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  1. Yes, the Jude Emory episode was basically a pilot episode hoping it would become a show of its own. So was the episode "Mason Dixon's Girls". I think they both would have been great tv shows. I personally never thought the "Enos" spinoff was a great idea. Sonny Shroyer was so smart for making them put a clause in his contract that he could return to the Dukes if his show failed. I wish he had never left. Some of the best episodes after the Georgia episodes didnt have him which is sad to me.
  2. Hello Everyone: My name is Will and I just discovered this forum thru my Dukes following on Facebook and so glad I did. I live in Fayetteville, NC, 41 years old and am a lifelong Dukes fan. I still have my Dukes of Hazzard watch which still works, my General Lee matchbox car and a polaroid pic of me as a kid with a General Lee in front of Kmart. My biggest regret in life was never getting the original Dukes of Hazzard game and Steering wheel console for my Colecovision. I love learning anything about the Dukes and am looking forward to reading all the great content on here. Thanks for h
  3. "Strange Visitor to Hazzard" was by far the worst episode to me. They were just trying to tap into the E.T, movie craze of the time. It was awful. My favorite other than the Georgia episodes was The Carnival of Thrills double episode. It was filmed during Season 2 but saved for the premiere of Season 3.
  4. Speaking of real things in Dukes of Hazzard episodes, in the episode "Daisy's Song" in one of the Atlanta outdoor scenes there is clearly a Mellow Mushroom Pizza restaurant in the background near the recording studio. I never noticed this or even knew what it was until we got a Mellow Mushroom in my town a few years ago. I wonder if its the original restaurant?
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