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  1. Hey ya'll who was the guy who played the radio announcer on the radio station in Hazzard WHOGG . I have been looking and have never seen anything on him.
  2. Hey Web Master : here, I'd like to know I become a moderator here? I'd be good at, let me know. Thanx ya'll RebelWolf
  3. I really do look like Cooter. As well as I truly run a place called the Hazzard Garage, and I really do drive and own a tow truck. So in many ways than one I resemble Cooter. Now any one want to claim they look like or resemble Daisy?
  4. I wanted to know if I missed something. In all but a very few episodes of our treasured Dukes, sweet Daisy always wore nylon hose. Okay they did not have to do much to enhance her legs since they were as near perfect as any set of stage legs I have ever seen. However I have noticed that women today both on TV or in the movies few wear nylon stockings or hose on their legs. Can anyone tell me why? This is a serious Hazzard County research project,
  5. Lets get more like this, course I'd really love Cooters Tow Truck with these fine honey's beside it.
  6. But a Hazzard Knyte did, lol Always know that the Wolf here is here. 24 7
  7. Am I the only one who reads this every day? Am I the only one who is old enough to remember the original series, and am I the only one who met all the cast and truly lived Hazzard Style. Finally am I the only one who hazz this site as my start page? Guess so. Later ya'll The RebelWolf
  8. Hey Moderators: When you spell things Hazzard style like the newspaper of Hazzard County, you do it with two zz's, It's Hazzard Gazzette. Afte all I should know.
  9. Few I think love the TV show the Dukes of Hazzard more than I do. Let me express it this way theres a story behind my affection. Back in 1981 when at a crossroads in my car building business in Idaho, I was in the march of going to the 1981 Salt Lake City Autorama. We at the shop had a different car nearly built, when on a scouting trip to find white go-go boots for the display, I ran across a duplicate General Lee. That was so exact it was teriffc. So then, the guy who built that car was going on a LDS Mission, and needed to sell the car, so I did what any good Duke fan would do, I bought it. Touched it up, replaced the 318 with a tweaked 440, and entered the Salt Lake City Autorama, see the February 1982 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine issue, it was in there. After the car show, got to thinking I do not look like Bo, or Luke, but I did resemble Crazy Cooter both in life as well as looks, I too drove and still drive a tow truck in a very small country town. So I made a phone call to Paul Picard, don't ask me how I got through, but I did. I talked to him and Skip Ward the producer of the Dukes, asked if I could use the name Hazzard Garage for my shop, they said yes and so it goes. When my mom passed away a year later, I was really hit hard. Somehow the cast and Picard had heard about her passing, and not only offered me their kindness, but showed up in our little town of Hagerman Idaho( 96 miles south of Boise) After that Hagerman was nick named Hazzard Idaho. So yes in many ways not only did I watch the show, but have every single episode on VHS Video, but in many ways I lived the show in my own way. I created an unofficial Dukes club and custom ride group rolled into one. With the name of the group taken loosly after the Hollywood Knights, a movie of the time that also featured besides other Popular Hot Rodding Magazine' car Project X Yellow 57 Chevy. We called our club the Hazzard Kounty Knytes Kustmz Association. So am I a true fan? Do I love what the Dukes stood for? Answer, more than anyone could know. Am I trying to make money off that image or images, no. I just want to preserve it.
  10. Somehow I hear a charge for The Hazzard Knytes to get involved here. I agree, the General Lee and all Hazzard type rides should display the Confederate Flag. While the symbol does reflect the KKK and other type things it is not that in this case. Calling all Duke fans, we should all write whomever is behind the idea of not using the flag on top of ye ole General, and say put it back on.
  11. Other Things happened in Hazzard, likewise there were other people living in Hazzard. Think there ought to be a movie of what the other folks in Hazzard were doing etc. Also While everyone knows the General Lee, did you notice at the few first episodes, Cooter while working in the junk yard drove Starsky & Hutch' Red Torino, with the white strip down the side. Speaking of Cooter how come no one has put up a photo of his tow truck? Both the blue and white one as well as the yellow one?
  12. While its a sure bet that sweet Daisy had the set of limbs all men would love to cuddle, still there were others on the TV show that as sweet a set of legs as Daisy. Huey Hogg' nurse on one episode had a great set, several on episodes did, how many pairs of nylon hose were worn to creat the illusion of perfect legs. Will the babe on the Big screen movie wear nylon hose to trick out her legs, face it niether Miss Spears or Simpson have perfect legs. Maybe there should be a casting call for the perfect legs, from Hazzard County?
  13. Why not let the Dukes be the Dukes? In the Big Screen movie of the Dukes-of-Hazzard why not cast John and Tom as the Dukes and Daisy(Catherine Bach ) rather than all these pop stars? If the original cast were too old or ugly or both fine, but there will never be anyone that can be the Duke boys better than the original Duke boys. No other female on earth hazz Daisy' legs like Cathy Bach, so why not let her be Daisy? I know for the new punk kids that never connected with the Dukes-of-Hazzard, they need a popular face, but come on, its time to be original. The original cast, should be cast for the Big Screen Movie. By the way our group the Hazzard Kounty Knytes Kustmz Association are having a Daisy look alike contest. If you think you got the legs, the email me a photo and you could be our Miss Hazzard for 2005, along with a $50,000.00 Cash Prize award.
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