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summary: all the Duke kids growing up in hazzard and their conflicts with the Hoggs

The middle school and High School are in one building.

ages of chars: Luke 16, Vance 16, Daisy 15,Coy 14,Jeb13, Emy12, bo and james 11

cooter 18 Lori 16

Enos 15

Hughie 16 Dewey 14


Jesse Duke - Loridavenport

Martha( aka Lavinia) - Mini Hogg

Luke Duke- Mini Hogg

Vance Duke - emy rae duke

Daisy Duke - daisydukeXenosstrate

Coy Duke - James Duke

Jeb Stuart Duke - Lori davenport

Emy Duke - emy rae duke

Bo Duke - James Duke

James Duke - James Duke

Cooter Davenport - loridavenport

Lori Davenport - loridavenport

Enos Strate - Emy rae Duke

Hughie Hogg - Emy rae

Dewey Hogg - loridavenport

It was the first day of school. all eight Duke kids plus Cooter and Lori were waiting on the buss when the Hoggs, Hughie and Dewey Hogg showed.

"Oh great here comes trouble." Vance said.

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Walking Trouble, as she was called, walked up the steps on the bus. Seeing the new kids on and some very old amiliar faces, she smiled at all of them.

"Howdy ya'll."

Cooter climbed the bus in behind his two youngest cousins. He was thrilled to death having them both with him, though he wasn't to thrilled when the two decided to have a knock own drag out in the middle of the night disturbing his sleep. Grinning from ear to ear with the genuine Davenport smile, he tippd his greasy baseball cap to them all.

"Howdy Fellas."

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Cooter: *grumbled low to himself, taking a seat in front of B.L*

No, but if you two don't stop usin' up all the hot water in the mornin's me and you and Lori all three are gonna be gettin' in to it hot and heavy..

Bring it on cousin there's two of us and one of you.

*BL turned in her seat giving Cooter a cocky smirk*

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