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  1. I'm glad that you had such a good time. I was there too for my first D.Fest. I was there with DixieDavenport. We should have all gotten together. I went with my husband who was not a fan really but he was a good sport and sat in the tent while I got Sonny and James's autographs. I was in Catherine's line for over an hour without it moving before I hopped out. I noticed five hours later that the folks that were behind me still looked like they had about another two hour wait on Saturday when my husband asked to leave. He stayed at the hotel Sunday so I was able to stay longer then. I remembered to use my handicapped place-card Sunday since Saturday I didn't and I literally had to walk from the very back of the lot. I also remembered to take my chair in for the wait. Dixie and I waited together for Tom's line from the very beginning; we had about a two hour wait and that was after rushing there from the very beginning. We got our picture taken with him together and then we cooled off under the tent for a while then looked at the cars and such. When I saw that John's line was down from where it had started I jumped in to meet him. I had his signature already since I'm a member of his fan club but I wanted to meet him and tell him that he inspired me to go back to writing after seeing an interview he'd done a few years back and it was posted on Youtube. In that interview he said that if there was something that you felt that you just had to do then do it. He said that everyone has one thing that they love to do so much that they'd do it for free. Well, I suppose that writing fanfiction would qualify for that. When I told him that I currently have readers in eighty-five countries he gave me a big high five. I also told him that my next project is to finish my own original story and try to get it published. Meeting John was definitely my highlight of my trip. Despite the fact that his line was busy he still stopped me so I could explain how he was responsible for me going back to writing. There was so much that I wanted to tell him but I knew that I had to be courteous to the folks that were behind me in line. Again Catherine's line was too long to get into but I did notice for the second day in a row one of the reasons why her line was so slow. It was common for the staff to take handicapped kids and let them cut in line. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the desire to let the kids see these actors. My own son is autistic but there was something that I noticed during my hours of waiting. There were a number of children that I saw taken to the front of the lines multiple times; only they had different adults with them each time. In essence, folks were using their kids to get to the front of the line. That irked me to high heaven. There were times that there were as many as four groups to get their picture taken with Catherine for every one person that she was taking from her line. Like I said, my son is autistic but I would have never used him just to cut in line. In fact I allowed him to stay home with his grandparents since I knew the long lines would push him to his limits. I think that some sort of system was needed to avoid the abuse of the allowances given to these kids. Perhaps a different color of a mark for each actor made on the armband so that the helpers could look at the band and know what tent each person had already gone to. Of course I might have noticed all of that happening since I am paid to notice stuff like that at work and come up with solutions to avoid hold-ups due to lines not running smoothly when I was assigned at my last post. Maybe if there is another D.Fest I'll send in some suggestions. Couldn't hurt. LOL!
  2. NP, Garret! I just read over my past posts and I'm like, "DANG! I shouldn't have rushed out a reply without editing." LOL!! Excuse all the typos. Anyway, if the story will turn out so different then leave the old one up and if it is incomplete just put an AN at the end saying that you plan to do a complete rewrite. That way folks that are enjoying it now can read what is already up and they'll know to look for the next story once you are ready to post. IF I decided to take the first one down I'd wait till I could replace it. (Shrug) But others might do it differently. As far as write what you know...UH... Not always. Otherwise we'd never have Sci-Fi or other works of fantasy. My own story will be a Sci-fi story yet I've never gone to another planet (Despite the fact that some may think I act like I'm not from this world at times ). And I didn't know that it was the story that I would write until I started writing. Sometimes writing is planned out like someone using a map to take a trip. Other times its like just choosing a little dirt road and finding where it goes because you have nothing better to do. Both can be fun. Just have fun and worry about the rest later.
  3. Love the idea. Any chance that the next generation of the other cousins could show up too? Jebb over in Placid, Judd might have stayed in contact with Luke (might have helped Luke get into the pro-boxing since he was a pro already), even Coy and Vance might have had kids. There is always room at the Duke table.
  4. No problem. Never give up on a story idea. I have one that has been in the works for 13 years! It is a story that I nearly got published way back when I was 17; I send samples of it to a publisher and I was told that it showed promise and that they wanted to talk to me when it was completed. Long story short, my mother (Who is bi-polar) destroyed it and I gave up writing completely until a year and a half ago. I'm going back to that original story now and will devote all of my time once my current Dukes is completed. The prologue is on fictionpress if you want to read it. It is all that is left of the original story and only because I emailed it to a friend to let her read it. But still, never give up on an idea. Some just may take longer to get on paper but they are still worth tell.
  5. Look closely, he's in Forrest Gump too! He said that when he first got the script he didn't know that that was also the name of the main character so when he was handed the script he asked, "What's a 'Forrest Gump'?" He told me that yesterday at D.Fest.
  6. Well, each rewrite could possibly end up as a completely different story. It happens. I'd just pick it up where I felt the change is needed and start writing. Though if you are worried about the readers getting confused the maybe only post once you are finished with it. Then you won't have to worry about the update schedule and you can let it sit for a while after you edit to re-edit it once more.
  7. I bought the whole series at one time about a year ago. I don't have either movie yet. Humm...My birthday is coming up...Maybe I can convince someone I'm worth spending $5-$10 dollars on. LOL!!
