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  1. Howdy. It's Harry. How R U?

  2. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? Hope ya are doin well...ya ain't been on in a while.

  3. Roger, You forgot to send a warning to everyone who gives you a private message. They need to be careful because when you get going, you get like Uncle Jesse, and there is not stopping either one of you! Just teasing! Well, kind of. Both of them feel that they have to teach the "young whipper-snappers" to up-hold values. Hats off to both! Have a great day everyone! Laura Duke8-)
  4. Hey Laura, how's things going out in your neck of the woods? It's good to hear from you.

  5. Another fan....that's awesome! Trust, me, you'll love it here! There are great people and great topics! There is so much going on and it's so much fun it's like being in a candy store! Welcome to HazzardNet! Laura Duke:D
  6. I agree with Redneck. Being as I don't have cable, I couldn't watch it! Let me know, Roger, what it was about, and please include your comment, and anything else that goes along with it! That's amazing, great work Uncle Jesse! Laura Duke:p
  7. Okay, everyone...I'm dying to know how the mapmaking is coming! Are you doing the county or just the town? Are you a quarter, halfway, three-quarters, or more done? Do you have pictures? It sounds great! Laura Duke:-P
  8. You and your jokes, Roger! I must admit though, it was very clever! At least, it made me laugh! Have a great day eveyone! Laura Duke:lol:
  9. Redneck, you really had me going for awhile. I know you've told me that you don't drive a whole lot, but I thought you saved up enough money to buy that one! Talk about a nice looking vehicle! Laura Duke:p
  10. See ya Later then.

  11. I would love to do that sometime, unfortunately, I will be checking out soon.

    I'll be sure to talk to you later!

  12. Does this mean that I get to sing Happy Birthday again! Yippee, or rather, Yeehaw! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Catherine! Happy Birthday to You! And, for the rest of you who are celebrating birthdays out there, I want to wish you the best year yet! Laura Duke:D
  13. I just started scrapbooking, so I'm SO happy to see that you started this thread, Redneck! Scrapbooking can be very pricey and overwhelming. So, you were so wise to pick up a little packet for prom. It will really help to not make it so overwhelming. Usually with a packet like that, it's somewhat easier to assemble. But, of course, I wouldn't recommending even starting it until you take photos. Take lots and lots of photos so you have plenty to look through. I think once you get your pictures, you can take the page they gave you and lay it out. Spend time playing with where you want your pictures to go. There may be some cute stickers or cut-outs. Play around with the layout. I wouldn't glue anything down until you lay everything where you want it. You may need to purchase acid-free glue so it doens't ruin your photos. You may even want to write some stuff on your page/s about prom. Highlights, your favorite dance of the evening, who you went with, etc. Make it fun, and make it your own beautiful original! It's your scrapbook with your own ideas, so there is no wrong way to make this! Also, check out a scrapbooking store. Sometimes they offer free beginner classes. Go to the library and look for some books on scrapbooking, it will help to get some ideas. Look at what you like and don't like. Hopefully that helped you out and didn't scare you off! I only know a little about it, like I said, I'm just starting out. But, I'd be happy to help anyway that I can! And, for you experts out there, I'd love to hear your advice, or even if you could post some of your pages, that would be wonderful! Have a great day! Laura Duke:D
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