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    • The next morning BL was a bundle of nerves, she couldn’t sit still, Bo parked at the garage and walked down the sidewalk to Miz Tisdale’s, it was early but he figured BL was probably up. Knocking on the front door, when noone answered he let himself in to find BL with a rag and bottle of windex, “what ya doing darlin’?” Bo asked.  “Cleaning the windows, gotta do something until time for work or I’ll go nuts,” BL replied.  “I have a better idea than cleaning windows, that’ll only give Mrs. Cravitz a better look at what’s going on over here. How about we go get breakfast in Colonial City at the new Waffle House? We will be back in time for you to meet the mail truck, promise,” Bo said.  BL thought about it, getting out of town for a bit did sound nice. Laughing, some of her tension relieved, BL said “Wouldn’t want to do that, she sees too much already,” continuing  “ok sounds good, just let me tell Dixie and get my purse. Hey Dixie? Bo and me are going for breakfast at Waffle House in Central City, be back in time to get ready for court.” BL said. —----------------------- Dixie got up, let Sadie out in the back yard and put on coffee. She hadn't bothered to get dressed, so she was still in her long night shirt that she had put a pair of really short shorts on under it. She poured her coffee and went out on the small back porch to sit while Sadie romped in the yard. Mr. Cravitz, unlike his wife, hardly ever looked out the windows. If he did, it surely wasn't to see what the neighbors were doing. This morning as he poured his coffee movement out the window caught his eye. He looked up to see a younger girl sitting on the porch in nothing but a sleep shirt. He had to look twice. As he did, Gloria had stepped into the kitchen. Seeing her husband looking hard out the window, she had to see what he was looking at. When she saw the half dressed Davenport girl outside on the porch, she had an attack of the vapors! —----------------------- Bo parked General Lee in front of the Waffle House building, then climbed out going around to the other side, helping BL out and taking her hand leading her inside to a booth. “Now ain’t this better than cleaning windows?” Bo said.  “Yeah, just what I needed this morning,” BL replied. The waitress came to get their order, she wasn’t really hungry but ordered pancakes anyway. It was sweet of Bo to take her out for breakfast, to distract her from worrying about the day ahead. —----------------------- Dixie was about ready for a second cup of coffee when she heard the wrecker pull up out front.  Sadie's ears popped up as she too heard it.  "I'll be back, girl. Let me see why Cooter or Dad are here so early." Dixie went through the house and to her surprise found Luke coming to the door, not Cooter or her Dad. "Hey!" "Wow, you are up and bright eyed this morning." Luke said surprised since Dixie wasn't normally a morning person. "I just heard the wrecker and expected Dad or Cooter." Dixie said. "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you. I can go send them over." Luke said. "Don't you dare! You look tired." Dixie said as she led him inside to pour coffee. Luke began to explain, "There could be a reason or three for that. We left here and planned to sip on a beer at the garage. Your Dad showed up and asked me to drive last night." Luke said. "Rosco,....." Dixie cut him off, "Oh, no." Luke nodded, 'yes', "But, it wasn't bad just a tow and impound, but I had to go to the lake, back to town, then back to the farm. And, don’t ever let me park where we were the other night and do what we did, unless you want a repeat of years ago. Dixie poured Luke a cup of coffee and handed it to him, then picked up the tied up trash bag that was sitting by the door “go rest on the porch and watch Sadie, I’ll just be a minute, the garbage truck runs today.” Dixie said. Sitting his coffee on the counter Luke reached for the bag, “I’ll take it out for you,” Luke said. —------------------- Dixie shook her head “it’s not heavy, go relax and I’ll be right there,” Dixie replied as she went out, Luke followed. Gloria and Abner both were still watching “Abner, what’s he doing there so early?” Abner was watching Dixie take out the trash in her nightshirt. Abner gave Luke the slightest glance and replied, "Looks to be drinking coffee." Dixie sat the trash down at the curb, came back to meet Luke on the front porch, then they both went out to the back porch where Sadie was. Dixie was sure of his reply, but asked anyway, "Have you already had breakfast?" Luke replied, "Would Jesse have let me out of the house otherwise since he didn’t have anyone else to cook for?" They heard the shower kick on. "OK, well I'll see what