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Gilligan's Island(1964-1967)

Skipper Duke

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I chatted with Bob Denver(Gilligan) back when he was still with us. I asked him "Hi Bob. Where can I find a hat like Alan wore when he played your Skipper?" He replied to me "Try a fishing store like K-Mart or the others." I said "Thank you Bob(Gilligan)!" Of course all those stores had were the cheapy adjustable hats with machine made sewn or glued on patch Skipper emblem. In Gold or Canary Yellow colored threads. They never had the hand embroidered genuine Gold Bullion Wire hat that I seeked out. Also those stores only had white and navy. Never no black ones. This was before I discovered the Affordable hand embroidered ones on eBay. But back then, I was very grateful to Bob(Gilligan)Denver and I took whatever those stores had that I could get.

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So Sorry, My Island Now
Episode aired Jan 9, 1965
Happy Anniversary  
Did You Know?  
Like many episodes, this one has no real conclusion. The Japanese sailor is unable to properly pilot his mini-sub because Gilligan has his glasses. He never leaves the lagoon. What became of him is a mystery.

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(Season 2 Mine Hero)

Gilligan and Mr. Howell are glued to the iron mine. Gilligan because of his solid steel 4 leaf clover lucky charm necklace. Mr. Howell because of his watch and identification bracelet. Gilligan thinks the mine has started to tick faster.

Gilligan:"Listen! It's starting to tick faster! Flim flam, flim flam, flim flam!" Mr. Howell:"That's MY heart!"

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