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  1. I know i1976 was talking about last year how no one seems to be talking about Enos on here. I agree. We need MORE ENOS! So...I'm proud and pleased as punch to introduce: The Enos Strate Appreciation Foundation forum on fanfiction.net. Now, I know there are a couple other forums on ff.net for Enos/Daisy, etc., but they all seem to be dead. Since I'm a fanfic addict, and I'm always on there, I thought maybe I'd try my hand at one. Plus, y'all know how much I love Enos, right? Okay, so some of ya' do. I think you might have to log in to join the forum, but you can read it without. Altho
  2. Chapter 2 of Part III is up. Link to Chapter 2 (part III) ------> "The Story of Us" Also, the Visual guide has been updated. The link is HERE.
  3. Part III, Chapter 1 is up on "The Story of Us". This is such an emotional story for me, as you'll learn why at the end of the 2nd chapter. I really want to do it justice, so instead of slamming it all together, I'm going to go ahead and release it in 2 chapters. This way I won't be in such a hurry to rush through the second part of it. Part III, Chapter 1 - After his father has a close call with the law, fifteen year old Enos wonders if living life on the straight and narrow is really a good idea, after all. Link to Part III, Chapter 1 ---> "The Story of Us"
  4. Here's Part II of 'The Story of Us'. As before, this chapter is also a stand-alone story and can be read by itself as well as part of the back story for the fanfic "Beneath a Hazzard Moon". You'll notice it's quite a bit longer than a normal fanfic chapter, sorry it took so long! In part II, Enos is 13 and Daisy 11. After a chance encounter with the Beaudrys, Enos and Daisy struggle to find their way back home. Link to Part II -----> "The Story of Us"
  5. I know this thread is old, but I like it I do the playlist for each story, too, and then I usually put it on my USB drive and listen to it in the car (and drive my hubby nuts 'cause he wants to know why I keep listening to the same songs over and over again, and I'd never live it down if I told him I was listening to my fanfic playlist, lol). I have a pretty wide range of music I listen to and most of the time a certain song will fit with a certain chapter or theme in the story, not necessarily the entire fanfic. For my fanfic "Beneath a Hazzard Moon", the songs I listened to the most were:
  6. I usually write out a summary of what I want to happen in the story, sort of "Okay, well so and so's going to do this, then this is gonna happen. Want to put this in somehow...yada yada..." Then I go back and read it after I finish my story and it's usually totally different, lol. That said, my worst mistake has been actually finishing my hugely long fanfic before I finished writing the backstory for it. It's kind of anti-climactic for me now (and everyone reading it, I fear) I should have waited to publish the ending on the first until after I'd published the back-story.
  7. This is awesome! Thanks for your hard work. Such a help for my fanfic, too, knowing exactly where everything is in relation to each other.
  8. Just a note that Part 1 of "The Story of Us" has been published! If you ever wanted to read about all those little bits I put into "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" about Daisy and Enos growing up, this series is where you'll find them. I changed my mind about how I'm doing it. I'm just going to put each part up as separate parts on FF.net, that way I can put up the description of each individual story, not just "a collection of stories", lol. Part 1 begins when Enos is 10 and Daisy is 8. You can find the link to it in the "Fanfic Announcements" section here.
  9. I don't know who Vector 426 on FF.net is on here, but in the hopes that they'll see it or someone knows who they are, I just wanted to thank them for their reviews and send them a reply. I didn't grow up in the hills, but before writing these stories I did a ton of research into the moon-shining way of life. My dad was older (50) when I was born, but we were really close so I always felt like I belonged in a way to the generation before mine. He was a civil engineer and his company designed most of the water systems in rural Arkansas. Sometimes when I was a kid, he would take me along to
  10. Thanks! Well, you'll kind of have to infer some things since the next chapter starts when Enos is 13 and Daisy's 11. Those things might come up later, though.
  11. First, I want to thank everyone here for their encouragement on my fic "Beneath a Hazzard Moon". It's because of all your wonderful reviews and support that I decided to write the back-story down that I used while writing that novella. This fanfiction, "The Story of Us", is a collection of vignettes - following certain events in the lives of Enos and Daisy while growing up. Each chapter begins a new story and can be read as stand-alone stories without having read "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" - in fact, it would probably be best to read at least the first chapter of the back-story before you do.
  12. That's right...It's finally complete!! Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement! For those looking for more: I'll be posting the first vignettes in the back-story that I made up and used for this one very soon. It looks like it will be titled "The Story of Us" unless I come up with something more creative by then. I'll be posting the link to HazzardNet when it's up. Without further ado ------>Chapter 21 "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  13. Just a little 'thank-you' to everyone here who's been reading this and reviewing for me. Y'all are so encouraging. This is the first fanfic I've written where there's actually a decent sized fan-base. My other novel-length fanfics are both for "Drop Dead Fred" and that's about as obscure a fandom as you can get. I also just wanted to mention here, like I did in the author notes on the last chapter, I'm planning on writing a sort of prequel to this story. It's been so fun making up the backstory between Enos and Daisy, that I feel like I should write it down. It just keeps growing in my
  14. Chapter 20 is up! Thanks to everyone for their patience Link to Chapter 20 ---> "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  15. Hi! I've loved DOH since I was a kid and just recently rediscovered it with my own kids. I'm a Christian, a wife, a mom of 2, an entrepreneur (Bloo-Kangaroo.com), a poet, and a writer....

  16. Chapter 19 is up! Sorry for the wait Link to Chapter 19 ---> "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" Like my new profile pic?
  17. Chapter 18 is Up! Link to Ch. 18 ----->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  18. Hey Marilyn, I didn't even know you had a challenge out about what my story is about. I know you've been on FF.net, but in case anyone else is wanting to read something that deals with at least the Daisy/Enos part of the challenge, that's what "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" is about. (You can find the link in the Fanfic Annoucements section) It's set 4 years after the series ended with Daisy having have been married to LD and Enos is in LA, and mostly deals with the reasons behind what happened between them and the subsequent fallout...along with a murder mystery.
  19. Chapter 17 is Up! Link to Ch. 17 ----->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon" Okay, here's th' deal... FF.net occasionally really stinks, especially when they're updating stuff. The traffic section has been down since last Wednesday, so even if 50 people read this chapter, to me it looks like a big fat "0". So, please review on FF.net. It is logging reviews. Thanks!
  20. I really feel like I have to put my 2 cents in here as well as per the Reunion movie (might be up to a dime here now! LOL). I, too, have mixed feelings about the 1st movie (I watched about 20 minutes of the Hollywood one and turned it off, sorry, I just couldn't handle that one) On one hand, I can understand about the guys persuing other occupations and I loved it that Luke was a smoke-jumper instead of having anything to do with racing. Daisy on the other hand, I thought for the most part was not well written at all. Whether it was Gy doing the writing or someone else had a hand in it, I
  21. Chapter 16 is up! Link to Chapter ---->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon" There is a Playlist up now on my profile page.
  22. I guess Fanfiction.net is updating servers. I keep getting error messages and then it will work for an hour and be down again. The next chapter's all ready to post, but I guess people's reviews are getting logged right now, so I'm going to wait a bit longer to post it. I need reviews, lol
  23. Chapter 15 is up! Link to Chapter ---->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon" There is a "Visual Guide to Beneath a Hazzard Moon" up now. Here you'll find pics of things relevant to the story. Maybe a couple slight spoilers in the pics, read Chapter 15 first.
  24. Chapter 14 is up! Link to chapter ---->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
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