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I can't believe I didn't think of this song before now. I love this song...and this video!!! "Kiss this" Aaron Tippon

- Randy Newman

This song, especially the video, always makes me a little homesick. Of course, this song was made in the early 80's, when LA had a bit more to recommend itself. LOL. I'm from the South Bay, lived 3 miles from the beach. LOVED to cruise Pacific Coast Highway. *sigh*

From the South Bay to the Valley

From the West Side to the East Side

Everybody's very happy

'Cause the sun is shining all the time

Looks like another perfect day

I love L.A.!

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This song comes from the 1975 album 'Rhinestone Cowboy'.

Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.) - Glen Campbell

Country boy, you got your feet in L.A.,

But your mind's on Tennessee.

I watched a great documentary on Glen a couple of weeks ago. It went from his time in "the Wrecking Crew" right up to the present day, and covered the good times and the bad (he's had plenty of both!).

When I watched Garrett's selection of Dream Walkin' by Toby Keith last week, the top YouTube comment was "back when country was country!!!". If the commenter had that thought about a song from 1997, a song like this must blow their mind :).

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Another one from the '80s - this one's from 1983:

Kissing with Confidence - Will Powers

Will Powers was the stage name of photographer-turned-singer Lynn Goldsmith. She used a vocoder to do the spoken parts, but the uncredited lead vocalist was Carly Simon. Reading through the YouTube comments, it looks like Lynn actually replies to them.

Should I admit on a public forum that I have the shaped picture disc of this song? It's shaped like a pair of lips - you don't get that with MP3s :).

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Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo - Tracy Byrd

Should I admit on a public forum that I have the shaped picture disc of this song? It's shaped like a pair of lips - you don't get that with MP3s :).

Think of all the stuff these youngsters nowadays are missing out on with MP3s and digital downloads. No groovy album art, no special labels, no special colored records. And no shaped picture disc that looks like a pair of lips. They are totally missing out! :D

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It's not easy to cover a Beatles song and make it better (

appears on their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band), but Joe Cocker managed it. To people of a certain age (OK, my age), this song will also be forever known as the theme from 'The Wonder Years', which is why I went for the studio version. Many versions of his performance at Woodstock are also available on YouTube.
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Seeing as "Help" became "Helpless", it's gonna have to go back to "Help" again :). I'm surpised this hasn't come up before:

Of course, there's the Beatles' tune that could fit here or in One Word Songs.
This one could've gone in the One Word song title thread too. LOL

That's what it's there for ;).

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Oh, those less politcally correct times ;).

Nice Legs Shame About Her Face - The Monks

The song was originally only intended as a demo, but made it to #19 in the UK charts in 1979. The title was borrowed when British comedy show 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' performed their parody of early '80s music:

Look out for a young Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson in one of his first TV shows.

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