put the bowls on the table as Kira walked in looking a little worse for wear after their late night talk. Of course after a life-time of living with Daisy, he knew better than tell a woman that. "Mornin' Darlin', rise and shine." Kira made a look as she answered Bo, "I'll shine when the sun does." She threw herself in a chair and smiled a weak smile of thanks for the breakfast. Bo grinned at her. Looks like his sister is less of a morning person than even he is. "Just be glad I ain't Luke. He would've woke you up an hour ago." Oh now that made Kira look up fast. Remembering that those two were used to having to get up to do farm chores before breakfast, Kira just groaned at the thought of the possibility of having lost more sleep. "What time's the game?" "Kick offs at one. Traffic's gonna suck though so we'll need to leave early to get the tickets and get our seats." Kira looks at Bo for a second before adding, "You wanna call home? Tell 'em all your alright?" Bo knew he should. He could do it right now. Everyone would be up by now. But just what would he say? "In a few hours. Before we leave, I'll do it then." Bo stared out the window over the sink watching the beginnings of the sunrise. He'll call home soon. / "Alright, the bike's unloaded. You about ready?" Bo turns to seen Kira walking her motorcycle into the living room. Bo looked on with amusement. Now that had to of been a sight, Kira on the elevator with her bike. "What? I always park my bike up here. Better than paying for a second parking space." Bo laughed and so did Kira. "Well, you make that call yet? I can take you home after the game if you want. Other than that you'll have to wait. I've got to go into the office Monday and Tuesday. You can stay if you don't mind waiting a couple of days before heading back." "I'm making the call now." Bo walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. He dialed all but the last number before hanging up. Glancing over at Kira as she set her bike up in what appeared to be it's usual spot, Bo picked up the phone again, this time dialing a different set of numbers. Silently he prayed that he'd get an answer despite the fact it was Sunday. On the third ring, he got an answer. "Cooter's Garage, Cooter speakin'." Bo paused, still not sure what to say to anyone in Hazzard. "Hello, anyone there?" "Cooter. It's Bo." "BO! We've been lookin' all over for you. Where you at Buddy Roe?" "Yea, I know ya'll been lookin'. That's why I'm callin'. So ya'll can stop. I'm alright. I just need a couple of days is all. Call Uncle Jesse for me. Tell 'em I'm fine and I'll be home in a few days okay? And tell him that I'm bringing home a surprise." "Sure Buddy Roe but where you at? Don't 'cha want to call home yourself?" "No, Coot. Just do me that favor, please. Call off the search party, okay? And tell everyone to not worry about me. Gotta go. Later." Bo hung up before Cooter could say anything else. Turning, he grabbed his coat and went to the door to wait for Kira. Together they headed out for their first Real outing of brother/sister bonding. /
  23. "Kira, Michelle. Listen. Something's come up so Tom and I have to head out to Carolina early. Tom had tickets to the game Sunday and hates to see them go to waste. I'm leaving them on the desk. You can come by and get them if you want to go. I'm sure it won't be hard to get someone, even at the last minute, to go with you. Hope you enjoy them. See you in a week." Kira smiled as she turned to Bo. "Want to go to the Falcons' game?" "Who they playing?" "Does it matter?" "Nope." Kira was grabbing some spare blankets from the closet and went and sat on the couch. "Didn't think so. Go on and take the bed, I'll see you in the morning." "Wait a minute. You don't have to give up your room. I'm more than willing to sleep on the couch." Bo walked over to the small couch. "Wouldn't be the first time I slept on a couch, you know." "Yes, but there's just a little too much you and not enough couch. I'm shorter than you. So go on and get. Besides, my home, my rules." Kira was already starting to straighten the blankets out as Bo realized that there was no arguing with her. "Alright, see you in the morning." Bo bent down to kiss the top of her head. "Night Bo-bear." Kira giggled as she used her childhood nickname for Bo for the first time out loud. Bo made a face then laughed too. "Just do me a favor, don't ever call me that in front of Luke, or Cooter." Both were still smiling as they both drifted off into sleep in their respective beds for the night. / Well, Luke figured that he'd might as well get on up and get a start on morning chores. He got up and got dressed to head on out. Looking over at the empty bed in the room, Luke wavered between saying a silent prayer for his cousin, hoping he was safe, and swearing that when he found him HE'D tan his hide for making everyone worry so much about him. Despite doing the chores alone, he got done in record time. Heading inside, Luke found Jesse busy making breakfast. "Mornin'. I figured you'd be up already. Sit on down. Breakfast is almost ready." Luke walked over to the sink to wash up before sitting down. "Mornin'." "Any idea where you'll look today?" "Well, I thought he would have gone to one of the still sites. But I'm guessin' not since Rosco saw 'em up on Junction Road. Ain't no tellin' where he's at now. I suppose I'll start at still site 3 since the old shack would have at least given him a roof overnight. I'll get Cooter to check the Indian caves again for me." "Rosco CB'd and said he's on his way to check the old mills and factories." He saw Luke's look of surprise at hearing Rosco was already up and on the move. "Looks like we weren't the only ones losin' sleep over Bo last night. He said he'll send Enos to check out the swamp." "Well, I guess that should be a good start then. One of us is bound to spot him." Luke hoped that Bo was alright. All he could think about all night was that look that had been on his face when he had stormed out of here. In that one look he looked hurt, frustrated, angry, sad, and betrayed all at once. One thing in their favor today at least. Bo most likely won't be on the move as he had been yesterday. The anger should have cooled a few notches overnight. Of course anger wouldn't have been the only thing to have cooled overnight. There was a freeze warning last night which worried Luke. What if his fool of a cousin didn't find shelter last night? No, Bo was smarter than that. He's alright, at least until Luke found him that is.