Daisy wants when she gets down here." Dixie said. She and Luke continued to talk, when Sadie started barking, when they looked over she was looking up into a big oak tree. Going over to see what it was, Dixie and Luke shaded their eyes “look Dixie it's a squirrel,” Luke said pointing up into the tree. As Dixie turned around, she saw the kitchen curtain move in the next house. "I don't believe it. She is at it already." Luke had forgotten all about the local busy body. "Who?" Dixie lowered her voice, "Mrs. Cravitz, I just saw the curtains move." —------------------------- Daisy came downstairs to get a cup of coffee, spotting Dixie and Luke in the backyard looking toward the house next door she came out, to see what was up. Sadie came to greet her, having lost the squirrel.     “Hey girl”, Daisy gave Sadie some petting then going to where Dixie and Luke were  “what ya’ll lookin at?” she asked.  “Mrs. Cravitz is at it already, this morning,” Dixie replied —--------------- “What time is it Bo? BL asked,drinking the last swallow of coffee. Bo looked at his watch,replying “It’s 7:30, you still got plenty of time to get back and meet the mail truck.” For another 15 minutes BL relaxed and enjoyed Bo’s company, getting back to Hazzard and getting her car in time to meet the mail truck. Leaving Sadie home until after court. Instead of delivering the mail though before opening at 9:00 she sorted delivery from PO boxes, before going home to change clothes, for court. Luke finished his coffee, "I'll be back in a few minutes, Darlin'." He gave Dixie a kiss on the cheek. "Where are ya goin'?" Dixie asked. "To take the wrecker back to your Dad before the sun and moon line up and Hazzard breaks into chaos." Luke said seriously. Dixie and Daisy both laughed as he walked through the house toward the wrecker. Daisy asked, "How? Why does he have the wrecker." Dixie replied, "Long story. I'm gonna grab a shower while he's at the garage." BL was just coming up the porch steps as Luke came out the door “morning BL,” Luke said. “Morning Luke,” BL replied. She headed straight to her room, hearing the shower running as she went by the bathroom door, glad she hadn’t done anything to need one since taking one earlier in the morning. —------------------------ “Abner that Davenport girl from the post office is home, when she should be at the post office,” Gloria said, adding “I wonder why,” she was talking to herself now more than her husband. BL looked at herself in the full length mirror on her closet door, Daisy and Dixie had decided she should wear the yellow dress with white flowers and wedge sandals but now the outfit didn’t look right to her. Looking in the closet she got out her green tiered, maxi dress and beige chunky heels. Putting a few hot rollers in her hair, to give her waves, not frizz BL went downstairs while they cooled. Sadie came over and put her head against BL. Across the square, Luther Davenport opened his garage to find something he hadn't expected. Luke Duke's truck. For just an instance that bugged him, then he tried to be more reasonable as he thought back to a conversation with Bill McCormick about the eldest Duke that had for years been  a burr under his saddle. That fact tended to also bring back memories of hard feelings, fights and nights in jail, then he remembered how things used to be before Dixie came to spend that summer with him and even about a year longer. Luther couldn't deny that other than family he had given the Duke more freedom at his garage than any other employee.  Just before time for the garage to officially open, Luther heard his wrecker pull in. He didn't have to look at the clock but he did. Ten minutes early. Luther shook his head.  Luke got out of the wrecker, "I hope ya didn’t mind me leaving the pickup here last night." Luther replied, "No, that's fine." "There's also an impound in the lot. I'm glad the key to the lot was on the truck's keys." Luke said. —---------------------------- BL leaned down, taking Sadie’s head between her hands “hey girl, you're worried about me ain’t ya? I promise Mama will be herself by this afternoon,” BL said. Sadie looked up with her big brown eyes, as if to ask, 'Promise' As Luke was giving Luther the information from the night before, the kid Luther had hoped to have hired a truck driver walked in. Looking at the clock, Luther noted he was ten minutes late.  Luke handed the keys and tow/impound ticket to Luther, "We'll, let me get this thing," referring to his pickup, "out of here and ya'll can get some work done." He turned to his truck. At 9:40 Bo drove up, parking General Lee on the street, making his way to the front door he knocked . “Come on in Bo,” Dixie called, coming down the stairs. “Hey, what are you doing back so soon?” BL asked, coming from the kitchen. “I came to take ya to court,” Bo said. BL looked down at her dress “if you think I’m climbing through the General’s window in a dress…”. “We’ll take your car,” Bo said.  —------------------------ Luke pulled up in the driveway just as Mrs. Cravitz came out to water her flowers, Abner was tinkering with the lawnmower “Shouldn’t those young people be at work this time of day, especially the Davenport girl,works at the post office.” Mrs.  Cravitz fussed . At the garage, Cooter went to the bathroom in the garage, washed up, and changed shirts. He eased out the bathroom door and saw his dad under the hood of a truck. Cooter stepped out the back door and took the long way around the Square getting to BL's just before the others were ready to leave. Everybody left in pairs; Luke and Dixie were in Luke’s truck, Bo and BL were in BL’s GTO and Daisy and Cooter brought up the rear in Daisy’s roadrunner. Parking in front of the courthouse, Bo held BL’s car door, taking her hand to go into the courthouse. Jesse was waiting for the ‘kids’ as they all came in. “Daisy said you girls was going shopping this afternoon,” Jesse said to BL. “That’s the plan Uncle Jesse,” BL replied. “I just wanted to tell ya, I’ll run the post office and look after Sadie for ya, so there’s no need to rush, go have yourself a good time.” “Thanks Uncle Jesse,” BL said, taking a seat up front, this would likely be a less formal hearing, than say a drug related crime hearing, at least she hoped so.  —---------------------- Luke and Dixie hung back on the street to meet the four witnesses who were coming in for the hearing. Luke hoped his plan worked as he scanned the street. "So far so good, Rosco and Cletus' cars are both parked at the Courthouse." Dixie gave Luke a questioning look. "No roadblocks, detours, dirty handed tricks to stop our friends." He said. "Ah, I see." Dixie said. Inside, Jesse had taken a seat beside BL. Bo, Cooter and Daisy were behind her. So far no one else was in the courtroom except Cletus who would be the Court Bailiff. It was about two minutes to 10 when Rosco and Boss Hogg showed up and took seats across from BL.  Cletus heard Judge Druten's door and advised all to stand while the Judge took the bench. Once everyone was seated, the court was called to order with the tap of the judge’s gavel. Dixie heard the gavel tapping, "Luke." "You can go on in if you like, but it's OK. It's part of the plan." Dixie knew that you didn't just show up late for court ever. —------------------------- About ten minutes into the hearing a big Chrysler sedan pulled up to the curb in front of Luke. Luke greeted them, then directed the four witnesses into the Hazzard County courtroom. Balladeer: Now by the time Luke, Dixie and the witnesses got in the courtroom, most of the formalities of swearing in, reading rights, charges and such had taken place, which just might be part of Luke's plan. Judge Druten had read the charges but said. "Now, let me get this straight, Sheriff. You charged Miss Davenport with Mail Fraud because Mr. Hogg there said he wasn't getting his mail to PO Box 101 which he himself rented?" Rosco replied. "Yes, ...." Boss Hogg looked pleased. "Well, ... um. .... no." Rosco continued. Judge Druten looked at the Sheriff, "would you care to explain that?" Rosco replied, "Well, Boss there, sent Cletus to rent the mail box." "Mr. Hogg sent our Bailiff, Cletus Hogg to rent a post office box for him, Jefferson Davis Hogg?" The Judge asked specifically. Rosco replied, "Yes." "So, if the box was for Jefferson Davis Hogg, why was it rented in your name?" The Judge asked Cletus. "That's what cousin Boss told me to do." Cletus said proudly. "Did you plan to have any mail sent to this box? Or did you have any mail sent to this mailbox?" The Judge asked. "No to both." Cletus replied. "So which box did you rent?" The Judge asked. "Box 101. Cousin Boss wanted Box 100, but it was taken." Cletus helpfully explained.  Boss Hogg was beginning to turn purple. Judge Druten turned to BL,"Who rented the mailbox?" BL replied, "Cletus Hogg." "You are certain?" The Judge asked.  