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You Know You've Been Watching Dukes of Hazzard Too Much When...

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Hi ya'll! Just came up with this for fun. You know you've been watching Dukes of Hazzard too much when...

1. You call your best friend a dipstick.

2. Your boss is your "little fat buddy."

3. When you need a new license plate, you try to get CNH 320.

4. You try to drive like Bo.

5. You name your kids or animals after characters in the show. (Oh I plan on doing this one!)

6. You practice so that you are just as good with a bow and arrow as Luke and Bo are.

7. Your family car is equipped with a custom horn, the first 12 notes of "Dixie".

8. Your favorite outfit is a pair of tight blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a yellow and blue or blue checkered shirt.

9. You try to hood slide.

10. Your ringtone for your cell phone is "Good ole boys".

11. You climb in your car through the window, even though the doors are not welded shut.

Please come up with your own. I would love to see what others think! :)

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Nice thread idea, here's a few more:

1. You wash your car by driving it into the local pond.

2. You go out for a drink with friends and order a buttermilk.

3. You fill your car up with gas and get surprised when it costs more than 65.9 cents a gallon.

4. When you visit the General Store, you think they should be selling '69 Chargers.

5. You hit your thumb with a hammer and, despite having an array of ruder words in your vocabulary, say 'dang it'.

6. You see a dip in the road and think 'what if I hit that going a bit faster?'.

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Love yours Hoss! Here's a couple more:

1. When a police cruiser pulls behind you, your first thought is to run from Rosco or Enos.

2. Your CB handle is either Lost Sheep, Shepherd or Bo Peep.

3. Your only wish is to own a '69 Charger.

4. Your favorite saying is "Possom on a gumbush."

5. Your yell "Yeehaww" when taking off fast in your car.

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I've had Dixie on every phone I've ever had! LOL. I also got a General Lee cell phone case. So my phone looks like the General when I get a text and dixie goes off!

I've named every 4-H steer I've ever had after a DOH character (Luke, Cletus, Bo, Cooter, Boss Hogg, Rosco, General & Duke!) . And my two 4-H heifers Daisy & Lulu respectively! I got a few comments from judges about how awesome DOH was too in the show ring!

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