  24. TWINS! Kira waited patiently for Bo to gather himself enough to talk. She just held onto Bo while he clung to her like she was a life line to a drowning man. After several moments, Bo's grip loosened slightly, but not by much. Kira looked up at Bo's face trying to think of something to break the silence. The silence, however, was broken by a not so quiet sound that spoke of Bo's stomach protesting the lack of attention. Kira smiled at the embarrassed look that crossed Bo's face. "Come on. Let's find some place warm to sit and talk. I'll buy you something to eat." Kira disentangled herself from Bo and headed to her truck. Bo started to get into The General out of habit but stopped himself. After a moment's hesitation, he instead walked to the truck as well. Kira raised her eyebrow slightly but didn't say anything. Instead she put the truck in gear. She knew that the only place open at this time of night in Hazzard was the Boar's Nest. Looking over at Bo, she decided that whatever Bo needed to talk about, he wouldn't be able to do it there. Instead, she headed for the highway. Bo didn't say anything as she pointed the truck away from town. Instead he spent the ride staring at his sister trying to make sense of everything. How is it that he and Kira could be so connected without ever knowing about the other? He knew that he and Luke always seemed to be able to sense when each other was in trouble. A sixth-sense. Uncle Jesse claimed that he could tell when he and Luke were in trouble because his big toe would hurt. But having complete conversations from miles away? Is it because he and Kira are twins? Bo had heard that twins tended to have special connections. Shoot, most would probably think he and Luke must be twins to have such a strong connection, even though they were four years apart in age. If he was so strongly tied to Luke, maybe it only made sense that he'd be even more connected to his twin. Despite the lack of physical contact while growing up. So lost in his thoughts, that it took him a while to realize that Kira had pulled into a diner. He didn't recognize it. He only knew that he wasn't in the Tri-county area anymore. Well, at least no one should recognize him then. Getting out of the truck, he followed Kira in. An older woman came over with some menus and led them to a table in the nearly empty restaurant. "What can I get you to drink?" The waitress handed them their silverware and took out her notepad to take their order. "Coffee please," Bo answered. Fatigue still was pulling at him relentlessly. "Sweet tea, please." Kira didn't miss the slight roll of the waitress's eyes. It would have been easier if she only needed to bring the coffee pot around. Now she'd also have to bring out a pitcher of tea for just one customer. Bo looked at Kira knowing she was silently waiting for him to tell her what had caused him to call out to her. He just didn't know where to start. "So, uh, you race?" Bo knew that he was taking the coward's way for now. He just needed more time. Kira looked at him for a moment then glance out at her truck and bike. OK, she could wait a little longer. She could see the silent plea in Bo's eyes. She'd not push just yet. After all, she wasn't anything if not patient. A virtue that had been born by necessity over the years. "Yep, my only real source of cutting loose I guess. I love it. You race too or was that fancy lookin' paint-job on that car of yours just for show?" "Race in every race we can, both Luke and I. The General is the fastest car in at least three counties." Bo smiled with pride. The first smile he'd smiled since opening the brown envelope at lunch. Remembering the envelope, he fingered it on the seat beside him where he sat it when he took his jacket off when they came in. Before he could say anything else, the waitress was back with their drinks. "Well have you decided what to order yet or do you need a minute?" Bo looks over at the forgotten menus, then to Kira. "How about you just bring us a couple of specials?" Kira ordered for them both. She wasn't sure what the special might be but right now, she finally had Bo talking and she didn't want to have to stop him even to just look at the menus. He didn't seem to mind, though. Granted, Kira knew that it wasn't racing that had caused him to be so upset earlier, but it seemed to relax him a bit. So for the