  8. I think that the more experienced we become at writing the more of our previous mistakes we will catch. This is one reason why I am reluctant to post on a site that I can't edit and post on my own without bugging anyone else. When I have writer's block and can't write then I resort to finding an older story and editing it. I get a thrill when I can't find anything to change but I know I'm human and will find something at least once in every three chapters. By re-editing I am able to refresh my memory on the story-line (most of my stories are part of a series) and can help me find any plot-holes that have yet to be filled. If you find that you have less and less time to write then you could consider taking a hiatus. Sometimes we all need a break. As for all of the stories being on the web, I am a firm believer that all writers should have a copy of their own stories kept SOMEWHERE of their own in addition to what ever archive they choose to use. After all, you never know when there could be an issue with the site and as you have found it makes for editing difficult when you do not have a copy when you are not on-line. Personally, I have my stories stored (in addition to on my account on FF.net and my own page under my pen name) in my word program as well as on Skydrive. Something that has come in handy more than once since I once replaced the wrong chapter when fixing some errors that I'd found during one of my editing crazes. Though any archive where you don't have access to loading your own edits could be problamatic. Perhaps keep a file of your stories and send in the story with it's corrections all at one time?
  9. Didn't know if ya'll had shared this or not but for those that can't make it to VA to meet the cast this weekend they can catch the first Reunion movie on TBS and 11:30 Saturday night.
  10. Here's looking at a 97 degree day tomorrow! UGH! I'll bet that my boxer, Duke, will be staying inside with his face lying over the air vent. It didn't take him long when it first got hot to learn how to stay cool. Its very funny watching his big ole jowls move in the artificial breeze. LOL!!
  11. Dang, I hate typos. SHOULD HAVE READ: I've been told that they were given more of there own personalities in the animated series but I haven't seen it for myself. Unfortunately, I really doubt that many of those that hold a grudge for their appearance would change their mind for any reason. It is perhaps one reason that fics based on them are not very successful. A shame but the truth. That might be why I'm so determined to make them their own men when I do write their characters. The men that played these all too often overlooked Duke Boys were/are terrific actors that kept the show alive during a difficult time. For that I feel that fans owe them a debt of gratitude.
  12. I've been told that they were give more of there own personalities in the animated series but I haven't seen it for myself. Unfortunately, I really doubt that many of those that hold a grudge for their appearance would change their mind for any reason. It is perhaps one reason that fics based on them are not very successful. A shame but the truth. That might be why I'm so determined to make them their own men when I do write their characters. The men that played these all to often Duke Boys were/are terrific actors that kept the show alive during a difficult time. For that I feel that fans owe them a debt of gratitude.
  13. Afraid so. He died last year July 23 at the age of 57.
  14. Today is the 110th birthday of the air conditioner. I say this calls for a party! I love my A/C. Saw this posted on my local news site and had to share.
  15. Brotherly Love. The most heart rendering one I believe.
  16. Thanks for the help on the leg work. You guys are great!
  17. Thanks. I appreciate it. I know in season six the cemetery is an old one that only crooks were buried at. That would explain the different name. Anyway, off to research how long someone can stay alive while buried in a pine box. I guess I can be called a Drama Queen. I LOVE writing drama and suspense. Now whether I'm any good at it, that's up for debate.
  18. I grabbed a few seasons to bring with me on my way to work tonight but something tells me I might have grabbed the wrong ones. You know how that goes. I'll have to watch the episodes with it to refresh my memory as I write the scene but I was thinking it was isolated. A perfect staging ground for a Psycho to go crazy huh? LOL!! Actually it's good that you reminded me of the cemetary since (Spoiler alert) I planned to have someone buried alive by the psycho. I'd thought of having it done off in the swamp but the cemetary is much more convenient since I already have the drama unfolding at the coffin works.
  19. I'm working on a story and I was wondering if anyone remembers the road that the Dukes took to get to the coffin works? I remember that it was kind of out in the boonies and that's what I really need for my story to work. I won't go into too much detail so I don't spoil my current story for those that are following it (but willing to share through messages if anyone is curious) but needless to say I plan a bit of drama in the coming chapters that will include a stop off at the coffin works. If anyone happens to know the answer let me know. I'm at work and writing so I don't have my DVD's handy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Thanks. Here's hoping that some new meds will keep him from burning the house down. Heat is returning this week after it cooled down a bit this past week. I think I'll turn the air on high and lock him inside so he can't get out in the heat. LOL!
  21. LOL!! I might could use the change of scenery! I was getting ready to lie down of the day ( I work third shift) and was barefoot when I had to go and track him down in the neighborhood. I literally burned the bottom of my feet last week. Oh well, gives me more time to write. Too hot to do anything else. Have a humdinger of a plot twist planned for my current WIP!
  22. Well, I have an unusual side-effect of the heat-wave for ya. My husband is epileptic and his seizures have gotten worse over the last few years. His latest seizure became downright dangerous. He was outside in the heat for about ten minutes and he convulsed. His deal though is afterwards he has this thing that I call "A sleep-walking" episode. He hallucinates and you never know what he will see or do during these episodes. Last Sunday he walked next door after his seizure and set fire to the neighbor's junk car because he thought that it was a pile of lumber on our own land. He only cause minor damage but still... Anyway, that was the second seizure he's had just because he was outside in the heat. Here's hoping for a frigid could front. Not to mention that my husband never mistakes the couch for a pile of lumber.
  23. LOL! Thanks. So, does that mean there is no way to get into the chat with this account?
  24. I used to have a Gmail account but it kept getting hacked so I don't trust that group. Kept being pulled up in France and Mexico. Didn't matter what kind of protection I used. May try to reinstate a yahoo one that I closed out.
  25. WHEW! Well that explains it. Didn't know that it was because of Hotmail. Don't have another email and don't really care to get another one to keep track of so I guess I'll have to wait until I get an answer about my regular log in name then.
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