BL replied, "Yes, Sir. He gave me his ID." "So if Cletus was supposed to rent box 100 but couldn't because it was taken, who rented box 100?" BL replied officially, "Beauregard Duke." "Did he get any mail there?" The Judge asked. "Yes." BL replied. —----------------------------- "Mr. Duke, that would be Beauregard, since there are several Dukes here. Did you get any mail in your box addressed to either of the Hoggs in question?" Bo replied. "No, Sir." "Was all the mail addressed to you that came to this box?" The Judge asked. "No." Bo replied. "If it wasn't addressed to you, how was it addressed?" The Judge asked. Bo replied, "To P. O. Box 100, Hazzard" Judge Druten nodded. "Which was your mailing address?" Bo replied. "Right." "I know that you live with your Uncle Jesse on the farm. Is there a reason that you got a separate mailbox for yourself?" Druten asked. Bo replied sheepishly, "Yes, I put an ad in a magazine or two to reach out to some of mine and Luke's fans from when we ran the racing circuit. If they wanted an autographed picture of General Lee and myself they could send in five dollars." —------------------------------ Rosco said, "Oh, good grief." "So, you had some response. Is that all that came to that box was five dollar orders for pictures?"  Bo replied, "No, there was several hundred dollar bills too." "What were they for?" Druten asked. Bo wasn't certain how to answer that, "Well, when the first one arrived I thought it may be a fan club or something making one big order." Rosco again mutter, "Oh for Pete's" Bo paused, "Then I got a couple in one day. Then a couple more a day or so later." Judge Druten asked, "so what were you thinking then?" Bo replied, "I wanted to think they were more fan club orders, but I wasn't really sure what to think." "Did any of the five or hundred dollar orders come with any explanations? Or order forms?" Bo replied, "A couple of the five dollar envelopes had letters, but no order forms or explanations in most." —--------------------------- Boss Hogg was seeing red and itching to say his peace. Judge Druten turned to him, "So tell me why you had Miss Davenport charged with mail fraud?" Boss Hogg said, "Don't you see he got the envelopes with my money in them. That was my hundred dollars."  "How do you figure?" Judge Druten asked. "Because that dumb dipstick rented box 101 not 100." "Why were you expecting to get money in the amount of a hundred dollars sent to you at box 100?" Boss tried to calm down, "It was investments into a business deal. " "What sort of deal?" The Judge asked. "Land deals." Boss replied. "Would it be for these luxury vacation spots?" The Judge held up one of the ads. Boss began to sweat, "It would be." "Would this be the same luxury houses that are actually these tiny homes out at Hound Dog lake blown up to look much bigger?" The Judge asked. Rosco again mutter, "Oh for Pete's" Boss began the studder, "We'll, I'm not sure which tiny homes you are speaking of." —----------------------------- Judge Druten looked back at Luke, "Mr. Duke, Lucas for clarification, I understand you have some pictures for me." Luke stood and replied, "Yes, Sir and I also have a letter from one of the people who sent a hundred expecting a land title for their down payment on their luxury home spot but got twenty pictures of Bo and the General Lee. Also, there are four more witnesses here to swear to the same thing."  Judge Druten compared Luke’s pictures to the picture in the ad, then read the letter from the witness. He sat back in his chair and collected his thoughts, "JD I'm fixing to throw this whole mess so far out of my court that you won't believe. You have the nerve to have someone falsely arrested and brought into my court because Bo there got money in his box when it was being mailed to Cletus, not you, for something that doesn't even exist. If you continue to run this ad, put the house size in the ad with a company name and correct your box number. Beauregard if you continue to run your ad you may want to add a form to be included just so you know why someone is sending you money. Do you plan to give these nice people their money back?" Boss Hogg couldn't contain himself, "Give them their money back? It's my money." Judge Druten tapped his gavel, "It is not your money unless they want to conduct business with you outside of my court, after hearing how you planned to cheat them. Now, Bo, are you going to give them their money back?" Bo pulled out his wallet, "Yes, sir, that was my plan." Judge Druten continued, "Good, I'll let you all take care of that after court. As for you Miss Davenport, you are free to go. I see nothing that you did wrong at all and you even saved these people from investing in a sham. Court dismissed, I've got fish to catch!" With a tap of his gavel, his robe came off to reveal his fishing outfit that he had on under his robe. He picked up his lucky fishing hat and headed toward an exit. —------------------ In the hallway the Dukes,Davenports and witnesses gathered to talk. “Thank ya’ll for coming today, I really appreciate it,” BL said. “You’re very welcome dear,” said Fran, one of the witnesses. Bo took out his wallet once again, giving them all their $100 back. Talking for a few more minutes the group walked out to the street, the witnesses getting back in their Chrysler sedan. “Ya’ll ready to do