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on-line dating services

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Every time I see one of those commercials from those on-line dating services I think of Rosco's Mama's line from "Mrs Rosco P. Coltrane".

I may not have it exactly right but it went something like "You got a girl out of a computer?"

LOL If I ran one of those companies I'd pay Warner Brothers to use that clip in a commercial.

The Dukes were way ahead of their time. Boss ran a solar powered still. Jesse invented ethanol. Rosco got a girl from a computer. I feel sorry for the city folks who think hicks aren't that smart.

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Amen Brother! I'm a Southern hick and I know we're smart enough to run our area of the country in a way that makes everybody else want to come here! I'm from Tennessee ( Home of the Beaudrys!!) and I call Tennessee the Bermuda Triangle.........everybody comes in and nobody leaves!!

I might not be southern but I'm southern at heart. My favorite singers are Charlie Daniels (from Mount Juliet Tenn) and Loretta Lynn....along with anybody else who sounds southern. My favorite song is "Country Boy Can Survive" and my favorite show is and always will be Dukes. My favorite current show is Duck Dynasty and I love that Confederate Flag and I live on a dirt road in the woods.

I've lived in northwest Pennsylvania my whole life and I'll never leave because all my family's here but if I ever got kicked out I'd move to northern Georgia near the Tennessee line!

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Well, let me know if you ever want to visit...I'll show you some Southern sights, Southern hospitality etc. and as far as being a southerner at heart.... That's what REALLY counts!! Let me tell you something, the most " Yankeefied " places I know of, are the most southern ( geographically speaking) places in the U.S.A....Florida AND Atlanta! It's just like Uncle Jesse said, " That place ain't been right since Sherman burned it !"....remember that one? ( Daisy's Song)

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