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RIP Peggy Rea


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Sad news to all Dukes Fans. John has reported on his twitter account that Peggy Rea, the wonderful lady who brought Lulu Coltrane Hogg to our screens has sadly passed away this week :(

'Dukes fans out there mourn the passing of the delightful Peggy Raye this week. Lulu Hogg made millions smile. She's in a better place. John'

I'm sure we all send out condelences to her family and those friends that were closest to her.

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She was a terrific actress and though she had a recurring role on the Dukes, she had a very impressive resume. I have often said people underestimate what good actors the cast of Dukes was. The older characters had an impressive resume before the Dukes and then consider the success John has had in television since the Dukes and music and the success Tom has had on Broadway and music, serves all the proof you need.

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Two months late on posting my condolescences, but better late than never, I guess. Didn't really know she had passed as I never really check any news sites.

She was a wonderful actress and LuLu was a personal favorite of mine, simply because she was the only thing close to having my grandmother alive; even though she was on t.v. Miss Rea looked and even had mannerisms mimicking that of my grandmother, which made it heart-warming for me to watch her.

My prayers and thoughts are with the family.

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