next half hour or so, they talked about various races they both had been in. Including the Charity event that Kira had just raced in earlier that day for an area women's shelter. She explained that each driver got together sponsors that agreed to donate according to the driver's placing at the end of the race. In total, a little over ten thousand dollars had been raised. "Wow! Now I think Daisy might would like to arrange an event like that. And I wouldn't mind for once when she'd came around to recruiting me and Luke." Kira laughed as Bo proceeded to tell her of some of the things that Daisy had conned the two fellas into doing in the name of charity. Then the mood seemed to turn suddenly. Bo let out a deep sigh as he pushed his empty plate aside and put the brown envelope that he'd been fingering since they came in onto the table. "Daisy was working on a new project when Luke and I came in for lunch today. When we came in she was sittin' at the table with mounds of family albums looking through pictures for some sort of game she and Lulu were going to have for next weekend's festival. She and I joked around about some of Luke's pictures that she was going through, just having a good time. You know? Well, I got my baby book out to find a picture for her to use. Considering the pictures she was finding of Luke, it was safer for me to find my own picture." Bo look at Kira as she smiled at his attempt to lighten the mood. "Well, anyway. In my book, was this brown envelope. I opened it up, figuring it would just be more pictures." Bo had to stop as he remembered the emotions that unraveled in him in those first few moments upon opening the envelope. "Were there pictures in it?" Kira asked trying to prod him into continuing his story. "Just one." Bo took out the only picture that showed their family whole and complete. He handed it to Kira before continuing. "And with that picture, was a dozen or so newspaper clippings." Bo pulled these out as well. He placed each one on the table in front of his sister. Kira looked over the pieces of paper, scanning the headlines. One headline in particular caught her eye, Where is baby Kira? Duke family still holds out hope for finding missing infant. Kira? She looks up at Bo to confirm what he was implying. He wouldn't look at her. Not directly anyway. Then she took a closer look at the picture. Could these really be her parents? Kira began to systematically read through the articles by date. They told the story of how Kira Duke had been kidnapped at two days old. How all searches had come up empty. The family had even pitched in together in an effort to offer a reward for any information leading to the missing child. The last article was from when she was four. Explaining how the nurse had finally been found, though without the missing Duke, and her claims of getting rid of the child. Wait a minute. That would have been the same time that I was sent into foster care... Kira looked at the photograph again. Looking harder at the woman in the picture. OK, her own hair was a deeper red, but other than that, the woman in the picture looked almost exactly like her. "You look like Mom. I noticed that when you woke me up. Of course, I thought you were dead, so I thought I was seeing a ghost." Bo reached out to place a hand on hers. Kira looks up with tears in her eyes. Yes, now she fully understood Bo's reaction to her earlier. Bo has gone from being her childhood imaginary friend, to flesh and blood, to now being her brother. Not just her brother, her TWIN! She opened her mouth to try to find something to say, but was interrupted(or saved, since she didn't really know what to say) by the waitress walking up and briskly leaving the bill on the table. "I think that's our cue to leave." Kira tried to sound amused. "I'd better go pay. I'll be right back." Kira went up to the register as Bo started to put the papers back into the envelope. Once that was done, the two headed back to the truck. Once again, with an unspoken agreement, the two headed out. This time, the truck was pointed toward Atlanta as the twins filled each other in on various parts of life that they had missed over the years. A couple hours later, they had pulled into the parking deck of Kira's apartment building. Once inside her apartment, Kira checked her machine for any messages. There was one so she played it.
