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Gilligan's Island Alan Hale Jr.(Captain/Skipper Jonas Grumby)Tribute Artist

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Great work

This set of tributes comes from the Season 2 episode Gilligan's Mother-in-law.  

This set of tributes comes from the Season 2 episode Forward March.  

(Season 3 Ring Around Gilligan scene.) Dr. Boris Balinkoff:"I have just discovered that you are building an escape raft! I do not want anyone to leave this island until I have completed my experiment! Now, destroy the raft! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" Skipper:(Under hypnotic mind controlling ring spell)"Yes sir! Aye aye master! Roger Wilco! Over and out!"

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The 7 pages of this forum contains all the tributes I have done so far on Facebook minus the lite blue shirt versions on some posts on the forum. I posted accordingly to season on here. The dark shirt is Season 1 b/w episodes 1-36(1964-1965.) The first Reunion movie Rescue(1978) too. The lite shirt is Seasons 2 & 3(1965-1966/1966-1967) color episodes 37-98. I posted on the forum accordingly because I did not want to clutter it up. I was told on Facebook by someone "Posting only one version of you doing the scene is more professional." However, I like to have fun with it and so I do both versions on Facebook of each scene that I re-create.

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(This Tribute Scene is from the Lost Pilot Episode Marooned. Gilligan & Skipper explore the island. They stop at 2 tall coconut trees. Skipper makes Gilligan climb up there to look around for signs of inhabitants on the island. Gilligan refuses. Skipper stares at him solidly & sternly. I do not have the original picture to go with this scene.)



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