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  1. Chapter 30 is up - "How to Save a Life" Find it here
  2. Chapter 29 is up - "The Letter" Find it here
  3. Chapter 28 is up - "The Hands of Time" Find it here
  4. Chapter 27 is up - "Neither here, Nor There" Find it here
  5. Chapter 26 is up - "The Verdict" The answer you've all been waiting for!! Find it here
  6. Chapter 25 is up - "Interlude" Find it here
  7. Chapter 24 is up - "The Trial, Part 4" Last day of the trial and closing arguments. Find it here
  8. Chapter 23 is up - "The Trial, Part 3" Find it here
  9. Chapter 22 is up - "The Trial, Part 2" Daisy's testimony! Find it here
  10. Chapter 21 is up - "The Trial, Part 1" We're finally to the trial! Find it here
  11. Chapter 20 is up - "Mimicry" Find it here
  12. Over at Fanfiction.net, there is a new DOH Round Robin thread!! This one is a little bit different than others I've seen. It came from an idea that my husband's football forum did, and it seemed like a lot of fun. Whereas most RR's have each person either choose a character or write an entire chapter, for this RR everyone is limited to 2 sentences per post to continue the story and can write about or introduce any character they choose. With only 2 sentences at a time, things can turn goofy or crazy pretty quick - my husband's RR ended up with space aliens taking over Monday Night Foot
  13. Chapter 18 of S&I is up - "A Fork in the Road". Find it here
  14. Chapter 17 is up - "Sins of Scarlet" Find it here
  15. Chapter 16 is up - "Beyond These Walls" Find it here
  16. Chapter 15 is up - "Bo and Luke Bait a Trap" Find it here
  17. Chapter 14 is up - "The Way Things Are" Find it here
  18. Chapter 13 is up - "Ties that Bind" Find it here
  19. Chapter 12 is up - "Saving for a Rainy Day" Find it here
  20. Chapter 11 is up - "Room Without a View" Find it here
  21. Chapter 10 is up - "First Impressions" Find it here
  22. Chapter 9 is up - "Point of Honor" Find it here
  23. Chapter 8 is up - "Pieces of Judgement" Find it here
  24. Chapter 7 is up - "This Tangled Web" Find it here
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