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  1. RHoughton welcome to Hazzardnet! What a way to show up with a General Lee. Great find! I don't believe this was a car used on the show. As the guys pointed out above it has no vinyl top chrome trim and it also has wheel opening trim. The GL's on the show didn't have that. The rear wheels/tires are also wider than what was used on the show. The Charger emblem would have been removed. The side markers were removed in 1983 when Warner Brothers took over so if this was used on the show it would be from an earlier season.
  2. Happy belated Birthday Daisy(Catherine)!
  3. Thanks for posting the picture and the link to the brochure, This helps a lot. A friend designed the center console for a 1/24 scale Jeep he built and has it available on Shapeways. I'll get this one.
  4. Happy Birthday Boss Hogg(Sorrell Booke)!
  5. Thanks Roger! I wish I could have been able to meet Sorrell but unfortunately he left us too soon.
  6. Thanks Hoss! I'll probably make the floors the same dark tan color. I can see that the rear inner wheel wells have dark tan carpeting like the picture of the Jeep I posted above. It's most likely use the same dark tan carpeting on the floor as well.
  7. Hoss, In your fan art pictures of Daisy's jeep, the floors are black. Did you have any references or information about the floors or did you do that from pictures of other Jeeps? I'm collecting information to build a 1/24 scale model of Daisy's Jeep.
  8. Thanks Roth and Hoss! These are good pictures and that screengrab shows the interior well. I wasn't sure if Daisy's Jeep had the center console between the seats but I can see, at least in this early shot, that it does. Roth, this attached picture of a 1977 Jeep CJ7 shows the same low back seats and "69 Charger" type pattern. These seats and pattern were stock in Jeeps before they started making them with the high back seats.
  9. It's amazing how fast time goes by.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any pictures or screen shots of Daisy's Jeep? Preferably pictures of the interior?
  11. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Taking the tree down and all the decorations always makes the house feel empty. We leave the decorations up till mid January but it still feels empty after they are put away. We put the tree up on November 17th every year. It's a tradition and it's nice having a decorated Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving.