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  1. Chapter 51 is up - "Luke Duke Meets his Match" Find it here
  2. Chapter 50 is up - "Etowah Station" Wow! 50 Chapters!! Find it here
  3. Chapter 49 is up - "From Copperhill to Etowah" Find it here
  4. Chapter 40 is up - "Night Train" Find it here
  5. Thanks for the imput everyone. I didn't know if maybe I just had missed something obvious. i1976: I'm pretty sure the Dukes have a "spare bedroom" at the farm, but I can't remember which episode it's in. I'm going to stick with "no" as the answer unless someone comes along who can say "yes", lol. I'm thinking I saw a small black and white number at Cooter's in some ep. I don't know about that either, but I have less of a problem fudging stuff at Cooter's than I do at the Duke Farm.
  6. For anyone who isn't familiar with it, Sonny Shroyer was the lead actor in an independent film called "A Tale About Bootlegging". I recently purchased the DVD and since there is so little info online about it, I've put up a page with a review and screencaptures. It's a quirky, slap-stick comedy and it's well worth a watch. Better than a lot of junk that comes out on the big screen these days. You can check out the full review and synopsis, plus screencaptures here: "A Tale About Bootlegging"
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm needing a bit of info for my fanfic novella "Halls of Stone and Iron". I'm a stickler for continuity and I'm needing to know if the Dukes owned a television set. I can't for the life of me remember and I don't have all the later eps. If anyone could let me know either way and possibly the episode that it's in, I would be very grateful!! If you're interested, you can check out the synopsis for the fanfic HERE on my profile page at fanfiction.net (scroll all the way down).
  8. Chapter 47 is up - "Fate Rides an Iron Horse" Find it here
  9. Chapter 46 is up - "Dreams of Cruel Realities" Find it here
  10. Chapter 44 is up - "Thicker Than Blood" Find it here
  11. Chapter 43 is up - "Love and Duty" Find it here
  12. Chapter 42 is up - "Saving Daisy Duke". Find it here
  13. Chapter 41 is up - "The Gathering". Sorry for the wait!! Find it here
  14. Chapter 40 is up - "The Gathering" Find it here
  15. Chapter 39 is up - "The Dark Within" Find it here
  16. Chapter 38 is up - "Safe and Sound" Find it here
  17. Chapter 37 is up - "Through the Hills" Find it here
  18. Chapter 36 is up - "The Morning After" Find it here
  19. Chapter 35 is up - "End of Innocence" Find it here
  20. Chapter 34 is up! "Black Friday". If you've been keeping up, this is one of those chapters you've been waiting for. Find it here
  21. Chapter 32 is up - "The Waiting Game" Find it here
  22. Chapter 31 is up - "A Simple Plan" Find it here
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