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  1. Chapter 13 is up! Link to Chapter 13 ----> Beneath a Hazzard Moon
  2. Chapter 12 is up! Link to Chapter 12 ----> Beneath a Hazzard Moon I'm working on Chp 14 right now, and I can tell you that there will probably be 16 or 17 chapters. I know how I want everything to end, but sometimes my imagination takes over while I'm writing and pops up with something I hadn't planned on.
  3. Chapter 11 is up! See, I didn't make you wait too long Link to Chp 11 ---> Beneath a Hazzard Moon
  4. Chapter 10 is up! LINK to Chapter 10 ----> Beneath a Hazzard Moon
  5. Chapter 9 is up! Enjoy LINK to Chapter 9 ----> Beneath a Hazzard Moon
  6. Chapter 8 is up! LINK to Chp 8 ----> Beneath a Hazzard Moon
  7. Chapter 6 is up! Warning: This chapter is rated "T" for slightly graphic descriptions of crime scene photos. Link to Chapter 6 ---->"Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  8. Chapter 5 is up! Would love some reviews, even anonymous ones on ff.net! Link to Chp 5 ----> "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  9. Chapter 4 is up! It's so much fun to write all these characters that I've loved for so long. There's a lot of back-story that I'm working on creating so you'll see more of Enos's past unfold over this and the next chapter. There's not much concrete in the series as far as Enos's history goes, but we do get glimpses of things here and there so I've tried to expound on what we know and weave more into what we don't know. Link ----> "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"
  10. "Anything really good's worth waitin' for, Daisy." "There's hives in our lives!" Both from, of course, Enos and Daisy's Wedding.
  11. Hi and thanks for the good luck wishes :)

  12. Thanks for your kind words, i1976! Yes, the primary motive for this fic was that the Reunion movie was so far out in left field where Enos and Daisy's relationship is concerned. Not only about them seemingly engaged- sort of- at the end of the series, and then Daisy suddenly married someone else, but how the writers wrote the interaction between the 2 characters. Daisy would have never blown off Enos's proposal like that. While many things about DOH are cheesy, like plots and villains and such, on a whole the personal relationships between all the characters were very realistic and genuine.
  13. I changed the make of the car in chapter 3, I forgot about the Javelin and it was just what I was picturing. I so wanted to give Enos a car that at least had the potential of being cool (even though his needs a lot of TLC). Thanks for the review, i1976
  14. Forgot the synopsis: Set 4 years after the series. When a serial killer begins targeting the women of rural Georgia, LAPD Detective Enos Strate must make a choice - stay in Los Angeles or face the painful past that drove him away from his beloved Hazzard County.
  15. Thanks! I couldn't figure out how to message anyone, I guess because I wasn't set up for it yet? I posted a link to my fanfic under the fanfic category, but I didn't know how to get it approved first, sorry! Shame, shame, everybody knows my name!


  16. Hi everyone, this is my first Dukes of Hazzard fanfic. There's so little Enos fanfic out there and this story just called to me. "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" is probably one of the more serious and darker of the Hazzard stories you'll find. I like to take comedies and explore the more serious side of the characters – giving them challenges where they must either sink or swim. I've just started writing fanfic recently, and it seems I'm incapable of writing a story that's shorter than a 300 page novel, but if I keep getting feedback, it will definitely be finished. Hope you enjoy it! Here'
  17. Hi! I started watching DOH when I was about 5. I remember going to my grandma's house on Friday evenings and everyone sitting around watching. I started watching it recently with my kids, ages 4 and 6 on CMT and they love it. My son does Rosco impressions My favorite character was always Enos. I remember being so upset that he wasn't in any episodes from early season 3-4. I'd watch the opening and if it was Cletus (who I think is funny now), I'd just turn it off, lol. I was so upset with the 1st reunion movie (didn't watch the 2nd), I'd waited 12 years for Enos and Daisy to get married
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