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  1. Thanks Roger! I'll post more updates soon.
  2. I started working on another General Lee model. This is the 1/25 scale MPC Snap Kit General Lee. I started by re-shaping the rear window. It's basically a rectangle in the kit so I made it a bit larger and rounded at the top and also changed the angle to be a bit more steep. I added missing window trim under the side windows and made the rear wheel openings slightly smaller in the rear. The body is painted 1975 Corvette Flame Red which was the color most used on the General Lee(s) in the TV show. The paint is from Gravity Colors. The decals represent the early Georgia car which is my favorite look. In a few days I'll spray the clear coat on the body. I worked on the interior a bit. I scratch built arm rests, pedals, window rollers, center console, head rests automatic shifter and a roll bar. This kit comes with a stick shift but the General Lee was always shown on screen with an automatic. I also modified the transmission on the chassis to resemble a 727 Torqueflite automatic. The interior had an armrest molded into the center console which I removed. I also added a strip of molding along the upper part of the door panels. Much like the MPC glue kit General Lee, the dashboard sat too low and level. I raised it up and angled it a bit. The interior tub sat to low and too far forward when it was attached to the inside of the body. I removed the mounting tabs and filed down the sides so it fits up to the top of the doors and moved back a bit. I had to then move the dashboard forward. The grill inserts in the kit are for a later year Charger, much like the MPC glue kit. I scratch built new grill inserts using some ribbed styrene sheet. The push bar is scratch built to resemble the early style push bar. I'll get the parts in primer and start painting them. Thanks for looking in! IMG_8605 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8606 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8609 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8633 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8660 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8678 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickIMG_8683 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8692 B 30 C 10 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8694 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8696 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8699 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8701 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8711 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8712 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8717 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8723 Small by Michael Scarola, on FlickrIMG_8735 Small by Michael Scarola, on Flickr
  3. Happy Birthday Sheriff Little(Don Pedro Colley)!
  4. Real nice!
  5. Happy Birthday Cooter(Ben Jones)! You did a great job keeping the General in top shape!
  6. Excellent job Andrew! What paint/color did you spray the body?
  7. Awesome! I can see Cooter driving it. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  8. Thanks for posting the pictures! That's a lot of General Lees. Your Cooter 1967 Ford wrecker looks amazing, like it's right out of the show.
  9. Undercover Dukes - (Season 6)
  10. What type of models did you build?
  11. power
  12. Still
  13. John Scheider and Tom Wopat Quit Season 5. (A sad time for all of us back then)
  14. Otis Plunkett - (The Law And Jesse Duke)
  15. What paint did you use on the body? Is it a regular white dirtied up? Is it lacquer or acrylic?