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  10. Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse(Denver)!
  11. The car he's driving this year is a different car then what he drove last year. Bo Butner is a nice guy and a big Dukes fan so he's OK in my book. I've been following the NHRA drag racing and will let you know how he does throughout this season.
  12. Good choice on the colors. Is this lacquer or acrylic urethane? Will these require a clear coat?
  13. What paint colors did you get for this?
  14. Bo Butner won Pro Stock today at the NHRA Southern Nationals in Atlanta Georgia. This is Bo 2nd win ever in Pro Stock. His 1st win was on April 23rd of this year(2017) at the NHRA Spring Nationals in Baytown Texas. His car isn't done up as the General Lee anymore but he's a huge Dukes Of Hazzard fan.
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