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Gilligan's Island Alan Hale Jr.(Captain/Skipper Jonas Grumby)Tribute Artist

Skipper Duke

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OMG... The words of Sharon Schach Radel on Facebook to me. :) "You should work in a TV museum.  Especially GI and Dukes.  You know everything." "Too bad you can’t go to Gilligan’s Island events and be the Skipper.  Like at John’s Extravaganza where there are people imitating Uncle Jesse, etc.  it would be perfect for you."

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Over on Facebook I think I will use the camera timer for everything now. All my Skipper scenes. I'm digging it. Looks much better hands free. Doesn't look self made with timer n makes it look more like I'm in tv. Plus allows me to achieve harder shots i. e. the sleepwalking, the hypnosis etc.
Show both arms in 1 picture. Makes ALL my shots even the stuff that isn't hard look more clean and professional.

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