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  1. Thanks for posting this Brian, it's nice to know that even if John doesn't always agree with someone, he's willing to listen open-mindedly...very refreshing in this day and age. It's great to see this kind of thinking from someone I admire...and he mentioned a new crop of 7 year olds enjoying Dukes...I'm still amazed to think I was one of the original crop of 7 year olds that loved the show....
  2. I don't remember my first time driving, exactly. However, I did start driving up and down our country dirt road (it wasn't officially a town road at that point) starting at about 14. My parents would let me drive to the county highway at the top of the road, then take over - not very far at a crack (maybe the equivalent of 2 city blocks) but still memorable. While I don't go out and try to mimic the moves seen on DOH, there have been a few times I've been grateful for watching DOH, because it meant that when something happened, I handled it and didn't freak out. The one time that comes to min
  3. I finally got a chance to watch this episode of "Glee" on Hulu today. It was a good appearance, though very very brief. *** Spoiler Alert *** John was only in one scene. It was a touching scene where one of the previous cast members who's character had moved to another state was talking to his parents (John was his dad) about going back to re-join the Glee club. John had a very nice moment with the teenager, but that was it. If I had been watching just for John's appearance, I would have been disappointed. It was a good casting choice though - the actor that plays Sam very much looks
  4. This is awesome! To borrow a quote "I love it, I love it!"
  5. (I don't think anyone else has mentioned this one yet - if they have, my apologies)
  6. only 7 out of 26 on the second....gah - I'm a writer! I guess I better go study the dictionary.
  7. 17 out of 44 on the first one - not as well as I'd hoped to do, guess I'll need to practise (one of the words I missed) more. =)
  8. Knowing this show, and the particular character, I think John is a great fit. The kid is a cute blond with a great voice...sound familiar? =)
  9. Beat me to it, Hoss, I was gonna post that as soon as I saw Brian's. Here's one - though it could go in One-word song titles too:
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