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  1. Hey guys, EnosIsMyHero here, ( otherwise known as WENN9366 on fanfiction.net)! I'm the author of that hugely monstrous novel over on FFnet, Halls of Stone and Iron. At over 220,000 words, I can understand why some readers would hesitate to wade into such a committment! So, I thought I would post something shorter to give you a feel of how I write. The following is actually a one-shot sequel of another novel of mine, The Story of Us, which is a backstory for the characters of Daisy Duke and Enos Strate, using the canon we know from the series. However, this one-shot can be read as a stand
  2. I can't find the original post for this story with its synopsis (and I'm not sure it ever was posted in this part of the forum), so forgive me for reposting. Halls of Stone and Iron - by wenn9366 (Fanfiction.net), EnosIsMyHero (Hazzardnet) Rating: High T (teen) for violence/psychological trama Tags: Crime/Suspense/Psychological Trauma/Adventure *no sexual assault. Chapters: 73/70, 220,000+ words. Currently 'In Progress' with about 6 chapters left. Characters: Enos centric, but involves all characters. Enos/Daisy pairing, but a very slow burn. Summary: When Enos is arrest
  3. So...It's been a long time, readers! Sorry, life grabbed me and sucked me in. But..I'm back and so is Halls of Stone and Iron!! Chapters 70-73 are now up and the remaining chapters will follow ASAP. This has been on my plate to finish for a long time, and I am so grateful to everyone who has continued to read! Love you guys!!! Link is to the whole story, since it's been so long... Halls of Stone and Iron
  4. Sorry for the delay!!! Chapter 69 "Your Sins Shall Find You" is up now and hopefully no one (including me, haha) will have to wait a year for the next one. There should be about 3 more chapters. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8392830/69/Halls-of-Stone-and-Iron If anyone has forgotten what Halls of Stone and Iron is about, here is the summary: When Enos is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, his life will never be the same. Remanded to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta to await trial, how long can he hold on to his sanity in a world where the only good cop is a dead one? One p
  5. Hey Dixie, Well...I'm sort of back, lol. I forgot to post the update to Halls of Stone and Iron here, so I will. Also, I'm in the process of going through all my Dukes fics and fixing a few things. No one has complained (I've gotten plenty of raves, actually), but honestly, I tried to read them and I don't like the phonetic spellings in my dialogue. (Like shortening to as t' and the as th' and droppiing g's of of words ending in "ing".) To me, the story gets lost, and when you are reading a story where you know the characters, you already understand how they speak. Fanfiction writing for
  6. pkoorse: Working on it, I promise! My life has been burning both ends of the candle for the last year so I hardly ever have time to sit down and write. Thank you so much for the encouragement and for sticking with my story!!
  7. After an embarrasingly long hiatus, this story has been updated!! Chapter 68 is up - The Beginning of the End. This story is almost finished. Thanks so much for everyone who has stuck with me for so long. Chapter 68: Click here
  8. Chapter 67 is up - "Into the Breach". Not much longer now... Find it here
  9. Thank you so much for everyone who is still reading! I apologize profusely for the wait on this story. Chapter 66 is finally up! Find it here
  10. Chapter 65 is up! The Still, Cold Light of Morning. Find it here
  11. Finally, an update!! I'm so sorry for the long wait. Chapter 64 is up! Crossroads of America. Find it here
  12. Chapter 63 is up! Approaching the Crossroads. Getting very close to the end!! Find it here
  13. It's been a while since the last update, but the story is almost finished. Here's Chapter 62! "Love...and something not like it." Find it here
  14. Chapter 61 is up! Fire on the Mountain. You won't want to miss this chapter. Find it here
  15. Love this story and you're spot on with Enos' personality. I know its been a while, but you gals should write more!
  16. Chapter 60 is up! Monsters Among Us. Find it here
  17. Chapter 59 is up! The Overland Route Find it here
  18. Chapter 58 is up! Secrets Between Friends Find it here
  19. Chapter 57 is up (FINALLY! Sorry about the long wait! Real life keeps getting in the way of my writing) - "American Ghost Town" Thanks to everyone who is reading! Help me keep my rear in gear by reviewing. Find it here
  20. Chapter 56 is up - "Love is a Burning Flame" Bwahahaha! Find it here
  21. Chapter 55 is up - "Words Left Unspoken" This chapter's pretty long, but it's been a while since I posted and I really want to move the story along. It's closer to the end than you might think. Find it here
  22. Chapter 54 is up - "Moving On" Find it here
  23. Chapter 53 is up - "The Plot Thickens" Find it here
  24. Chapter 52 is up - "Roads to Nowhere" Find it here
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