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  1. I'm going to be a Sexy Cop Lady. It will be like being one on The Dukes
  2. I didn't say "Bo" I said "Dough" and "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"
  3. Ya know, I have the same thing too. I have autism
  4. I wonder why they call Karis Biscuit. Why is that?
  5. I could either be Jill Dodson or Diane Benson who've been with Bo or Roscoe P Coltrane in female version named (Rosalyn P Coltrane). Isn't that cute?
  6. Yeah! He sure looks good without a shirt doesn't he?
  7. Daisy: Well, that's cool, how about you and I do a girl's day together some time and hang out at the Boar's Nest while Bo and Luke have one day at the NASCAR show" Courtney:"That would be nice! I love going to town and malls and stuff" Daisy:"Well nice! We could do that sometime"
  8. That's one of my favorite episodes. I like how at first when He says to Bo "Bo,do your mouth a favor and keep it shut" right when he first comes up to put water in the radiator
  9. Does anyone remember John being on Prime Time Country? He was on there for a week once.
  10. And Audrey Landers played his daughter, Gail.
  11. Yeah the Ghost Of General Lee was a good episode. BTW, iloveluke6 that's a cool avatar you have there. Interesting how it has 2 little kids from back then
  12. I know you & Sorrell, Waylon, Nedra & Flash are all happy together, Denver. Heaven sure has part of the Dukes cast
  13. Bo definatly Bo! I've always liked Bo the most
  14. I like Bo's light colored tight jeans, they looked good with his sky blue t-shirt, I love him the best in that top and bottom.
  15. Like on "Arrest Jesse Duke" Candi and Randi Brough were on it and on "Twin Trouble" too.
  16. Actually I don't laugh at his phrases. I just see him as crazy and funny character but still don't laugh
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