some shopping,?” Daisy asked BL and Dixie. “I need a couple hours, Uncle Jesse said he’d run the post office while we go but I want to deliver the mail first,” BL said. “Ok, we can do that. Whose car we taking?,” Daisy said. Dixie replied, "Unless ya’ll really want me to get mine, I'm good to ride but I got shotgun." —----------------------------- Luke suggested, "How about a cold one while BL does the mail?" Cooter was the first to reply,  "I'd love to fellas but some of us got to work. I'll be by later though. Dad may have a fit when I get there anyway. I sort of snuck off like I used to do at about age twelve." The others loaded up to head to the Boars Nest. BL called, "I'll meet ya there." —--------------------------- BL went to change into something comfortable and picked up Sadie “c’mon girl, time to go to work,” BL said, holding the door as Sadie bounded out, over to the GTO that was running still, hopping over the side. Next a quick stop at the post office to get the mail and they were off. First doggy delivery was for Widow Hawkins, “Take this to widow Hawkins,” BL said, giving Sadie the mail. Next was Hobbie, she hoped he wasn’t three sheets to the wind already, this early in the day. While BL did the mail, Bo and Luke were ready for a beer. They had been more worried than either would admit about trying to get BL out of hot water.  When Sarah Jane came over to take the orders, Luke said, "Give us all a beer." Dixie corrected, "I'll have an iced tea instead." "Me too. I'll drive so BL can relax today." Daisy said. BL put Hardluck Jones’ monthly check in his mailbox, then went on down the road to Mary Lou Thompkins house, she moved back to Hazzard with her baby boy Jamie after getting custody back from the baby’s rich grandfather, that had Mary Lou declared an unfit mother because she was a poor country girl. Jamie was 4 now and was tickled to death, when Sadie brought Mary Lou the mail. —------------------- At the Boar’s Nest, Bo, Luke, Daisy and Dixie sipped on their drinks and talked while waiting on BL to finish the mail run.  Luke asked Dixie, "Do you want anything for lunch or are yall going to eat somewhere out of here?" "I'm good, we'll probably find something somewhere that's different." Dixie replied. The guys got a second beer and the ladies got a refill on their tea as they continued to make small talk and talk about the hearing earlier. BL saved Clyde’s mail for last, stopping at the cabinet shop she was glad to see only one car there besides her father’s tan pickup “c’mon Sadie let’s go see grandpa,” BL chuckled, it bugged Clyde to no end when she called him Sadie’s grandpa. “Hi daddy, here’s your mail,” BL said, coming in the cabinet shop office, laying a small stack of envelopes on the desk.  “Hi sweetheart, not still mad at me?” Clyde said.  “I’m sorry, guess it was just that Davenport temper, coming out. I need to tell you something, I probably already should have but I didn’t want to worry you,” BL said, holding up her hand for Clyde to let her finish. She then told him about the mail fraud charges, Boss Hogg’s scam and all the details leading upto court a little while ago. “I didn’t want to worry you but I don’t think I could have done it all by myself either. Dixie has been staying, well living with me and Daisy has stayed with us a few nights. Dixie, Daisy and Luke all took the day off for court this morning. Cooter was there too he snuck out back of the garage,” BL smiled saying. “Me, Dixie and Daisy are going shopping for the afternoon, after I finish running the mail. They are waiting at the Boar’s Nest,with the guys,” BL said.  “What are you going to do with Sadie?” Clyde asked.  “Uncle Jesse is running the post office for me and said he’d doggysit too,” BL replied. “She can stay here, that way you can meet the girls sooner, without making an extra stop to drop her off,” Clyde said. “Ok sounds good, thanks Daddy,” BL replied, calling the post office telling Jesse the new plan. “Be good for grandpa,” BL said, stroking Sadie’s head.  Clyde fumed, “I ain’t no dog’s grandpa.” —---------------------- It was about time for BL to arrive, Dixie took a sip of her tea listening to the others about Boss Hogg nearly ready to explode during court today. Even though Dixie hadn't eaten today she felt bloated again being followed by a sudden urge to have to pee really badly. She excused herself and wasted no time heading to the lady's room. She figured the bloated feeling meant she was due to start her period. While in the restroom she looked at her calendar figuring if that were the case she'd better get some supplies to take to BLs with her. She was right, she actually should have started yesterday! 