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General Lee vs Bandit's Black transam


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Here's a monkey wrench into the theory that the General Lee would win...

The General Lee was a stock car with a motor that has been worked over. The General is essentially a built hot rod, motor(didn't they use a Richard Petty motor?), brakes, etc....

The Bandit T/A is a factory showroom car. Nothing changed or altered. What you got off the showroom floor is what was driving.....

Given that, you really can't say who would win.

I'm gone


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Naturally as Dukes fans we'd want to see the General win. LOL. But I think Bandit's '77 TA would be a worthy opponent for the General. (I can't help it, I have a soft spot for Firebirds and TA's, probably because I own a Firebird LOL)

Each car would have it's advantages and disadvantages. Each driver would have advantages and disadvantages. Bo vs. Bo. LOL.

We could argue this until Judgement Day but one things for certain, it'd be a heck of a race! :D

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