  25. Ghosts don't drive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bo climbed up on the hood of The General. Resting on the orange stock car, leaning back on the windshield. Again, Bo fingered the envelope that he had tucked into his jacket. Life had been so much simpler when he had woke up in the old farm house in the room he shared with his cousin and best friend Luke. Was it only just this morning that he had joked with his cousin about all the relatives that would, in just a few days, come in like an invading army to the Duke farm for Thanksgiving? It just didn't seem possible to have gone from a carefree, happy guy to the broken shell of a man he felt like now after opening a seemingly harmless envelope. Now his simple life has been replaced by one that included kidnappings, ghosts and apparently a looser hold on his own sanity than he'd always thought he had a firm hold on. Now sitting here, listening to the sounds of the swamp around him, the emotional toll of the day finally began to set in as he felt the weight of his eyelids grow far too heavy to remain open. In a matter of moments, Bo was sound asleep in a dream filled sleep that offered little rest. A short while latter, a dark green pick-up pulled in just behind the orange stock car with an 01 painted on the doors. The driver got out and walked up to the car. There on the hood, using the windshield as an uncomfortable pillow, lay a tall blond whose features were so familiar though she had never seen him a day in her life. Those features now were drawn in a face of discomfort. It was obvious that the young man was lost in a nightmare of some kind. Leaning over, she place her hand on the left shoulder of the man and began to wake him from his private horror. "Bo. Bo wake up." Bo heard someone say his name. He knew that voice. Great. He leaves one nightmare only to be woken up by a ghost. He's not ready to wake up and face reality yet so he tries to ignore the voice and the pressure on his shoulder. "Bo, come on. It's too cold to stay out here all night. It's freezing. You'll catch your death of cold if you don't wake up." Death. Yep that word is really the only word that stuck in his brain. A ghost talking about HIM catching HIS death by sitting out here in the swamp. "Come on Bo, you are the one to call me, remember? Wake up, please." Okay, please is what did it. How could he not acknowledge his sister, ghost or not after she asked so nicely? Bo opened his eyes not really ready to see what he found. The face that greeted him was far too familiar. He had been staring at a near carbon copy all afternoon. She looks just like mom. The thought flitted across his mind along with a muddle of other thoughts that he really didn't want to give a voice to. Bo sat up but didn't say anything. Didn't know what to say. Instead, he just stared at the image of the young woman standing beside him. She had a pale complexion (well let's face it ghosts don't get out in the sun that often), long red hair nearly to her waist and (though Bo couldn't see them in the moon light) he was willing to bet that like most Dukes she had blue eyes. He had to look away. Looking at her was just too painful. "You okay?" He looks lost. She knew of only one thing that had ever done that to him before. "Luke? Has something happened to Luke? Is he alright?" Kira slid up on the car beside the man she had both never met before yet knew all her life just the same. If she really thought about it, she really came here to see if she was crazy. Had her imaginary friend from all those years ago really existed? She had been on her way back to Atlanta from a Motor-cross race that she had raced in when she felt herself being called like she hadn't been in years. She had half way convinced herself that Bo was only a figment of her imagination. That the mind of a scared little girl had created him to help make reality easier to cope with. She was just outside of Hazzard, a county that had always seemed to pull her towards itself but she would stubbornly avoid. Even if it meant taking a long route to wherever she needed to go. So tonight, when she felt Bo call, she fought her own stubbornness and came to the one place she had always wanted to come yet stayed away all her life. "Bo look at me. What's wrong?" Bo turned to look at Kira. 'I thought ghosts were more transparent.' The thought crossed his mind and through their link before he could stop it. "Ghost? You want to explain that one? Last I checked, ghost don't drive." Kira glance behind them at her truck as if to show Bo that she had indeed driven here and not had just appeared from thin air. Slight amusement revealed in her voice. Bo followed her eyes and sees a dark green pick-up parked behind The General. Bo jumped off the hood and walked back to the truck. Now his mind must really be working overtime. How can he be creating so many details out of nothing? Looking in the truck's bed, Bo even saw a motorcycle strapped down. A racer of some sorts by the looks of it. He may not know motorcycles, but he knew a racing machine when he sees one. He looked back at Kira who is still waiting for him to say something as she leaned one hip against the side of The General. Suddenly, a realization hits Bo. She's NOT a ghost. She was real. His sister really was here in the flesh. Bo bound over to her and wraps her in hug so tight that Kira had to shift her weight to loosen his grip just enough so that she could breathe. She wrapped her own arms around Bo's waist to return the hug of the man who had yet to really say anything to her yet. As Bo sobbed quietly into Kira's hair, she could only make out one phrase. "You're alive. You're alive." / Daisy was looking out at the usual Saturday night crowd here at the Boar's Nest. Well the usual crowd minus two. The search for Bo had been called off until morning. She wondered just how Uncle Jesse had convinced Luke to stop for the night. Knowing Luke, he had fought it tooth and nail. She also knew that Luke wasn't likely to be getting much sleep tonight. Not with Bo's empty bed right next to his. He'll likely be right back out looking for Bo before the sun would even think of shining. Her dark haired cousin was as protective over the rest of the family as a mama bear of her cubs. Especially of Bo. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Lavinia had always been a little bit more protective of Bo than the other two children in their care. Now she knew why. It was as if they had expected for someone to come in at any moment to snatch him away too. To take him to join his missing sister. And Luke, instead of being jealous of Bo, picked up on the underlying feeling that Bo needed extra watching and jumped in with both feet. Those two had always been so close. Only two things had ever seemed to really put those two at REAL odds against each other. Diane Benson, no need going into all that, and when they were younger it was his imaginary friend Kira. Luke was right about Diane, but it now seems that Bo was right about Kira. She was real, just as Bo had repeatedly claimed when they were all youngens. A shiver ran down Daisy's spine as she thought about all those hours that Bo would sit there talking with or about his sister's ghost. A ghost. Daisy couldn't imagine what Bo was thinking about right now. How would she handle it if they had been in each other's places? She didn't rightly know. Not sure she really wanted to think about it either.
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