'That's why I'm feeling bloated. Great, I should be cramping anytime now. Lovely, I get to deal with that on our day out.' Dixie thought and as she was washing up at the sink another thought, well actually the memory of her and Luke's 'swim' the night Bo and BL found them parked at the lake entered her mind. A blush, hot flash or all out panic rose from her toes to her face. Her breath caught in her chest and she actually held on to the counter to steady herself while trying to regain some of her composure. BL went straight to the ladies room when she got to the Boar’s Nest, not expecting to find Dixie in there not looking well but not really sick either “Dixie are you ok?” BL asked. —----------------------- Dixie took a couple more deep breaths and let them out slowly. She wasn't ever the type of female to have a panic attack, but if whatever that was wasn't one, she was sure she never wanted to have one. Fearing her voice at the moment, Dixie just nodded her head 'yes' that she was alright. She slowly took in another deep breath and let it out slowly again, then swallowed, and finally replied, "Yeah, I'm good now." She tried her best to shake it off and put 'all that on a shelf' and tried her best to convince herself that her period would be right along as she splashed her face with cold water and dried off while BL was taking care of why she had come to the restroom. “Ok” BL didn’t really believe all was good but decided she’d just watch Dixie for now. Dixie headed back to the table, saying as she and BL sat down “look who I found.” “Hey, I made it,” BL ordered an iced tea, seeing that’s what the other girls were drinking. She'd been drinking more beer than she normally did because her nerves were on edge because of the mail fraud mess. Daisy replied, "Good. We can take my car and leave whenever you are BL. But take your time and finish your tea." Dixie asked, "Where are we going to go? I know we are looking for drapes and stuff." “How about Capitol City, it’s not as far as Atlanta but has some good places to shop,” BL suggested, taking a drink of tea.  “Sounds good to me,” Daisy replied. “Fine with me,” Dixie said. BL finished her tea and the girls headed to Daisy’s car. —-------------------------- The first stop was McKinsey’s department store “I need darker drapes for the livingroom, to keep the one woman neighborhood watch from spying,” BL said. Dixie nodded ‘yes’ adding “my room needs something darker too.” The girls headed to the curtains and drapes. With black out drapes found for the entire one side of the house, that mission was accomplished.  BL had several things on her list so they were looking at everything from towels and sheets to pots and pans.  Dixie told them she'd catch up as the tea from earlier was calling her. In the restroom she noted no sign of her period. She was sure she was worried about nothing and it would be along.  —------------------------- Exiting the restroom without any sign of Daisy or BL, Dixie exited the department store and headed across the street to a pharmacy that she had seen when pulling in. She made her way to the feminine products and made a couple selections. She was about to leave the aisle when she saw something that caught her eye. She was more than sure that she was worrying for nothing, which would likely cause her to be later, but being out of the county she decided to entertain the possibility of maybe needing sometime in the future what she was looking at. Dixie began looking more closely at the pregnancy tests. She again started to just walk off, but there was the fact that the night at the lake happened and the first few times, no protection had been used. Surely she was being overly concerned, but at the last second grabbed four tests from two different manufacturers. She figured if she was around Luke, that she may need them at some point. Once outside she placed the four tests in her bag, then tossed the other products in the car and returned to meet the others. —--------------------- Dixie met BL and Daisy in the rug department, BL flipping through large area rugs that were hanging from the ceiling “what do ya’ll think of this blue one, for the livingroom?” BL asked. “I like it,” Daisy said.  “It will go really nice with the blue curtains that have that same design pattern on them,” Dixie added. Daisy asked, "Where did you get off too?" Dixie replied, "Just been browsing and I ran across the street on an errand while you were both busy looking. BL asked,“do they have furniture in here? I know it won’t be cheap but I have one empty bedroom, if I don’t find anything, I’m sure Daddy will either make a suite or let me have one of his displays.” They had wandered into the bedding department now as they browsed around. Dixie and Daisy looked around Just browsing while BL may be doing more shopping and planning. After awhile Dixie asked, "So have you all thought about where we are going to eat?" Daisy shrugged her shoulders “Steakhouse or Ryan’s buffet?” “I’m good with either, wherever ya’ll pick is fine,” BL said. She was about finished with big items for the house, they hadn’t come across any furniture but there was a furniture outlet store around somewhere, she’d seen a billboard sign advertising it. Dixie asked, "Are you done looking around and ready to head out to eat or is there somewhere else you want to look at?" “I’m done here, let's go eat then we can stop at some other places if we want,” BL replied. They headed out to the car and fired up heading out to eat.  —----------------------- They had decided on the buffet, Dixie started with a salad, cottage cheese and brown beans and cornbread. BL had settled on the fried chicken, fried potatoes, and a biscuit. Daisy had gone for baked ham,brown beans,mashed potatoes and cornbread. Dixie looked at the others plates and giggled just a little. "Don't get me wrong here and all and I know we came to a buffet so we could each eat what we wanted but with steak on the bar, we are eating brown beans and chicken. However, I do plan on steak in just a bit." "At least we didn't have to cook it. This is probably all I will have but Bo took me out for breakfast this morning remember, I might get dessert." BL said. "I wasn't really feeling breakfast, Luke had already eaten so I just had coffee. Now I could eat the cow." Dixie said. “Where do ya’ll want to go next?” BL asked. "I'm just along for the ride now that we got the curtains. Any place else you want to go BL?" Dixie asked. Daisy shrugged her shoulders “I’m just the driver.” “Ya’ll must have somewhere you want to go, thought this was supposed to be a girl’s day? I do want to go to that discount kitchen outlet store across the street, I want to get some pots and pans and such, so I can cook instead of living on tv dinners and frozen pizza,” BL said. —----------------------------- "I want a piece of steak before dessert." Dixie said as she got up to go to the steak bar, then stopped at the salad bar for a cup of Thousand Island dressing. She also spotted the fried okra. On the way by the dessert bar she grabbed a slice of cheesecake with strawberry sauce on it. Daisy also got a piece of steak and banana pudding as her dessert. BL got a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sitting back down she gave Dixie a curious look, she must be trying to make up for skipping breakfast but the cup of Thousand Island dressing really had her baffled, she didn’t see anything Dixie had that she herself would put it on. Dixie cut a piece of steak and dipped it in the Thousand Island. She noticed BL     giving her a strange look, "What?" “Nothing, I’ve just never seen anyone do that before,” BL said. “Don’t knock it til you try it.” Dixie dipped another piece, offering it to BL,”want a bite?” “No thanks, I'm good,” BL replied. —--------------------------- They finished up their meal and headed out to look at pots, pans and other kitchen gadgets. “I really only have to have some basic things but if ya’ll see something ya think I should get, tell me” BL said and added grinning “just don’t break the bank.” Getting a buggy she headed down the aisle. "Hey BL, how about a crock pot? I'll even buy. We can put stuff in and let it cook all night or all day while we are at work." Dixie said. “We? Are you moving in?,” BL teased. “Sounds good” BL answered Dixie’s question. “This is a must have and it makes upto 12 cups,” Daisy put the coffee maker in the buggy. Dixie replied. "I'm a vagabond. Yes, Daisy we need a 12 cup when you and the guys are around." “You need one of these,” Daisy held an immersion blender in her hand. “I’ll pay for it, consider it a housewarming gift. Think I’ll get me one too, they’re easier to store than a big blender,” Daisy added. “How about a microwave, BL? We can heat leftovers, when we don’t want frozen pizza or tv dinners but don’t want to cook, ” Dixie said. “I’m on board with that,” BL replied. Dixie noticed two buggies after they all loaded their selections in it, "Daisy is your trunk empty? Just remember ya'll we're not in a pickup here.” “Maybe we should have asked Luke, if we could borrow his pickup,” BL said but her look directed at Dixie said YOU even though her mouth said WE. “Yeah, well my spare and tire iron are in there but we should have enough room if BL don’t mind a few things in the back with her,” Daisy said. “I don’t mind if it’s a little cramped, it’s stuff for my house,” BL replied. Dixie grinned, "You said you were looking for curtains, not furnishing a house. Besides, how do you know getting Luke's truck isn't like getting General Lee from Bo.” “I didn’t furnish the whole house, just needed more than just curtains,” BL replied. Balladeer: BL couldn’t argue with Dixie about that last bit, getting General Lee from Bo was like pulling teeth. Dixie laughed at BL, "Well, true you did need some things. Ya'll keep looking, I'll catch up." She went to the restroom before heading off to who knew where was next. In the restroom, Dixie found no sign of her period. 'You have had to have miscounted. Calm down. Don't even think, what you are even considering. Just get home, relax, recount. The more you worry the later you'll  be. I'm NOT late.' Dixie internal voices argued in her head. She brushed it off and caught back up with others. —------------------------- “I’m ready to head home if ya’ll are,” BL said. Daisy and Dixie said they were ready to head back too. Dixie wanted to get home and relax, maybe soak in the bath. Dixie offered, "I bet the guys are at the Boars Nest. If we stop by we can get them to unload the car." “Good idea, bet we can get them to help hang these curtains too,” BL said. Dixie had an idea too. "Daisy we need to make one more stop where I can get some beer, a cooler and ice all at the same place. I figure we may want to 'pay' the guys for their help." The girls had a good laugh as they headed to the store for beer. —--------------------------- Back at BL's, the first order of business was the drapes. BL got Bo busy with Daisy's help. Dixie went to her room to help Cooter and Luke. Luke said, "We have the hardware part, you just sit there and make sure the curtains are right." Dixie playfully corrected, "Drapes." Luke and Cooter looked at each other wondering what the difference was. After getting the new brackets up, they got the rod up.  Dixie had put the drape hooks in each panel and told the guys how to hook them. After several minutes and much 'pain', Luke stood back looking at the curtains, "How's that? ... Dixie, how does that look?" When he got no answer the second time, he and Cooter turned at the same time to find Dixie with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet hanging off at the head, curled in a ball holding her pillow.  Cooter stepped to wake her. Luke stopped him. He stepped closer, eased her shoes and socks off. Then seeing an extra blanket covered her up and gave her a gentle kiss. Before leaving the room he set her alarm for the next morning, cut off the light and closed the door so the conversation downstairs wouldn't wake her. Cooter stood by watching Luke with Dixie. At times he couldn't believe this was his life long friend that had fought many a fight with him, played football, and done all the other rough, tough, wild things with him being so gentle with Dixie. —------------------------- Downstairs BL, Bo and Daisy were hanging the new curtains and rolling out the new rug in the livingroom. “How does it look?” Bo asked. Daisy looked around the room, the geometric pattern on the rug and curtains gave the room an updated look but Miz Tizdale’s furniture still gave it a bit of elegance. “Looks great,” BL said. Seeing Luke and Cooter coming downstairs but no Dixie BL asked “where’s Dixie? I didn’t hear the shower cut on.” “Taking a nap, we got the curtains up and I asked her how they looked but she didn’t answer. When we looked she was sound asleep,” Luke said. Daisy looked at the clock, "Nap? I'm betting she is out for the night." "I set her clock if she doesn't wake up on her own." Cooter opened his third beer, "How many of these did she have?" He asked jokingly. BL and Luke both replied, "None.” BL was a little worried, Dixie hadn’t been herself all afternoon she’d gone to the bathroom alot now she was asleep. Largely due to Gloria's watching, the guys and Daisy slid out around eleven. BL let Sadie out, then locked up for the night. She peeked in on Dixie to find her still asleep before heading to her room. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    • We are lucky to have you then. This place is a wealth of knowledge and we are always looking for new members to jump in. We hope to hear more from you. 
    • Thanks for clearing that up. I know Caterpillar is an international company but didn't know if it was called Cat anywhere else. 
    • It was definitely short for Caterpillar, that's why I put the winking face afterwards. Caterpillar used to have a dealership on the way in to Dublin where they'd pose a couple of large earth movers at the entrance. I also have a pair of Caterpillar boots.
    • Merry Christmas everybody. I'm getting in the mood. I watched Willow Creek last night and The Great Santa Claus Chase this afternoon. Anybody asking Santa for anything in particular this year? 
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